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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Windows - 2009

Alt names James Cameron's Avatar: Das Spiel, James Cameron's Avatar: El Videojuego
Year 2009
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide (2009)
Germany (2010)
Germany (2011)
Genre Action, Strategy
Theme Helicopter, Licensed Title, Movies, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Turn-based
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment SA, Ubisoft, Inc., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.
Perspective Behind view
Tested on Windows 10, Windows 11
4.38 / 5 - 134 votes

Description of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Description from the publisher:

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is the official videogame based on the highly anticipated film James Cameron's Avatar. The videogame takes you deep into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet that is beyond imagination. You will encounter the Na'vi, Pandora's indigenous people and discover other life forms the likes of which have never been seen in the world of video games before. When conflict erupts between the RDA Corporation, a space-faring consortium in search of valuable resources, and the Na'vi, you will find yourself thrust into a fight for the heart of a planet and the fate of a civilization.

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How to play James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Windows

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Keygen for the game showed a lot of warnings on VirusTotal, but it's safe to use. Currently that keygen is the only way to activate the game, since the game installer generates unique hardware ID for each computer.

The game with patches has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, works with no problem. The game supports widescreen and ultra-high resolutions up to 4k

Install & play guide (for ISO version of original DVD):

  • Mount the disc image. You will need the utility for mounting disc image files, like WinCDEmu, UltraISO, Alcohol 52%/Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools Lite
  • Install the game
  • Also it is recommended to install DirectX from the disc (if you're using Windows 10 - enable DirectPlay, read this or this guide how to do it)
  • After you installed the game install both patches (first 1.01, then 1.02)
  • Open the directory with the game (/James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/) and find Avatar.exe. Right click on Avatar.exe - Properties - Compatibility - Set "Run this app in compatibility mode with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7" and "Run as administrator"
  • Launch the game. During the first launch you will see the activation window. Select "Manual" activation, you will see "Hardware ID". Open keygen, copy "Hardware ID" to Keygen and click "Generate", you will get the activation key. Now copy that activation key and enter it in the game's activation window. Activate the game, then it will launch automatically. You need to do that only one time, after that you can delete the keygen
  • If the game doesn't work - try to launch the game in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7)

Install & play guide (for repacks):

  • Simply mount the .ISO file with the utility for mounting disc image files, like WinCDEmu, UltraISO, Alcohol 52%/Alcohol 102% or Daemon Tools Lite
  • As alternative - extract the files from .ISO and launch Setup.exe
  • Install the game (both repacks are patched to the version 1.02)
  • At the end of installation the installer will launch the keygen to activate the game. If your antivirus blocks that process - add it to antivirus exceptions or disable antivirus for few minutes, to install the game
  • Open the directory with the game (/James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/) and find Avatar.exe. Right click on Avatar.exe - Properties - Compatibility - Set "Run this app in compatibility mode with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7" and "Run as administrator"
  • Launch the game and play. If the game doesn't work - try to launch the game in compatibility mode with different versions of Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7)

How to use keygen for Avatar: The Game:

  • During the first launch you will see the activation window. Select "Manual" activation, you will see "Hardware ID". Open keygen, copy "Hardware ID" to Keygen and click "Generate", you will get the activation key. Now copy that activation key and enter it in the game's activation window. Activate the game, then it will launch automatically. You need to do that only one time, after that you can delete the keygen
  • If your antivirus blocks the keygen file - add Keygen.exe to antivirus exception list, here's the guide how to add the file in Windows Defender exceptions for Windows 10/11


  • The game doesn't require original disc for the launch, but it need to be activated at first launch. Use keygen to activate the game. Keygen showed a lot of warnings on VirusTotal but it's safe to use, most antiviruses doesn't like keygens and mark it as a threat
  • Rip-version was created by user LividBunny, please check user's notes here. If the Rip-version asks for activation - use keygen
  • The game has DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 modes. If your graphics card doesn't support DirectX 9 (some laptop graphics and Intel graphics cards doesn't support DirectX 9) - run the game in DirectX 10 mode
  • If the game doesn't run after you launched it - try to run the game only on CPU 0, it might help. You can do that by two methods: 1. Create new shortcut on the desktop. In the location, type: cmd.exe /c start "AVATAR" /affinity 1 "C:/Program Files (x86)/Ubisoft/James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/Avatar.exe" . If you installed the game in non-default folder - type the path to the game folder. Check this thread for more details 2. Other method - launch the game, open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), find Avatar.exe, click on it with right mouse button - Set affinity - disable all cores excepet "CPU 0" (leave only "CPU 0")
  • If you have "black square" bug when black squares starts to appear on the screen - it happens when you run the game in DirectX 10 mode with HDR and bloom enabled. You need to disable bloom, or select DirectX 9 mode. Check this link for more details
  • If you have problem with missing sound effects or disappearing sound - set sound quality to 24 bit, 48000 Hz. Read this guide how to do that
  • By default the game doesn't have setting for FOV (field of view), but you can edit FOV with Cheat Engine, check this thread for instruction
  • The game may cause epileptic symptoms due to the aglomerate of colours/colors and visual effects. If you're feeling nauseous or have headaches during the game better to stop playing
  • The game installs files for all available languages but it will be launched only in selected language. But you can launch the game in anothe language by editing "AvatarInit.ini" in /James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/ folder. Open "AvatarInit.ini" with Notepad and change to desired language by writing after "language=" (in example, it should look like: "language=english" for English, "language=french" for French, etc.).
    Open /James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/Resources folder to see what language files you have
  • For users of Windows 64-bit systems: if the game doesn't work after you launched it - open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del by default) and check for processes Avatar.exe and rundll32.exe. Close Avatar.exe but don't touch rundll32.exe (it's a Windows app for running old apps from 32-bit operational systems, most old games running through rundll32.exe). Now try to launch the game again, it must work. Don't forget to close rundll32.exe process in Task Manager after finishing playing
  • Don't forget to check PCGamingWiki page if you have troubles

Comments and reviews

Freddy 2024-05-18 0 point

Hardware: 6039233D020E1B5198B354BF50924B81

Franks 2024-05-17 -1 point

ED7724F54DAF6AC1C440F9F03CA79981 my id can you help me??

guest 2024-05-15 0 point

hello can anyone give me a code for me please the keygen closes by itself when i want to type my id i instantly removed the virtual machine after this wtf.

LilSpiritWolf 2024-05-06 0 point

is there a way to play the game with a controller i wanna use my xbox controller but i dont know how to map it to the game

Slick 2024-05-06 1 point

jk got it running minutes later, thanks for doing god's work tho

Slick 2024-05-06 0 point

hardware: AF00EEB881863E833DB156441FF0D7C3
Thank you sm!

admin 2024-05-03 1 point

NIQHTTEA - A996B6CE5A1980FE564E9FB0701996DA

niqhttea 2024-04-28 1 point

ello ellooo coud i get a key please?

this is my hardware id: E0B23284AA44019864D1759A6A954756

admin 2024-04-21 0 point

SURYA - 680B1035EE8FA7A58A7981B73C907181
SCHWIFTY - 53132E1356622EC37089E66D0C68FF1F

I'm visiting this page only once in 3-4 days, so if nobody give you activation key before that - try to use Keygen (key generator), it is available for free to everyone in Downloads

Schwifty 2024-04-19 0 point

My Hardware ID : 86DC98A06CBC65463DE0C34D71AB8A4F

Can you help me?

