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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Windows - 2003

Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Japan, United States
Genre Educational, Simulation, Strategy
Theme Amusement park, Dinosaurs, Ecology / Nature, Movies
Publisher SEGA Corporation, Universal Interactive Inc.
Developer Blue Tongue Entertainment Pty, Ltd.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
4.44 / 5 - 540 votes

Description of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Here is the video game “Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis”! Released in 2003 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. It's an educational, strategy and simulation game, set in an ecology / nature, amusement park, dinosaurs and movies themes.

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Comments and reviews

G 2024-06-14 0 point

superamazing probably the best "Dinsoaur park" games so far. Especially the free island mode is great to just enjoy the dinosaur. Carcharodontosaurus and Ankylo are my favourites in this game.

Lito laroga 2024-06-12 0 point

I love this game

Tyron 2024-06-05 0 point

im pretty sure its a virus at least thats what my pc tells me

Nostalgia 2024-05-25 1 point

How do I delete this game?

gh02t 2024-05-24 -1 point

how do i unistall it?

kontol 2024-05-17 2 points

its says no disc mother fuker

David Herrera 2024-05-16 0 point

buenas, tengo un problema, tengo el juego instalado y todo, solo que no se ven los caminos, cosa, que dificulta bastante la jugavilidad. alguien me podria echar una mano? gracias

Sonic200000 2024-04-20 0 point

Sadly im stuck on 1920x1440p in a weird res on a 1440p 16:9 monitor, does anybody know a fixx for that?

Barcode 2024-03-15 1 point

I got it to work by setting up a new drive using Daemon tools (Free) and mounting the .ISO file on it (Click enable extensions in the windows explorer to see the .ISO ending). After that I ran the set up, and replaced the simjp.exe file in the drive with the one in the CRACKED folder. Hope this helps. -Barcode

IHateMyLifeButLoveJurassicPark 2024-02-29 0 point

Followed some instructions listed here. Didnt work. Me sad. Gonna play minecraft instead.

CHICKEN 2024-02-25 1 point

how to play with any controller/gamepad?

jejejojo 2024-02-02 0 point

hola buenas no lo puedo instalar bien, no encuentro donde lo explica

Joker_Bunghole 2024-01-09 1 point

The steps work and all, but be aware that the game will also crash at some point too.

jwb 2023-12-31 14 points

just keeps saying inserted wrong disc

mr robot 2023-12-07 13 points

my wife cheated on me because of this game 10/10

captcook 2023-11-29 2 points

Even simpler terms:
download both files (game file and NOCD)
run= setup.
once desktop shortcut is made, right click desktop shortcut and "open file location". DELETE simjp, drag/copy and paste crack file.


Potato 2023-11-13 0 point

How do I play it without winzip?

rexy 2023-11-11 0 point

i`m asking my father to download it

thaddeus 2023-10-22 2 points

work the game ok need CDNO need windows 10 pro work the game

Nxrway 2023-10-13 0 point

Figured it out!

Downloaded both ISO and no cd. They say drag the nocd to the iso folder or whatever but will say too small. When I try to launch the game it says wrong cd but showed the line of:

Windows (C:) - Program Files (x86) - Universal Interactive - Blue Tongue Software - Jurassic Park Operation Genesis - JPOG

followed that in windows explorer. deleted the simjp in there and replaced with simjp from the nocd and it worked!! Now the success or failure of Jurassic Park, is all up to you!

HI 2023-09-17 -1 point


sos forgot about caps lock

Dis 2023-08-25 4 points

Working on Windows 11 12800HX, 64GB DDR5, 3070ti

Download the ISO (it will be a Zip)

Open the downloaded file and the ISO will be available. Using zip open the ISO, make a new folder called setup. drag and copy all the files to the newly created setup folder.

run the program for installation

When installed make a new folder in the game directory called Original EXE, drag and drop the orignal exe into that folder and drop the crack in the main folder.

Bingo bango and away you go.

TheMobileWriter 2023-06-06 -4 points

Is this file safe? my pc dectected it being unsafe so i want to know before downloading it

StrielokX 2023-06-02 0 point

this game doesnt work

Krag 2023-05-22 0 point

Anyone have a fix for the helicopter/chopper not moving in the second mission? I've tried enabling the Z-buffer but to no effect.

yo 2023-05-21 1 point

works fine, just follow instructions from "What's A Paladin?" below

Pleb 2023-05-15 0 point

the CD file does work but it forgets to tell you... when you mount the main game...copy it ALL into a folder on your c drive. When installed go to where it is installed on your drive and there you will find the SimJP.exe file to replace. with the NO CD version.

The OFFICIAL Ocean Man 2023-03-30 3 points

can someone please give an updated guide on how to get this to work? i know there is a way ive seen people get it to work on here

Dinoman65 2023-03-21 3 points

If anyone is wondering. Yes, this is the full game. I've played through all of it.

Gagas 2023-02-09 0 point

Oh gagas

Mn 2023-01-05 2 points

I have a question before I download: Is this the full game, and not just a demo?

