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Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

Windows - 2000

Also available on: Mac - Linux

Alt name FAKK 2
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
Germany (2001)
India (2002)
Brazil (2003)
Genre Action
Theme Comics, Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Fighting, Licensed Title, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Buka Entertainment, Gathering of Developers, Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software Europe Ltd.
Developer Ritual Entertainment
Perspective Behind view
4.79 / 5 - 107 votes

Description of Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

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I first heard about Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 when I visited the Ritual offices two years ago. I had no idea then that the concept art I was looking at would develop into something so special. I couldn't get much of a description of the game from the guys except "it's gonna be way cool" and that it would be played from the 3rd-person perspective. Being an FPS-only sort of gamer, I generally lost interest, but by the time the game rolled around I had completely forgotten about the fixed perspective and ignorantly requested a copy to review. I am very thankful I did, though -- rarely do I play a game that I absolutely want to play until the very end. This is one of those games. It's just a shame the end is so much closer than you think.

Julie Is A Babe

The header above has nothing to do with what I am about to write, but I just had to get that out now. Actually, it does make a good lead-in to a brief background on the "Heavy Metal" reference in the title -- for those not in the know (and many of us aren't), Heavy Metal is an adult sci-fi/fantasy comic magazine started in the glorious age of the politically incorrect seventies. It became quite a cult hit -- enough to approve funding for the raunchy 1981 animated movie based on stories from the magazines, a sort of westernized anime full of aliens, action and "naked chicks." Roll on the new century, and Heavy Metal has already met a strong revival with its recent home video/DVD release; now a new Heavy Metal movie has just been completed (dubbed "Heavy Metal 2000") based on the F.A.K.K.2 stories and this game is all part of the franchise. Quick fact: The lead character was inspired by B-movie actress/Penthouse playmate, Julie Strain. Is any of this sordid background necessary knowledge to play the game? Well, no, but at least now you know why the heroine chooses to reveal so much flesh.

The game begins with a training session to help non-third-person adventure gamers (like me) get up to speed with running, jumping, crawling, climbing and fighting. Along the way, players learn how to use a variety of weapons, climb walls, skirt narrow cliffs and use attack combinations. The training session is thorough and complete without missing anything.

Once Julie has entered the real world you will find an environment rich in characters, small furry animals and impending peril. Never before have I found a game with such beautiful graphics and design from start to finish. If anything, the guys at Ritual have one claim to fame: they know level design. Though Sin was something of a disappointment (pre-patch), the game sported some of the best art and level design in a first-person shooter. It should come as no surprise that the environment reeks of minor details.

The premise of the game is that evil lurks just around every corner and only Julie can save the planet of Eden. Julie is first dispatched to find a man who knows a man who knows the secret to saving the planet. Along the way, Julie travels through a beautiful paradise city, the requisite sewer system, a steep valley, a swamp, and a magnificent tomb/temple complex. In each case, the levels are of the highest quality in art, design and function.

The village of Eden looks exactly like a medieval village transported though time and space to the future. All is bright and sunny, including the resident's disposition. But all is not well in this pastoral setting. Not long after the game begins, Julie is called upon to save a pregnant cow and something odd is happening to Julie's pregnant sister. This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. The city is by far the best part of the game and presents the most free-form elements of the game.

Friends and Family

Julie meets many friendly characters in the game - most of which display some semblance of personality and identity. I think I saw more human characters than monsters. In fact, I am sure of it. Monsters in this game come in only a few flavors: mosquitoes, birds, hulking beasts, comical little round beasts and mechanical/flesh amalgamations. I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of variety in this respect. If you've seen one mosquito, you've seen them all (and I still haven't recovered from Daikatana). Ritual has also included several monsters that are more or less environmental hazards, such as man-eating plants, poisonous plants and deadly vines. Still, I was left feeling that the game came up short in this department.

As you might expect (though I didn't expect it because I never really got into Tomb Raider), most levels include a number of jumping challenges, climbing challenges, swinging challenges and shooting challenges. Julie is capable of a wide variety of movements and at some point you'll need to utilize almost every movement in her repertoire. Sadly, jumping, above all else, seems to be the flavor of the day. When you are stuck and don't know what to do? Find something to jump on. I think that I speak for every mature adult when I say that I got my fill of jumping with Super Mario Brothers. I haven't jumped this much since Donkey Kong.