IndepenDent 2024-04-18 0 point

my hardware ID: B85CDDB7BA6FD3FBC6F9D44133C675BC
I dont have keygen can u help me ?

surya 2024-04-17 0 point


admin 2024-04-16 0 point

LONEJANISSARY - 503C5AF5F96F2B65351424270F6F3C31

LoneJanissary 2024-04-14 1 point

Hardware ID: 7FCB858A73F2C6DF0966135A28B3F1BC
Can I also get an activation key please? Thank you so much! I loved playing this game when I was young!!! :D

Also SHIRAISHI you probably need to lower your sound settings. The game just doesn't support anything over 48000hz. You need to go into your sound settings and choose more sound settings. Then in the playback tab choose your output device, right click and choose properties. Then go into the advanced tab and from there you can lower your sound format to be 48000hz or lower. If that doesn't work uninstall the game, reinstall it and update it with patch 1.01 instead of 1.02. If that doesn't work either check if you have any sound related driver updates. Hope that helps.

admin 2024-04-14 2 points

RJ - 1745168FC94DA33FE8FA9CF9D74EF79B
LONENOMADBLUE - 9553AEDDC6237ECDE44C9897142390A9
SHIRAISHI - Perhaps check the Notes or PCGamingWiki, I'm pretty sure someone already wrote about sound issue?

LoneNomadBlue 2024-04-14 1 point

My hardware id is:


Could someone that can use the keygen please give me my activation key? Thank you so much! :D

rj 2024-04-13 2 points

my hardware is 71E49DCF025E0581AF291DE1645BA89E

shiraishi 2024-04-07 -1 point

is there any known audio issues? my game only played one character's voice in the intro and then after no sound at all

admin 2024-04-07 0 point

PROTO - Probably compatibility issues with Windows 11, I heard a lot of old games doesn't work on it, even if they worked on Windows 10 (I'm using Windows 10 so I can't say how Avatar: The Game works on Windows 10).
One last method - try to use DXVK . X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn't work on Windows 11, but someone found out that it works if you run it with DXVK, it is API translation layer that makes work old DirectX through Vulkan API, looks like it makes some old DirectX games to work on Windows 11


proto 2024-04-06 0 point

i tried it with 1Core now and still doesnt work (via the cmd command on desktop icon), Directplay is active aswell.

I got Win 11 Pro (64BIT)
Intel I-9-13900KF
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070Ti
Z790 PG Lightning (ASRock)

The moment i start the game i get the Game Logo in a small window, the prozess is visable for 1-3 seconds in the Task-Manager, than it closes. i tried every compatability possible too. Maybe it just doesnt work with win 11?

shiraishi 2024-04-06 0 point

@ADMIN oh and just fyi I can't just download the keygen because my school acc is messing with my administrator privileges so I can't disable windows security stuff

shiraishi 2024-04-06 0 point

forgot to give the ID

admin 2024-04-06 0 point

@PROTO What system specs you have? Make sure to enable DirectPlay before starting, also try to run the game only on 1 core, you can read how to do it in the guide


proto 2024-04-06 0 point

Sadly cant start the game, no matter what Compatability i use or what else i do :(
I even got the CD. RIP replaying child memories.

If anyone got a Tipp, id take

John Mozzer 2024-04-04 -1 point

Can I get a key? @ADMIN

admin 2024-04-02 1 point

GIBRAN - 8979DBC243A6AA72610FC34C49A6BCEE
ARJUN - Invalid ID (not enough symbols)

ARJUN 2024-04-01 -1 point


gibran 2024-03-31 -1 point

can i have a key this one please?

avanta 2024-03-30 0 point

please, help

admin 2024-03-28 1 point

ISH - 203EF775F98DC7E5F53ABC8FDF8FD4B1

ish 2024-03-27 0 point

can i have a key, please?

admin 2024-03-26 1 point

HOPELESS - F394F44AE8A7A47A608CC134B6A7B966
ROXIE - E0E703C303B4D433AFC1CC6D97F9688F
LAMASTORTO03 - 7F3E1769306967194C15CC13D669A425
SATAN - 63A5A95F10D07E8FAE3DD5391ED0825B

SATAN 2024-03-26 0 point


lamastorto03 2024-03-26 0 point

can i have the key pleas ?
id: 88B1DCE64B71EADED3D11DEEFB880917

Roxie 2024-03-25 0 point

can I have the key plz?

hopeless 2024-03-25 0 point

can I have the key plz?
Id: 518570382E209A3D3F081B0009FDB0CB

Onigiri23 2024-03-24 0 point

May I have the activation key please? my keygen is not working
Hardware ID:

Thank you

admin 2024-03-24 1 point

LUCIFER - 2A4E33C4582A047406B3194EE62A14D0

lucifer 2024-03-23 0 point


Matteha 2024-03-21 0 point

What is key number? id 30262A73A278A641E150B73BC5143B73

admin 2024-03-20 0 point

ANSHU1902 - 44DE8E63DE6D5E530196514D047B636F
DUTCH_01 - 5CF90DA92D159D9928BE964B5B15EE75
MANIOL - 2696E88DE926F87DFFB00D3FE726A559

Maniol 2024-03-19 0 point


Thank you!

dingus 2024-03-17 -1 point

ID: 283693A8629DDC72ECA96CD6E739E1F9

dingus 2024-03-17 0 point

Hey heyy may I have the activation key?

Dutch_01 2024-03-17 0 point

The Keygen is not working for me either, could you sent an activation key please?
ID EB60A0527045D7D3FACF07534EA3D7EC

Anshu1902 2024-03-15 0 point

hi I tried the keygen but i am not able to download even with antivirus down can some one please help me a key
hardware ID 15DB1A723E008D927827096A9A2385A9

admin 2024-03-15 0 point

BURGI - 4E4C61B74B133227F6C44A49F1133DF3

Burgi 2024-03-13 0 point

Can i have a key ?

admin 2024-03-12 0 point

@KAT 4E0FF594FED8904497C0470EFCD7DEB0

kat 2024-03-10 0 point



admin 2024-03-09 0 point

RORO - 9CFA7CDE4E4A0DCE89B20788744A5E2A
PXEL15 - 6A1E580F2442AB3F5FF624F12A44BD1B

pxel15 2024-03-06 0 point

ID = 74AB0285CB982DBFF8470DC1ACE597A8

thank you

RORO 2024-03-03 0 point

Can you give me my activation key pls ?


admin 2024-02-28 0 point

@NOCRAM Yes, it is normal. Most antiviruses doesn't like keygens, but this specific keygen is totally safe to use, just add it to antivirus exceptions
@JC - FCCBD7469DBE73F6C9836DA0BBBEB842
@ERGİN - 36BDD3F09F4CA96002E9BC2AA541B94C

ERGİN 2024-02-28 0 point

ID : FCC7762B68BE7F597AA79F168C65BA81

JC 2024-02-23 0 point

can i have a key ID 89D056852F2EF23A6F339B4CD553A676

Nocram 2024-02-19 0 point

Is it normal that the Keygen is detected as a malware?

admin 2024-02-12 1 point

ARMOR - D924AD46A5CA7736DB53772093CA8E42
WOWBOX - 884EA0394D5DB0296B469E93435E6D05
UCHI - 0762FFFA747FD06AC528A8F4727DE116

uchi 2024-02-09 0 point


Wowbox 2024-02-08 0 point

ID: 4D0BA52C623011E2EB55A51873E89DAB

Armor 2024-02-08 0 point

ID 2D5F0A5090AB7D378AE0434991C5F2C1

Thank you.