Dinoman65 2023-01-05 2 points

I got the game running and it works fine. Do expect bugs and crashes, but nothing too severe. I don't know how I did but I continue following the instructions so don't give up too easily guys.

Dinoman65 2022-12-27 2 points

Hey, I followed both instructions and nothing really worked for me. Can anyone help me out?

D. antirrhopus 2022-12-17 1 point

Bruh I can't replace the present file

RoyTard 2022-11-21 0 point


coool 2022-10-11 0 point

Dosent work -_-

bruh 2022-10-11 0 point

where tf are you getting the nocd file from pillow

trip 2022-10-10 0 point

hehe funni dinosuars

Shinypuff 2022-10-04 0 point

Can someone please help I've tried following the instructions in the comments but it tells me that the wrong disc was inserted

Pillow 2022-09-20 4 points

So I went and downloaded it.
Shame people bash on this download, because it works. If you take time and actually read, you'd know you need to download the NOCD file and replace the EXE with it. Other than that it work like a charm. Only missing a few unimportant sounds, but it it perfectly playable. You all need to stop posting shit

rabb 2022-08-20 0 point

waste of time.. find somewhere else to download it or buy it.. this shit dont work i tried 3 times

ironflame12 2022-08-10 0 point

does anybody know how fix paths I can open the game but as soon as I go into a park and I'm so far away the paths disappear

Ominous 2022-08-06 1 point

By the way, for anyone having issues with paths not rendering or helicopters not moving, here is the fix I found (have yet to test this out myself as I'm still having camera issues)

Go into the game's folder (right click your desktop shortcut for the game and open file location) and click on the "Setup" folder (second file in the game folder, just below data) and click on "Setup.exe". You should see an option called "High quality Z-buffer", enable that and that should fix the invisible paths. You can also change the graphics settings for the game in that exe file.

Cardotron 2022-08-03 0 point

Anyone have any issues with the chopper not moving when you press the movement keys? Seems to be the only problem I have right now and it makes the missions with choppers impossible to complete.

Ominous 2022-07-31 0 point

Hey, I got the game up and running just fine, but I have some issues with the in-game camera. Camera panning and zoom are extremely limited, I can not zoom out fully, instead it locks just a few meters from the ground so I can barely see. The zoom is also linked with camera panning for some reason. Are there any mods or fixes available anywhere? I could only find one topic about this issue on one site and there was no help. Would really like to enjoy this game the way I remember it.

help me 2022-07-30 0 point

i extracted the setup.exe and made a short cut to windows but every time i try to open it it says it has a virus or unwanted software

PLEASE HELP 2022-07-27 1 point

Got "1628:Failed to complete installation" error when I ran the setup exe file. Anyone knows how to fix this problem ?

slick 2022-07-09 0 point

this is amazing how have i not heard about your sight thank you for having this gem still around

MrHelpsAlot 2022-07-06 0 point

this isn't to make the game run this is more for people who have it running. try d3d8to9 and see if it improves compatibility and stability (not to say the game has any major notable issues) this can just help improve it further (not always the case but worth a shot) also you can then put direct x to vulkan (if you applied dx8to9 that is) over it aswell and use it on linux also.

PTigrex 2022-06-04 -2 points

How to install Mod?

doverkiin 2022-04-17 4 points

went through all the trouble and tried every way possible to get to work only to still have the "wrong disk inserted" pop up. Lame and waste of my time. Ya'll suck.

Jone 2022-03-29 0 point

I tried but it didn't work, when I did everything I said, I open the game and I'm going to play, at the moment it looks like the loading screen the game closes

Emilia Mendak 2022-03-02 -3 points

I love raptor:)

rexy gamer pro 2022-01-13 -3 points

esse jogo e legal os dinos são gratis nós viramos dinossauros

rexy gamwe 2022-01-13 0 point

sempre queria esse jogo e ainda mais nós jogadores desse joginho não temos dinheiro podemos virar dinossaauros

kan 2021-10-10 0 point

how can i get this game i want to play it right now

Hiddenshade 2021-08-06 23 points

I'm not going to stay silent. I had to look up elsewhere how to get this to function.

Follow the instructions until it says to place the 'NOCD' file into the folder. You're instead supposed to make an executable file to launch the game onto your desktop. Then right click on the .exe and open file location then drag the 'NOCD' file aka 'Simjp.exe' into the folder and replace the file. Exit folder, launch game. It works.

pesa 2021-08-02 3 points

i love t rex

thermometer 2021-07-25 7 points

Can we get an updated guide on how to run this? Nothing seems to work, have tried multiple things.

Meng 2021-07-14 -3 points

this game will END in 2036 yr May. all visitor will hang and wont move and can't buy any dinosaur. you only can play this game before the date 2036 May.

jeaneamelia 2021-07-09 -11 points


ovindu nethsara 2021-07-09 -4 points

super game but my computer this game not open

danysaurus 2021-07-05 3 points

It's lovely!