The swamp was my least favorite level. I couldn't see far enough ahead to logically pick a direction of travel. The only way to keep your bearings was to leave one or two baddies left alive as a waypoint. But even that wouldn't always work well. In short, I needed a map.

Puzzles make up most of the "adventure" element of this game. Solve this one: you enter a room and find three red buttons. When you press a button it turns green. Hmm. What to do Pushing one button doesn't seem to have done anything. Perhaps I should leave the room and try finding another way out of this place. Well, let's press the second button. Nothing happens?! This puzzle is even harder than I expected. Surely I don't need to press all three buttons!! Wow - the doors unlocked. I'll have to tuck this experience away for future reference.

In every case, save one, this is the type of puzzle you'll face. One puzzle requires the player to line up three flowers of the same color (nothing more than trial and error). The other puzzles almost always require a button, a wheel, a lever or a combination of the three. Sure, there are other challenges along the way, such as executing 26 perfect jumps in a row while following Tinkerbell and her sister, but these are more about keyboard technique than brain power. I thought that this would appeal to a hard-core first-person shooter fan like me since I can't stand any type of challenge that can't be solved by acquiring an even larger gun. But I've learned one thing here: I'd much rather face some kind of logical challenge than a jumping challenge. On the positive side, the game moves in a familiar linear style and adventure-game-hating players like me won't get stuck for hours wondering if we should have done this or that.

The weapons on Eden consist of the standard fare: swords, guns, bigger swords, bigger guns and explosives (sadly, not bigger explosives). Swordplay is one of the more satisfying elements of the game - especially the shrubbery chainsaw sword. Armed with any sword, Julie is able to make combination attacks that look pretty darn cool. Even more interesting is the sword/Uzi combination where she lets him have it with a reverse swipe of the blade and finishes him off with a bullet to the head. It's a lot more personal than you might think.

A unique feature of ***Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 ***is the ability to arm yourself in a variety of manners. Julie is right-handed so she'll always wield her sword in her right hand. This leaves her left to hold a shield or gun. You can switch it around to hold the gun in the right hand and a shield in the left (not a bad combination). Some weapons require two hands to operate, but this freedom is a nice addition to the genre. I am a bit put out that it takes so long to change out weapons, but at the pace of this game, this rarely becomes an issue.

Julie the Robot

I have a few minor complaints and one major complaint. First, though Julie can execute a wild variety of moves, she is rarely called upon to do so. It's great that she can cross monkey bars, but if she only needs to do this once, and she does this only when no other solution is available, why bother doing it? Wouldn't a rope-crossing have achieved the same effect? I suppose that gets to the heart of the problem with this game: the levels are beautiful, but play like first efforts and they rarely take true advantage of the third-person perspective.

Julie can duck, so why not include a few places where she needs to duck? Julie can swing Tarzan-style on ropes and vines, so why not include a few more? More importantly, why not allow the player to decide how a particular challenge should be approached - whether that be running, jumping, climbing, rolling or swinging? Instead, Julie faces not only linear gameplay in the broad sense of the game, but at the most discrete decision level of the game. I often felt like a Pavlovian dog. When they said "jump" I jumped. When they said "duck" -- that one time -- I ducked. Good doggie.

I was more disappointed that the weapons, while very fun to use, aren't really very interesting. A sword is a sword in this game, whether is burns with fire or glistens with electricity it is but a slashing weapon. The guns are nice - especially the akimbo Uzis, but not especially original (a Herculean task these days). Of curious note: Julie is always equipped with a sling and rocks. I am not sure what Ritual had in mind with the rocks and sling but this item is absolutely, positively useless. Rocks barely annoy the enemy and fly an incredibly short distance. They are difficult to aim and not fun to use. So why in the world do I have three types of rocks to use? I'd be much happier if I could tie an extra ammo clip to my thigh using the leather sling.

The major complaint I have about the game is its brevity. As I mentioned earlier, I really wanted to play this game to its very end. I was having a blast, was involved in the storyline and wanted to finish the game. But I was completely blindsided by the pace of the game. Before I knew it (or expected it) the game had come to an end. Surely, I thought, this is a false ending. I'm being tricked. The bad guys aren't really vanquished. I'm just getting started!

Nope. It's over.