sav 2024-02-08 0 point

what is the Serial number

admin 2024-02-08 0 point

MANISH - A62A1E7D1FF4AEAD92A2083F65F52399
RJ - 1745168FC94DA33FE8FA9CF9D74EF79B

rj 2024-02-07 0 point

71E49DCF025E0581AF291DE1645BA89E my id

MANISH 2024-02-06 1 point

MY ID- 5B760F083860E16CBE588C375B6F2263

SchwarzHai 2024-02-05 0 point

Hello, what would be the serial number? Since the game is asking me for it

admin 2024-02-03 0 point

JAVA - 081D0C7449AD9EA4E3271566C79FEB80
AILAKO - 53B952CD08C8E3BD2371DC2716C93399 or 30787571AE895661C4064E1BFC8966CD
Also, stop leaving messages where you're begging or demanding me to give you a key, next time I will ignore that messages. If you need the key ASAP - use key generator, it is literally in Downloads, available for free

Ailako 2024-02-03 0 point

Please what's the key for ID: 24A51438DAAA8561CB82858927019952

Ailako 2024-02-03 2 points

Can i get a key for ID: ABB420A2-C17E-4002-AD31-FE0C651366AF pleasee

suraj 2024-02-02 0 point

hey admin ...come on ......give me my key....4FD307FE52A425F632DD318D19487B7D

suraj 2024-02-01 0 point

my key hardware id is 4FD307FE52A425F632DD318D19487B7D

Java 2024-01-31 1 point

Can anyone help me with the key for ID: 50A5D2FFC512C182A19A11F0B8F6B0B0

Java 2024-01-31 0 point

Found it ID 50A5D2FFC512C182A19A11F0B8F6B0B0

Java 2024-01-31 0 point

Where do I see my ID?

admin 2024-01-30 0 point

JAY - 235C2443145E7473F9341515E25F0D3F

Jay 2024-01-30 0 point

Can I get a key for ID : 9A863BF87AB1F30A9CD9EA7C6115EC85 Please, GBU.

Bodzio 2024-01-29 0 point

Thank you so much

IMG 2024-01-29 0 point

Thank you :)

admin 2024-01-29 -1 point

IMG - F626B44EAF3382FEDAFC83A88D33154A
BODZIO - 83D8E2B5289C32E55451279F469C3FC1
LADDER - C51325106E20F4C08109EDCA8C25849C

Ladder 2024-01-28 0 point

Can anyone help me with my code ? BC25BA93C49689E61147F91818DF40C8

Bodzio 2024-01-27 0 point

Hello, can I get a key for ID:84183DC272290E0123163A43BE9C8106 please?

IMG 2024-01-26 1 point

Can I get Key for ID C9E9628A143FDD38707B88CF16F9D520 please

Comrade 2024-01-25 1 point

Keygen doesn't work how do I get a key?

admin 2024-01-24 0 point

@CHEESE I searched - users from Avatar Wiki found the way to open game archives and get access to unlockables in game. But you will need to manually edit game archives

Cheese 2024-01-23 1 point

Is there any way to access the Unlockable Content?

admin 2024-01-22 0 point

@SMOLRAT - 9F033F44105631742C3B672E5E560040
@JAE I have no idea how this game works on Steam Deck since I don't have it. Better to ask for advice on Steam forums or Reddit, I think. From my side I can recommend to switch to DirectX 9 mode in game settings, it probably will help. Check my guide above for troubleshooting, also check PCGamingWiki too

Jae 2024-01-21 0 point

Hi admin, why my game had still blank screen but it has a sound, can see anything only game sound. im using steam deck via windows 10 which dualboot

Smolrat 2024-01-19 0 point

I couldn't get the keygen working btw

Smolrat 2024-01-19 0 point

Hi I can I get a key

admin 2024-01-18 0 point

RINAA - FC7135B06CC485A0D8893E7ABAC4969C
NAKITI - 3D7D31F4ED9083240B31DEDE038E9790
MIZDEG - F2B9FE24C7888B54032966BEC5C27FE0

Mizdeg 2024-01-17 0 point

I'd like like to get a key pls
id: EBDB2F4569E3612912C1E544B0A0B76D

Nakiti 2024-01-15 0 point

I also need an activation key: E286AF4E727D0DB4FD03B8C97A3D49BA

RINAA 2024-01-14 -1 point

hi,can i get my key

admin 2024-01-13 0 point

CPTMICKEY - CD8B554C5A99E5BC8A42E2767899DA88
NIKOLA - 2EE300F95E08AF29F1BBC9A3F408E275

nikola 2024-01-12 1 point

i need activationkey for AVATAR My ID: D535707867DC8AA2C7DFBE4B89FC09D9

nikola 2024-01-12 2 points

hello i need key for Avatar plz help me i give you my id

CPTMICKEY 2024-01-09 0 point

ID : 0F08683976871DE9EA30A5569C410B09

CPTMICKEY 2024-01-09 1 point

Hi and thank's for the game. What keygen do you use, because mine doesn't work.
I'm french, sorry for the mistakes

admin 2024-01-09 0 point

@FRANKLIN JERIES - 9507B43B4A9F076B63E67E4558973137
@PHILY - Can't find much info about it but looks like it is problem of the game itself, I found mentions of same error on Xbox 360 and PS3. People said that they just kept playing and next time the game loaded fine.
I'd say to try to re-install the game in non-system folder, like C:/Games/Avatar The Game, maybe Windows Protection is blocking something. Make sure that you installed both patches.
If it won't help - try to change location of "Documents" folder, here's the guide . Make it like C:/Documents or some other folder, and check if error happens again

Phily 2024-01-07 -1 point

Hi, I am very happy that I found this game and managed to install it. However, when I try to start a new game, I get an error message: Save failed.
I've already tried running it on CPU 0 only, but that didn't fix the problem either.
In a comment an admin recommended to search for the save game and check if the save data location is not "read only". I have not found this. Can you explain this to me in more detail?

franklin jeries 2024-01-07 0 point

i need the activation key, my id: F794B2BAA96BB4D61E9E2DFBB762BE9B

zosia 2024-01-06 0 point

i'm love this game

admin 2024-01-06 0 point

CHADAM - 5D78673CE827376C17509066F6278898
RITOJAVIE - 380A2CA7A5177AD7E0BEED91F3178333
MILIND - 018A242BB61D255BED41DE05C41BF627
GABRIEL_R - CF73DF66C047A5564C3871B03E480832

Also, if you really need the key very fast - learn how to add keygen file in antivirus exception, or disable antivirus for like 5 minutes to download keygen file and generate the key, then you can enable antivirus back.
I guess most of you go to comments section, see that I generate keys for users and ask for key too, without reading what I already wrote in the guide.
It is not like I have some secret stash of keys for that game, I'm using that same key generator available in Downloads, free for everyone. So please first try to do steps in the guide, before leaving the comment

Guigui 2024-01-05 0 point

pls I really enjoy this game when I was kid ty for your job

Guigui 2024-01-05 0 point

Hi I didn't get my key
my id is 57A3B7FF8D7F2A3F4FD5890925AB99F8

Gabriel_R 2024-01-05 0 point

Hi admin, can you please help? I tried it by myself but it didnt work

milind 2024-01-05 0 point

keygen pls
my id

ritojavie 2024-01-05 0 point

hey can you tell me the key? this game is amazing
ID: 60708D359659BC910D3B0F8E772EB1B6 thank you

Samppi 2024-01-05 0 point

I need my activation code, my id is 1767F79CA094A9BD0B47199134B3683A

Bellcranell 2024-01-04 0 point

Buenas ID :ED04B7D8879158D038520B8D5F812DAE
no tengo la clave

Chadam 2024-01-04 0 point

key please
ID 894A528708BFDE23E51FAD87B9C7EEC7

admin 2024-01-03 1 point

RJ - 1745168FC94DA33FE8FA9CF9D74EF79B
BOVIDU2010 - 8A119023399CB45365C9572D479FF52F
JULI - 8188ADFEBC343E2E80213B28423392FA

juli 2024-01-02 0 point

i need my keygen 46EEC71A2BF56DD6E9DC7842D9886FC4

Bovidu2010 2024-01-02 0 point

Please! Admin can i get my activation key F65FA5CC875DE6AA8EFD582A0F455865

rj 2024-01-01 0 point

my id 71E49DCF025E0581AF291DE1645BA89E can i get the key admin please

rj 2024-01-01 0 point

my id

Guest 2023-12-31 -1 point

I need a key for this game.


admin 2023-12-31 -1 point

@HISOKA65 Multiplayer servers were closed years ago, probably in 2014 when the game was delisted from all stores. It is not possible to play the game in multiplayer anymore
@DRAKIS F3BB72E24152C2D26373DA8CB752D2AE

DRAKIS 2023-12-31 0 point

HARDWARE ID 7E19B002-4CA3-4C9F-BA92-91D101B97219

HISOKA65 2023-12-30 -1 point

Hi again! What about multiplayer? It says something about CD password and UBISOFT secure and I don't know what to do....i really wanted to play multiplayer. If something helps please, ADMIN, I would appreciate it.

admin 2023-12-30 0 point

@HONEYBEE 9F2B31144C1CB9046922F1EE5A1C8A60

HoneyBee 2023-12-29 0 point

Please! Admin can i get an activision key, I've only got a week off, I'd really like to be able to play.

admin 2023-12-29 0 point

BEUFA - Your key 8C1FBC933D168983E8D77D353B16955F

I'm off for New Year holidays, so won't be checking this page for about a week, so if you need an activation key - use the keygen, it is still available in Downloads for free for everyone

admin 2023-12-26 0 point

Okay, here's your keys, luckily for you I'm still working
HISOKA65 - 5B29602B1039B09B27DEC54D2635DD27
AP75 - BD083DEE572FA05E4BE00F587D2F26FA

admin 2023-12-25 0 point

Your keys
MEME - 2526A3E3D46E3413F15E650DDA6D9D4F
TOBLERONE36 - 6627E10C1736B87C331FB226257FCAB8

admin 2023-12-22 1 point

JAYAKUMAR - 93EB03DC04FD144C70A27D765AFD1898
KAPI - 3FD9ACC2A8E88372D471A53406E89DCE

@BRO It is safe, that repack is for English & Russian versions, just click on pop-up menu and choose English language. Flags near the file shows available languages

Bro 2023-12-20 0 point

Is it safe from R.G.Mechanics ? It says something in Russian.

Horizon 2023-12-20 0 point

Hardware ID: 8B0D19180BB014C36621533AB3C9BBF4

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I tried to use the keygen myself but am not very computer savy and couldn't figure out how to allow the zip file to be extracted. Will try again if you don't respond.

JAYAKUMAR 2023-12-19 0 point


noneneeded 2023-12-19 0 point

6C8071841397A3F57CD4485A3DB055FF key please thanks

admin 2023-12-19 0 point

ASF - DAA09742C6A3A6F2E6EB5FBCA4A3784E
XKULES - 226A3E13DB0571C31E9E8B15E105C30F
K - 21BF69A4D026B5D40BD7AE8EDE26CAA0
MAXNYAP - 828424796E6A74692B1BD5233C6AB145
HELLKAISER - 30868D29E1A55BD9FD5D6AC337A55895
LYRIC - AB075F9F778BD40F28BC6CA98597A6EB

I'm visiting this page only once in 3 days because I'm busy with other things, so if you don't want to wait - keygen (key generator) is available in Downloads, just learn to use it, all instructions are above. I'm using that same keygen, there's no magic

roosterpet 2023-12-18 0 point

hey, admin! can i get a key, please? thank you very much, you make new years wishes come true!

lyric 2023-12-18 0 point

can i get a key?
hardware id: EC05A2DA52BEABCC1FF6456E2623456F

Hellkaiser 2023-12-18 0 point

Hi, Could I get a key? I can't download the Keygen
Hardware #7F1C75DBDA888927108431C3F3105B8E

maxnyap 2023-12-17 0 point

Hello ,My hardware ID is 9A771DAA0D8B337124ED1180BC8E91AE . Can I get a key please?

K 2023-12-16 0 point

Can i have the key?

xkules 2023-12-16 0 point

can i have the key please? Thank you

admin 2023-12-16 0 point

Your keys
KARTHICK - 3169197DE2760BAD1D1CC4CFE8705B99
KAYEL - C9A5BEF12F738DE1CB7C93E38574EC3D
RIRAMII - 66EC1A011406AA310FC3C1C33A06EEFD
BLACKOUT - 8AE2A08C3BB830BC679D2E6E51B78598

asf 2023-12-16 0 point

Please help

Blackout 2023-12-15 0 point

Would like to get the Activation key

ID: BA525CFC42EF2D8792C3A05D538A6477

Thanks in advance

riramii 2023-12-15 0 point

can I have the key please ?

riramii 2023-12-15 0 point

can I have the key ?

devora 2023-12-15 0 point

can i have the key please?
ID: 4E4865AB7DCE9BBC5F89DD966E763808

Kayel 2023-12-14 0 point

Hi admin
Could I please have a key?
Hardwarenumber: E63094A7C29A6912E4B4D05D4C5103ED

karthick 2023-12-14 0 point

hi bro, my hardware ID is 7471117E87B1CF4B03A730C446BF2B00. thanks

admin 2023-12-14 -1 point

JP - 7DDD98477AAC66F7975473B148C2C953
TREWFY - 9663022A42EBD05A63132B2448EA6316
SEBASTIAN - CEA080B2B7675062C8D03F948D6755AE
MIKE - 26333EC5D801CE75B39AC6EFE6021F91
FIVES - D2527C8A7B624CBAA62AD174E161C996
JBONE14 - C4922B58619DFB488D82FE127F9E0C34

P.S. Where did you all come from?

jbone14 2023-12-13 0 point

May I please have a key? Thank you!

DarkdeviL 2023-12-13 0 point

can you help me ?

Vaidas 2023-12-13 0 point

Activation key please admin

Fives 2023-12-13 0 point

Looking for an Activation key Please.
ID 6589840F-2602-49F0-B07E-1F41666368D6

Thank you

Miike 2023-12-13 0 point

não consigo o numero de serie
meu id é 01B7F7E419986620B1A5FC0330C3A837

SEBASTIAN 2023-12-13 0 point

Can i have a key admin?