Really, It's Over

Initially, ***Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 ***is wonderfully fun and of the highest quality. But it ends far too quickly. ***Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 ***looks like an epic movie but feels more like a television episode. Like a sitcom it is predictable and shallow. For that reason I have a very difficult time recommending this game. I've played demos with more gameplay. Without a multiplayer option or multiple difficulty settings to lengthen the experience, there isn't enough here to warrant a purchase. If you don't expect more than ten to fifteen hours of entertainment for your $40 then you'll be fine with it, but I've come to expect a lot more from my games, and so should you.

After five hours of play I was almost ready to give ***Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 ***a Gold Medal. After 10 hours of play I was finished with the game, never to play it again. That should tell you all you need to know.

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Linux 2024-05-04 1 point Linux version

For any newbies interested in trying the Linux version, use the liflg version:

you might need to run with padsp enabled in

ted scheckler 2024-03-27 0 point

loved this years back in the early 2000s when i played on my first pc that i built myself. i am older than the internet and all the quake3 engine games are sooo amazing and gorgeous and peaceful like i can't even begin to describe. these modern games even with photorealism are straight trash compared to the divincian artwork that was the skybox from jedi outcast, for instance. people just don't know anymore. and whats better is these old games only took about 400 megabytes lmao! they do way more than modern games with farrrrrrrrr less.

BasicWombat 2023-12-31 0 point Windows version

You can hit up NexusMods for texture packs

Pooja Kshire 2023-07-12 -3 points Windows version

I want download heavy metal fakk 2 game.

trinner 2023-03-01 1 point

i´m a bit sad that it isn´t sold anywhere anymore. would like to have it in my classic games collection on gog (or maybe steam).

The Boz 2022-08-14 -4 points

Bought this back in the day when 3D games started improving and graphics cards were starting to handle polygons a lot better. It also makes a change from controlling a scantily clad muscle head male character too. I was never a fan of the early Tomb Raider games, just hyped up platformers in my eyes. The polygon characters look very dated now, but it does make me laugh that if a female character isn't dressed in a burka and doesn't have an extremely plus sized figure, it is sexist and sexualised, but do we hear the same arguments about male characters that wear only a furry thong with unrealistic muscles. The main character in this game is more covered up than many characters in most main stream games. This game on it's own right is a decent game and came out at a time in a very competitively period.

viper 2022-06-02 1 point Windows version

its saying to insert a dic

Mind 2022-01-07 6 points

Create a shortcut with the following commands to get proper widescreen 1080p.
"C:\Games\Heavy Metal - FAKK2\fakk2.exe" +set r_fullscreen "1" +set r_customaspect "1" +set r_customwidth "1920" +set r_customheight "1080" +set r_mode "-1"

Tzarhead 2021-08-28 0 point

Game works fine, except for how it randomly freezes during cutscenes in the tutorial level. I've tried adjusting every option and compatability and every suggestion I can find online, but no fix yet. It's a real pain, I'd like to try this game out :(

Rata 2021-02-13 -3 points

Pone una pantalla negra, y solo se escucha la musica. Que puedo hacer? Alluda

brazzjazz 2021-01-22 8 points

Also check out the hi-res mod that has just been published:

Gprophet 2021-01-06 0 point Windows version

Hey,. I just download the .cue .bin, and the patches, and then figured .cue file is screwed, yea i couldve change with notepad++ but there is an even easier way, just change manually .bin extension to .iso, simply write .iso instead .bin, and press ok, ull have an working .iso, install the game from that .iso, and run the game with the .iso mounted, cause there is no way i know, to install it fully, u need the cd, for i guess something, so launch the game and thats it. Game should work just as is. No need for patches, cracks etc. I think u dont need patches, cause the game is ALREADY v1.02. Dont need cracks cause i guess its already cracked.
All u need to do is play. Probably it was updated since this was put here the first time, so i guess, now the patches are probably irrelevant, as i was saying, the game version when u launch it first time, is already v1.02, meaning u dont need the patch and thats why the first patch isnt working and cant find the game, cause the game is already higher version (just guessing). All thats important running this game on windows 10 x86 and works fine, bit of stuttery sometime, but could be some setting or other i dont know, and the resolution doesnt matter too much either u have the lowest or highest, i have the stutters in the same spots, so might be some compatibility issues, or driver, dont know, game despite that works quite well. Its not that stuttery that its unplayable.
So download .ISO, rename .bin file to .iso, just like so, press ok, to make the change, install game, and just launch it. U should be good.