Trewfy 2023-12-13 0 point

Hello admin, thanks for the work your doing, can I get a key please?
ID 3C3B4710518B53668EAC9A651B8EFA82

WEBSTER 2023-12-13 0 point

Hi admin, thank you for taking the time to generate the keys for the people here! Could you please generate mine too?
ID: 62BF1000A4E873B62D8FC768BDA7E459

Cypher 2023-12-12 0 point

Hello Admin, can I please get a key, ID is 7771DE7ED5CF5D4001A8CDCC410716CC

JP 2023-12-12 0 point

Could I have a key please

admin 2023-12-12 0 point

Your keys
PSYKO - 91B69D9C42C56DCC4C6E6C8650C582A8
MISTERR - 2C620D541E0C9304D8798EC6FC07E770
GIERSPENST - 367C9BF6277B6C2603345050F57B6882
FRITZ - 183FA71AC7E4770A53F977C4DDE2AFE6
NOVA - D453AF3A8D61192AB06A70A493620886
SAIMON - B6C95F42B1D8EF72A761F02C77D8889E
HELPPLZ - B542BC8055EE5A706C1B91925F29A82C

HelpPlz 2023-12-11 0 point

Anyone able to generate a key for this ?


Saimon 2023-12-10 0 point

Activation key please admin
my hardwareID 22B3050E90D3A6D95E88F9D6E118AB0F

nova 2023-12-10 0 point

Hey I am having some problems with downloading keygen , can a key for ID C618CDD74C57BAD18AFBDA4B5D6D88F7 ? Thankyou

Fritz 2023-12-10 0 point

Could i please get a key? Im having trouble getting the keygen to work on my pc

Hardware ID: 85773FF92DDAEB6B8BC216DE27E87B75

Gierspenst 2023-12-10 1 point

Das ist mien hardware A0997A3974FDEEF6A4F14DBD140F97F8 bitte bekomme ich den schlüssel

Misterr 2023-12-09 0 point

ID B6B47B71E049E53551743BC715816059

Can i have key?

Psyko 2023-12-09 0 point

Can i have a key please

admin 2023-12-08 2 points

Your keys
ROTAUGE - 73613423EBF0041347B8FCD539F0156F
TOBBIE - 99B12A020A447A725665932C583F8B4E
N - E6172355F8623345A3CF27BFA6670361
JAY - 1B7AC91FA4723A4FF7131A11DA7252AB

admin 2023-12-07 -1 point

Okay, here's your keys
JAMES - DF21A1158C34724528D968F7EA347E21
HEYITISHARVEY - 6F2812DF8837E18F94413E592E38767B

James 2023-12-06 0 point

Can i have a key admin?
ID: 1C40672B62722A857B92E531F372EAB4

JayJay 2023-12-06 0 point

I need a key to activate the game please
The Hardware ID is 14C8489BC308A7A85DCF0E0F836CB86D

admin 2023-12-05 1 point

Your keys
NONAME - ACEB3499D5EF0509699BF9A383EE1035
LORI - CDCB56B37D56D8E3981FE025C355F7CF
MONI - 785F3A4D25EE8C7D3436C35733EE1B59
MYSTICFOX - 187511F7EC04E127632DE341D9FE1AE3

Moni 2023-12-04 1 point

can i have key, Admin?
ID: 7E576EF0B96A4F148521F92C571A85B9

Lori 2023-12-03 2 points

Kaphatok kulcsot

noname 2023-12-03 0 point

can i have a key?
my Hardware Id

admin 2023-12-02 2 points

Here's your keys
NOREV - 1F3E788D904908BDDBED99978E48F199
JED - 699E98171AF0EA471455E50128F0FEA3

I'm busy these day so better try to generate the keys yourselves. Use Windows Sandbox to run keygen file, like WOO said

W̶͍̥̟͕͜͝o̶̭̪̹̲͐̾o̷̪̠̟͓̓ 2023-11-30 0 point

Can I have a key please?

Hardware ID:

Thank You :)

admin 2023-11-29 0 point

Your keys
BEN - 4C5C04460D71B8F63E9131D00B6AC972
ROZBUJNIX - 73B16A9D1897F84D40892E7726984A99
PATUKKA - 963C489F074B18CFA3501191554B2DAB

Patukka 2023-11-28 0 point

can anyone get me the activation key?
my hardwareID: 9F20EEF34311FDF6C70B6048AC2FE449

FEARLESSFARGO 2023-11-27 0 point

Can I please also have a key?

Rozbujnix 2023-11-26 1 point

I just cant get it to work, can someone help me?
My ID is BA1FCDB93FF4EF782C3B162155A218D3

Ben 2023-11-26 0 point

Can i have a key please?

Hardware ID:

admin 2023-11-26 0 point

PATRES - 717D1B791E7FEAE9DB48DCA32C7874C5
DODGER676 - 1B9908C3B8AEBAF3D8571DD5C6AED74F

dodger676 2023-11-26 1 point

can i get key also pls

patres 2023-11-25 0 point

can i have key please
hardware ID 11B8FBA53FCD2D3EDFA80F33E3A7509D

admin 2023-11-25 0 point

Your keys
DEEZ32 - DA1294E90B88E6D9A7149F9B998807B5

rain 2023-11-25 0 point

hardware id :

need key plss

Deez32 2023-11-22 0 point

can i get a serial number please

ID: 8615AF0AC7CEA7EE3E6CF0105FCC201F

admin 2023-11-19 0 point

Your keys
H - B9E13ABD6F0D0BAD8819430F750C5C59
ВАДИМ В - 2EB58731D3B257612CCCBFFB01B2581D

And again - I'm generating all keys with keygen that is available right on this same page, in Downloads, totally for free. I'm visiting this page only once in 3-4 days, so if you don't want to wait - use the keygen, all instructions are above

ВАДИМ В 2023-11-18 0 point

Помогите, пожалуйста, с ключом. Заранее благодарю.
ID: 64773A09662889F643CB41307EFD8943

girish 2023-11-18 0 point

my id is ,4A72C7978DB1C8ED61B5F6DEFDB873AE
pls give me the activation key

H 2023-11-17 0 point

May I have my key please?
Hardware Id: 8DF16828714E9F52F9480C0C459821CF

admin 2023-11-16 -1 point

Your keys
LAW - 81BF2B163691F986D2770FA044BFB442
ABHI - F531B964EA006E94BBED4656C0007F80

Abhi 2023-11-15 0 point

my hardware id is E501E8728168FE056BD64C6081D9A83D please tell my serial key or activation key.

Law 2023-11-13 1 point

Can i have key please
Hardware ID: 80D9113EB1CA2910574E9A4A57C24D7E

admin 2023-11-13 1 point

Your keys
MOTORSTORM00 - E9F624537309F443B62F0C7D90FD819F
MAC N CHEESE - 43E7F46BF8F6C59B14BFC655C6F67D87
MIXX - B9051FFCEA18386C25C1E80E9017F158

To RANDALMCDANIEL - I'd recommend to install the game from original DVD with patches, if you have limitless Internet traffic. We added repacks mostly for the people who has limited traffic, but if you have an option - I recommend to download & install the game from original DVD.
Also, try to run the game only on 1 core, the game has troubles with multi-core processors

Mixx 2023-11-12 -1 point

can i have my key please
ID: 32AE2BFA9DE25791A7724A24AEAB7549

Randalmcdaniel 2023-11-12 0 point

RG mechanics version 1.2 crashes nonstop, even in the main menu it will crash sometimes. version 1.0 does not crash at all EVER. 60+hrs into the game on version 1.0. This is one of the best PC games i ever played how the hell is this abandoneware?

I highly advise you set mip bias to -1.00 or -0.87 in nvidia profile inspector to sharpen just the textures, negative mipbias however only works nowadays if you also set Antialiasing-transparency supersampling to AA_MODE_REPLAY_ALL and nobody is sure why.

MAC N CHEESE 2023-11-11 0 point

Can I get a key please?
ID: E133B176FE265C8BDAB0DDEF14474AB2

Motorstorm00 2023-11-11 1 point

Can I get a key?

ID: 6DEA75D732B727D52CD34E8418B05536

admin 2023-11-08 0 point

GMRE456 - 240F9B97D3DEEB87F1E7E35959E17463
BANGEE - 68D591F81A636268468C5A9A286372C4

Bangee 2023-11-07 0 point

Hardware ID: B0A0FDE4B7BF8228C13E3CBB6E5F720E
Mohla bych prosím poprosit o klíč, děkuji. :3

Gmre456 2023-11-05 0 point

can i have my key please
ID: 32B2BA19BCAC2C9BDA63CD043769DAA4

admin 2023-11-04 0 point

@ZIMONITCH try to run the game only on CPU0, the game works bad on multi-core processors
@ICE071 - 0715188C2FFC2D7C2BAD243EC5FBFA58

ICE071 2023-11-02 0 point

my id is this - 4BF5FEC1FA6194ADA898CB122B69A3BD

I need the serial number please

ICE071 2023-11-02 1 point


ice d 2023-11-02 0 point

como passar pela eutentocação wizard ?

Zimonitch 2023-10-31 0 point

Hello there!
I've actutally installed the game, but is gaving me some problem about FPS lag.
I have a 3080 and AMD Ryzen 9 3950X so for me is nosense that is not going at 75fps straight

admin 2023-10-30 1 point

Your keys
SHAHRIAR - 78E54E9282F51EC2F67D178C38D747AE
PRISMMY - 7716BC999C268DC947CB918B1A26A995

And again - you don't have to wait for me, key generator is available in Downloads for everyone, for free. If your antivirus blocks it - just disable it for like 2 minutes, download keygen file (if your browser blocks it - click "Save anyway"), generate the code and that's it, you can enable antivirus and delete keygen file, you won't need it anymore

prismmy 2023-10-30 0 point

hi! can i have the keys please?

Hardware ID : F5D6B5723148EA0B564BE7A6E0AD6584

shahriar 2023-10-29 0 point

ID : 6B176DD521626B85BAC83805A79482FB
activation key please

admin 2023-10-29 0 point

K4M - 5A5A9A160B99688647525B4031997362
OFURTY - A87D01E4194390947534874E974CDEF0

ofurty 2023-10-27 -1 point

My Hardware ID: 1525FD3DEA1F5CF8DE1831D9E7C7B678

k4m 2023-10-27 0 point

Hello my id : F3A6841D603FA70BA4B3197D4B9CB555

admin 2023-10-27 1 point

Your keys
MUHAMMED - 8649EEB137143721737C94DB4515CC0D
PIRATEX - 79B3918532C2E1B5CC6B9A6738C2F291
AMUEL - C8FB17CC755A27FCA172D0AE8B5A68D8

Amuel 2023-10-26 0 point

Hey, could you please tell me what my activation key is?
Thanks a lot :-)

PirateX 2023-10-25 1 point

Please provide the Activation Key for hardware ID:

Muhammed 2023-10-24 0 point

7CA34C8A533D72D40F2E01A0217BF591 this is my Hardware ID
what is the activision key admin ?

admin 2023-10-24 0 point

Your keys
VADI - 02391B6E3207E31E0F30F438C007ECFA

vadi 2023-10-24 1 point

Hardware ID :50200B8CCE6700C9E24874F030BCE9BB
activation key

unknown 2023-10-21 0 point

ID: 14B7920828AA535165764110E835806C
pls can i have key?

admin 2023-10-13 1 point

Your keys
HELLEXIA - DD4C4968CE551A98CA061312A453AA34

RIYAB 2023-10-11 -1 point

21737A0E7634F647121AD2DFD380D246 HARDWARE ID

Hellexia 2023-10-07 0 point

Hardware ID ECF2FF7C1BFE38E1C6090FE76B850899

can I get a key please? :D

admin 2023-10-05 -1 point

Your keys
SAHROX0311 - 17E1ABE704B1F857A2AB6079D30478B3

SHUVO DEBNATH 2023-10-04 0 point

ID: EDE563D5F90A54110C1AD2876B19E953

sahrox0311 2023-10-02 0 point

C0D80122E119388D71BCF78975389BF4 hardware id
activation key

admin 2023-10-02 1 point

Your keys
VLAD - D331E6D60680B98621C0A410947F9E62
NOMAD - B23208F8A30519288DEA11DA7104E9E4

Nomad 2023-10-01 0 point

May I please get one of those tasty keys?

Vlad 2023-09-30 0 point

Can I get a key?
Hardware ID:B72B7769C410F91F974185D9245D5429

admin 2023-09-26 0 point

Your keys:
JOKEITH - 39A7EF80EB76B7F0075F88CAF976A0EC
NOCTURN - 44FDA76076E0799091F56C6AFCE0725C

Nocturn 2023-09-25 0 point

Can I get a key?
Hardware ID: BD9D09134F256EFA9BB2F0C98FE76376

JoKeith 2023-09-25 0 point

can i get a key or a link to the keygen plz
hardware ID: 00628451E77CF00D0860BB2113F22B79

admin 2023-09-21 0 point

Here's your keys
RED - EB7E08F26C86D3627C37D1BCAA80E9DE
COL - 8697023F9010526F4C354B0946107BFB
SHIVEN - B1C199E8218D29182EB9633A6F907AF4
@VINTIISETSO - 159066F3329300A33607F85DD89310FF
DANDREISREAL - 368967E5E6967815A23F2DBF049648F1

I'm busy with other games so I don't check this page very often. So either learn how to add keygen file in antivirus exclusions or wait till I remember to check this page. All information you need is already in my guive above, archive with keygen is in Downloads

Dandreisreal 2023-09-21 0 point

7443100CA57E1A8AC9BDFF38290F3827 this is my Id can i get a Key.

@vinTiisetso 2023-09-19 0 point

address(551EE381CBDB7ACBA738074239519340) can I please get a key

SHIVEN 2023-09-16 0 point

please help me with my keygen my id. 60B1A1B8D72A7F7D8BB5E64AF1FB90FD
please reply asap

Col 2023-09-15 0 point

i dont even know where to get keygen. above is my hardware id

red 2023-09-15 0 point


hi i need a key, did not work online

admin 2023-09-04 0 point

Here's your keys
MESIK - A83538F6D55A092663EEFDE8635A1612
SUPRA - 2EA42268E3B353D8EBDC0F92F1B305B4
WAN - 8BF0F769A48F4799E078445B4A8FDCD5

Wan 2023-09-03 -1 point


this is my id i need a key

Supra 2023-09-03 1 point

Hi Admin, I am unable to download the keygen, my ID is 78342CA2F583AE7C4E86D6A4F4A6DF7C

May you please send me the activation key?

mesik 2023-09-02 0 point

my id is 0E8D06F84775B0029CDAAABD015F6D52 pls sent ny ni activaition key

triied 2023-09-01 -1 point

Thank you!!!

admin 2023-09-01 0 point

Your key 8CC3A34435CA7334217B700E4BCA87B0

triied 2023-08-30 1 point

Hi, any chance I could get a key my id is 6CEF97DFB8CD0A0FB49EF687F36848FB
many thanks

Brunnea 2023-08-28 0 point

Cheers admin

admin 2023-08-28 0 point

@MIKE your key EDEED5E05F9A4B508B84CADAAD9A444C
@BRUNNEA your key 3794F670E89F3CE001C87DCAF69FD76C
@QUEENKHAL3 try to run the game on CPU 0, check instruction in game description
Also, before asking any questions check the instructions I wrote, everything is there

Brunnea 2023-08-28 1 point

Just seen other people put in their hardware id thing so here it is. F0A7BB77E19E205C6549E7F90B558EE4

Brunnea 2023-08-28 0 point

Hey mate, I dont seem to have received a key for the installation

QueenKhal3 2023-08-28 0 point

Thank you, Admin, it worked! But the game shut down as soon as I selected my avatar and the Hells Gate started loading.