COERSA 2021-01-01 1 point Linux version

In the Linux version everything goes well, except for the absence of sound, I believe this problem occurs because the game uses OSS to reproduce the sound.

Johnny-boy 2020-04-27 0 point Windows version

Thank you sharing ISO image. I have original CD-ROM disk but it`s not working anymore. The only way to play a game, is to download a ISO file from this page.

Note: If you want to add Anisotropic filtering, Anti-aliasing and Vertical sync to game, you have to do it through graphic card control panel. If you have Nvidia graphic card, anti-aliasing mode must be "Override any application settings", to make anti-aliasing work.

Von Nukem 2020-02-20 -4 points

Con todo el tiempo que tiene y se sigue viendo genialerrimo.

Sud-Ita-Fan 2019-08-23 -2 points Windows version

Anche in Italiano!

twerkerella 2019-03-02 -3 points

polygonal bosoms. what's not to like? :)

leoh 2018-12-17 1 point

nao estou conseguindo alguem pode me ajudar

ME 2018-09-25 -1 point

I've bought it and I just want to PLAY IT NOW

AlloyCowboy 2018-09-18 1 point Windows version

I got it to work fine. I didn't bother with the patches yet. I unpacked the download, and converted the bin to ISO with winbin2iso. I didn't have to do anything with the cue file. I used a generic free ISO mounting software to mount the ISO and installed the game. unpacked and ran the nocdfix as administrator just to make sure it would work, and it didn't. lol. but keeping the ISO mounted allows me to play just fine.

Chaos 2018-09-17 1 point Windows version

Tried various ways, continue stoping on the grey screen, then show this message error : GWL_StartOpenGL () - Could not load OpenGL subsystem

F.A.K.Ken hell 2018-08-15 18 points Windows version

Hey I thought I'd share this with everyone here, I was unable to mount the ISO Daemon tools kept giving an error with the .cue file so I found the solution.

You will need to open the "Heavy Metal Fakk2.cue file with a program such as Notepad++ or notepad and change the first line as the link in its broken. Just change the first line so the files reads like this:

FILE "Heavy Metal Fakk 2.bin" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Then save and mount with Daemon tools and all should be working for you :)
Hope this helps someone out there!

MofoMan2000 2018-07-28 2 points Windows version

The 1.01 patch is flagged as suspicious by Windows Defender and the nocd crack is straight-up prevented from running. These are false positives. The 1.01 patch installer doesn't work anyway (it says the game is not installed), but the 1.02 patch is an easy manual extraction. The nocd crack does work and does not require administrator privileges (unless you installed the game in C:\Program Files (x86) which why would you do that?). So if you're concerned that it may be dangerous you don't have to run it as admin. After you have applied the patch to the game .exe you can safely delete the crack as well. You'll just have to disable "Real-time protection" in the Windows Defender Security Center under Virus & thread protection settings while you're patching it, just be sure to enable it again when you're done.

Didn't Work 2018-07-06 0 point Windows version

I was unable to mount the game. I even tried to convert the Bin file to ISO

meh 2018-03-21 -1 point Windows version

says it has a Trojan in the programing.

Greven Nazg 2018-03-06 0 point

F.A.K.K. = "Federation-Assigned Ketogenic Killzone to the second level"

jj 2018-02-07 0 point Mac version

Neat underrated game using the quake3 engine. I have the original boxed Mac copy and it needs a powerful PPC to run the Mac version.

gameUser 2017-12-01 0 point

I see this is in the top downloads again. I have downloaded this and 2 anti-virus programs said it had malware in it. Has the malware been removed? Was there ever malware? Was it a false positive? Want to play. Thanks!

CsabaZz 2017-09-10 0 point Windows version

FAKK it's here!!!!

DLG 2017-07-18 -1 point

How do you install this? the crack keeps saying that there's malware in it.

ATP2555 2017-07-06 1 point

What the FAKK? It says "Failed - No file"!

CsabaZz 2017-06-23 -1 point

Where is the PC version??? I wanna see Julie Strain's tits and butt on my PC!!!

dee eye why 2015-12-22 0 point

underrated game

JUAN 2015-08-13 1 point

The game ask me to insert disk, what can i do to run it ?

JORGE 2014-10-05 -1 point Mac version

I remember seeing this game being reviewed on my June 2000 issue of CGW, I can't believe it's an abadonware now...

Erik 2014-09-07 0 point Mac version

What the FAKK?

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