Mike 2023-08-27 0 point


admin 2023-08-27 0 point

@AD.CRII Your key: 021A55B21B37A662BED23EDCB13936FE
@DANNY Your key: 0A682764376DF754731EEFF6C56E0820
@QUEENKHAL3 Your key: 423B9248F30A1BF89EB333DA090A6B44
And don't spam with comments if there's no answer, keygen is literally in Downloads section, and instruction is in game description

QueenKhal3 2023-08-26 1 point

OK update I have my ID: 0410DB98CEE32FAC42CF288F7FFF9A7A
All I need is a key, please!

QueenKhal3 2023-08-26 1 point

I downloaded the game and it's asking for a serial; I don't know mine and I don't know how to get my ID. Please help Admin.
I have windows 11 from hp laptop.

Ad.crii 2023-08-13 0 point

non va, id: B7B5E61F8506D01D0EF2CAA9A9F70FBF
posso riavere la chiave

admin 2023-08-12 0 point

JAYSON your key A9C2A7E7DAD1F617967AF0D190D18873
FRANKY your key CE17EA0F3A96FA3F95D0D3099097CB2B
DENES your key 6328DF33281766E35AC0684D2E17B51F

DENES 2023-08-12 1 point

i need key ID:8A0FFAB29169DD2479A3C0BF7A255AF1

Franky 2023-08-12 0 point


admin 2023-08-08 0 point

KASIRAJ - 05D4FE24F7258E14932EC2FE4D23DAF0
CHADMUND - 5D78673CE827376C17509066F6278898
HIMPALOMPA - if the game shows "saving failed", check if save game data location is not "read-only". also, try to run the game only on CPU 0

Ad.crii 2023-08-07 0 point

il mio id: 0E998917442D8992B64206BF055ED716
qual'è il mio numero seriale?

Ad.crii 2023-08-07 0 point


chadmund 2023-08-07 0 point

keygen didn't work :(

himpalompa 2023-08-06 0 point

hello, i got the game working with my key that you sent( thanks!), but when i try to make a new game and save it, it says ''saving failed''. Tips?

kasiraj 2023-08-06 0 point keygen is not working..can you please get my key
id: B2412AFE5C171419F090C2F3763D9C59

admin 2023-08-05 1 point

Okay, here's your keys
DAVID005 - 3DD21E8D26A0EEBDC26A4797F4A0EFC9
HIMPALOMPA - 43C4D09670CE2046A07B23100ED3B9B2 or 635035814C5F87B1F008A283225F9A9D (you gave 2 IDs, find the working key)

Shark247 2023-08-05 0 point

My ID: 1A75968BF1DAA85C927F1855CB13DD45

cheese 2023-08-05 0 point

Hello, here's my ID: 6EFC2B97CA78B832EEBD9F8DA9D81931

himpalompa 2023-08-05 0 point

keygen? id: 226F26CBDC6BF0886CDBB419D9187F37

himpalompa 2023-08-04 -1 point

keygen? EBFD6535-49FF-4153-9F7C-AA5D32FAFC7D

David005 2023-08-04 0 point

My ID:3C6F2C72EF17C819DD43F394FE5C3132 Thank you 2023-08-04 0 point


PATIRCK 2023-08-04 0 point

Hello.Admin my ID:A3467DA5C85D47E0A0BFB996A6AC8A24

admin 2023-08-04 0 point

Phoenix your key: F7DF5CFF68EA30AFD5532529C6EA3F4B

Phoenix 2023-08-02 0 point

Hello, here's my ID: D45DC13F27621F1F35597ED54265C530 thank you in advance!

admin 2023-07-29 0 point

Mosey your key: 33E96DD4B0E63E04DDAF35AECEE646C0

mosey 2023-07-28 1 point

hey my activation is 7848D36C19635633BBA756852AC59A7B appreciate if you can help me

admin 2023-07-26 1 point

JULIII your key: 8188ADFEBC343E2E80213B28423392FA
VEDZA your key: B45842EEA566D31E7113E3C863671BEA

vedza 2023-07-25 0 point

hi bro, my hardware ID is 277BEA9DB879EDD8C2126A9C63EA2CD4. thanks in advance

juliii 2023-07-25 0 point

administrador ayuda con mi clave

admin 2023-07-25 0 point

I'm here, just busy with other things. RIM, your key is 15903E8E869C0EBEB448DF78D49F381A

Rim 2023-07-22 0 point

I don't know if the admin still exists or not but I have. hardware id say


admin 2023-07-18 0 point

@GOOFUS I searched in Google, looks like it is not possible anymore to activate DLC weapons. To activate DLC weapons you had to enter hardware ID on special section on Ubisoft website, which is not available for like 9 years already

Yucca 2023-07-16 0 point

Hello ,My hardware ID is 670D8A6434AC6FF460FE787E3F0A9A22 can I get a key please?

Goofus 2023-07-13 0 point

Dlc weapons how?

Goofus 2023-07-11 0 point

The game works great but I was wondering how I could get access to the dlc weapons?

admin 2023-07-09 1 point

@LIVIU Your key: A8A8FD17D8F58D07755FBD717EF6CE13
@UNLUCKJAMIE Your key: BDD7C9807066A2302C8D56E27E66B27C
@BA'LISK019 Your key: B62F3857358D0C47650A0539838C1D03

TerrorDrone 2023-07-06 1 point

Thank you in advance

GGYou 2023-06-26 0 point

Hey can i get a key pls. i can not find my game to my ps3 so i vil have the game on my pc

Kamila 2023-06-26 0 point

I really want to try this, but it’s not letting me get it

ty 2023-06-19 0 point

can i get a serial 05B1D16EA48B2657A76EA450EB86300D

Mr Panda 2023-06-18 -2 points

Hey, would anyone help me out with the key? CCCDC4EA4DDBA439712AC58CEF1922E6

joey445 2023-06-16 0 point

Thank you so much Admin!

Moriko 2023-06-13 -1 point

Thank you so much for your work on the game admin!! I'm thrilled with it! Easy to follow directions and simple download. I couldn't ask for more. =)

Thresh 2023-06-12 0 point

can i get key please ?

hardwerID : CA164D296A5FAD5F0B9921C7E0C7FBBE

w4rdl0ck 2023-06-04 1 point

can i get a key pls :c

Poetic 2023-05-10 -1 point

thanks for your help. i followed the instructions to download the generator but it would never initiate the download.

sierra 2023-05-05 0 point

hey i need this game i love avatars sm
pls notice this

Birds 2023-05-05 0 point

Thank you Admin ^^

Robbos21 2023-04-27 0 point

I can get the keys for anybody but need email to send to you..

CFX 2023-04-25 0 point

@GOODXGAL Thanks a lot!

go0dxgal 2023-04-25 2 points

@CFX i actually figured it out myself and got my key, i did the same for you this should work for you 4FD564DCD63DF44C81EC9DDEFC3FB5D8

CPT. PANAKA 2023-04-18 0 point

@ADMIN thank you very much, yeah I realized the patch thing after I sent that message sorry XD the thing is with another game I tried downloading here they told me to add the patch directly into the game so that's how I got confused but thanks a lot for the help

Cpt.Panaka 2023-04-17 0 point

How do i install a patch?

Kusanagi 2023-04-15 0 point

nevermind got it working

Trilex 2023-04-14 0 point

Hey man
First of all, thank you for making the effort to play this game nowadays. Could you please tell me what my code is?

Thank you very much!

cross 2023-04-13 0 point

ola, pode me car 1 chave?

jsteel5 2023-04-09 0 point

Hey admin, I think alot of the confusion is where to find keygen. Keygen everyone is under downloads in the misc section, u have to download it separately from the game. had to turn off Microsoft defender for a sec to use it but it worked instantly. I also have a question on how u can make a save for the game so you can start playing

Viki 2023-04-08 0 point

Szia! letöltöttem a keygen-t de eltűnik.
hardver azonosító:25D6D5F78488D343C9AF7709EB486191
Megkaphatnám a kódomat? Előre is köszi!

Andronikus 2023-04-05 0 point

thank you soo much and I'm sorry. I really tried to use keygen but it won't open for some reason.

Faolan 2023-04-04 1 point

Ok got it working thank you much. I didnt know there was a second antivirus i was running. Once i disabled it, everything worked.

Faolan 2023-04-04 2 points

Ok i tried the keygen but i think it is broken. i go to open it and even though i tell the firewall to allow it it vanishes off the computer. Can I get a key?

Faolan 2023-04-04 1 point

I am having trouble finding the keygen. Where is it? I looked through the files and even searched for it but no luck.

Prybom 2023-03-29 2 points

Thanks for this :)
Yeah, I also have problems installing the keygen, so if anyone can post the resonse from my machineID I would be very grateful! :) Cheers!

Max 2023-03-24 0 point

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Gamer 2023-03-13 1 point

Never mind on the needing key help. I didn't see that there was a Keygen download in the extras.

DieKing 2023-03-10 0 point

@BLUE BOY 4 Yep. I would appreciate your help as I can't get a key anywhere.

JCAMAR0 2023-03-10 0 point

@ADMIN That fixed it! Thanks!

DieKing 2023-03-09 0 point

Does anyone know where to get a key for the game?

admin 2023-03-08 0 point

@POOPY MC POOPSTER @JCAMAR0 Okay, I googled maybe there's some problems with game running on Windows 10/11 (it worked fine on my PC though), and found this

Looks like making the game working only on CPU 0 might help. You can do that in by two methods:
1. Create new shortcut on the desktop. In the location, type: cmd.exe /c start "AVATAR" /affinity 1 "C:/Program Files (x86)/Ubisoft/James Cameron's AVATAR - THE GAME/bin/Avatar.exe" . If you installed the game in non-default folder - type the path to the game folder
2. Other method - launch the game, open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), find Avatar.exe, click on it with right mouse button - Set affinity - disable all cores excepet "CPU 0" (leave only "CPU 0")

Also, check if you're running on DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 mode. If your graphics card doesn't support DirectX 9 (usually it's laptop graphics or Intel graphics cards) - run the game in DirectX 10 mode

I will add this advice in Notes. To everyone - don't forget to check Notes if you have troubles, I added some technical advice about troubleshooting

JCAMAR0 2023-03-08 0 point

Tried installing the ElAmigos repack on a Windows 11 machine. activated the key just fine. Tried starting the game in numerous compatibility modes, but the splash screen keeps popping up for a few seconds, then disappearing, then nothing. Any advice?

POOPY MC POOPSTER 2023-03-07 0 point

@ADMIN But it says both the repacks are already patched ?

admin 2023-03-06 1 point

The loading stops at 99,7%? Did you install both patches? And are you running the game in compatibility mode with old Windows? The game was released for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, if you're playing on Windows 10 - you need to run the game in compatibility mode with one of that systems.

Also, try to set sound quality to 24 bit, 48000 Hz, it helped some users. Sometimes old games cannot load because of missing sound files, putting sound quality to specific settings might help, check this guide

poopy mc poopster 2023-03-06 0 point


OLLIE1995 2023-03-06 0 point

Thank you for the key @KIRI.

Kiri 2023-03-06 0 point

I can help if you'd like, Admin. Right after I managed to get my hands on one as well. For some odd reason Avast isn't fooled into thinking it's a virus.

@AVE -- 88987E0D01A74E3DF8304F77D7A76719
@OLLIE1995 -- 6BD9598850E7EAF87890E28226E83AA4

Jennie 2023-03-04 0 point


BLUE_BIRD365 2023-03-04 1 point

Thank you @ADMIN

MINA 2023-02-26 0 point

Thank you so much

Axel Gomez 2023-02-26 1 point

my key please? wont allow me to play without it

Dede 2023-02-24 1 point

Thanks a lot !

Mansk 2023-02-20 0 point

This is super cool :D

Yab 2023-02-09 1 point

Does anyone else game crash after being open for 5 minutes?

Maja 2023-02-08 0 point

Hey. I have tried for hours to understand how to download a keygen but nothing works. Can someone generate mine? 6889EC22CB1D37CB1683936E01E7863F

Ela Liza 2023-02-08 0 point

wow its rlly good!!

1asm1n4 2023-02-07 1 point

how do i get the activationkey? it just doesn t work, i tried to download the keygen but it didn t work.

RusTTank 2023-02-04 2 points

is anyone from this website going to help getting the serial number

Anna 2023-02-03 2 points

I don't have a code

chiara000 2023-02-03 1 point

qual'è il mio numero di serie??

Deliacrisi 2023-02-02 -2 points

I have windows 11 and and when i tried to open keygen it said:! Cannot execute "C:\Users\Delia\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa3740.127\KeyGen.exe"
can someone please help me?

anon 2023-02-02 0 point

I saw oboeshoes play this just a few days ago lol

UK_John 2023-01-29 0 point

KenGen doesn't work in Win 10 or any compatibility mode, so no way to get a key to activate the game, making playing it impossible!

Dwoods 2023-01-25 2 points

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to install this.

marygamer12 2023-01-25 2 points

qual'e il codice di attivazione??

Áron 2023-01-18 0 point

Sziasztok. Nekem egy olyat írt ki a rendszer, hogy serial: mit tudok ezzel csinálni?

lemonsoda 2023-01-13 0 point

Works great guys, I was originally skeptical about the keygen but with the well written instructions given here, I was able to trust it.

No problem installing, thanks guys!

Also the repack is updated to version 1.02 so no need to download separate updates!

m1rock 2023-01-06 0 point

Works flawlessly! Thanks for the upload!

abstriker 2023-01-03 0 point

clamwin shows virus warning. But 360 total security shows its clean. If still if anyone is afraid they can use sandboxie. Its free. This tool is good to run suspicious programs like keygens.

abstriker 2023-01-02 0 point

Thank you abandonware. Just for additional info, The elamigos version can also be downloaded from here:

Danny 2022-12-31 1 point

@3ZZY Gotta agree with you, this game was so underrated when it came out (hard to believe it was so long ago lol) and back then Ubi knew how to make games, kinda miss that time... Anyway, thanks a lot folks !

3ZZY 2022-12-31 3 points

Thanks guys, was obsessed with this game as a teen! :)

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