AortaPlatinum 2021-06-08 4 points

Tried to use the nocd exe in the JPOG folder, a ton of DLLs missing. Mounted the ISO, "wrong disc". Fuck this man, this is ridiculous.

patrick 2021-05-28 4 points

it keeps saying wrong disk inserted :/

oscar 2021-05-14 2 points

me gusta

kaneno 2021-04-06 2 points

I loved playing this game on my Windows XP when I was a kid. Glad I'm able to play it again after so many years!

winston 2021-03-30 2 points

it keeps saying it cant find the msi, everytime i run the iso file it opens it through 7zip then i run setup it loads partially then brings up an error showing a file address then saying it cant find the msi

OliversMom 2021-03-16 0 point

Omg I am in shock this works. BLESS YOU KIND PERSON, thank you for the nostalgia. I am so happy!!!!

kodiak behr 2021-03-06 0 point

love the game when i played it on PS2. but cant seem to download this game on pc.

SiyunJang 2021-03-05 0 point

I love your desighn and games! Pleas create more!

Your kind regards,

RaisorBlade 2020-12-02 -1 point

I did everything but when I try to move the NCOD file, it says that the file is too big! I'm not sure what to do now!

diego 2020-11-22 0 point

el juego esta muy bueno lo llevava buscando desde ase 2 años

LuteToot 2020-11-17 -1 point

Ignore CLYDE3D, I have windows 10 and it works perfectly.

What's A Paladin? 2020-11-15 53 points

In simple terms; first download the .iso file.

Create a folder for the game and place the .iso file within. Then, mount the .iso file. To mount the .iso file, simply double click it or right click it and select the 'mount' option. What this is doing is making this file act like a disc.

Next, run the setup executable file from within the .iso file. Ensure that the install wizard directs to the correct path, (Whatever folder you've created for the game to be installed in). You can have a desktop icon made if you'd like. When asked if you want to register the product, decline and everything should now be installed in a new folder 'JPOG' in within the same folder as the .iso file.

Then download the 'NOCD' file. The NOCD file is the game file proper. Take the executable file from it and place it into the JPOG folder, overwrite the already present file.

The game should now function properly, though it's resolution will be small and you'll have to set it in the options menu.

King 2020-10-25 -2 points

Does the game works ? I really need to know before downloading

Bobbert 2020-10-07 -2 points

I keep running the game but it says "wrong disc inserted" even when i activated the iso. I don't know what to do with the nocd file, and now?

yjghjghj 2020-09-16 0 point

gendoby ya mam na imye qwert poolip i ya ce refund za gra co napravda nie gala

Stones 2020-09-06 0 point

Just downloaded the game, the no cd and the magicISO.

What to do now to start the game? It keeps telling me "No CD-Rom drive found"

Thanks for help :-)

admin 2020-06-23 -7 points

Converted the disk image to ISO

Help 2020-04-19 1 point

Help How do you Open

brandon 2020-04-16 0 point

the game is good

Clyde3D 2020-04-03 -7 points

There are lots of mods and upgrades out there for this. I still use Win7.
Windows 10 is all about Microsoft and what kind of garbage they can install on your computer without you realizing it. Not about gaming is it? Get a black screen? You may have windows 10.

Skye 2020-03-27 1 point

so I loaded it up, downloaded it, set it up then when I open the game is shows me a black screen that looks like a console control bar with no text and when I drag my mouse it shows as if im highlighting something but that's about it, no menu or anything

yellow shy guy 2020-03-23 1 point

i saw this game on YouTube and I've wanted it fo years

Irak 2020-02-08 1 point

Está tardando mucho en descargar,alguien sabe un sitio para descargar jurassic park como Dios mande?

GROTZ 2020-01-17 1 point

Mounted the file with "Virtual Clone Drive", used the NoCD-Patch from Mega-Games and could start it.
Great Game, Love it, even if the Graphics are 20 years old

OHSHETISTLEO!ESCAPE 2019-12-09 0 point

Very good game. Ilourassic park!!!

Jailen 2019-11-15 3 points

love this I watched many youtubers play this you made my dream come true!

fuck this shit i'm out 2019-11-09 -7 points

this takes ages to download and is abs shit

Derp 2019-08-10 3 points

If you cant open the file format (its .mds not .iso) just download latest MagicDisk.
Ive had a version for over 10yrs that opened it and could install, but I wanted to make a standard .iso file to install on another PC that didnt have the software. Kept crashing when made iso file, but worked when tried latest version of MagicDisk.
Game works fine. Can change resolution to 1080p via changing values in the .ini file.

Vexx 2019-07-01 -12 points

A ton of the comments on this are bull shit you get a free copy of course its gonna be bad maybe if you buy the actual game you would get what you pay for this free version is good for what you pay and that was nothing.. i like the game its better than nothing

JOHN 2019-07-01 1 point


Cwooky 2019-06-30 -4 points

... all of this really,just to open 1 game.

Cwooky 2019-06-30 -5 points

Its just a file...

Tommy 2019-04-28 -5 points

Took forever to download and couldn't get working after trying many ways. Waste of time.

Caramel 2019-03-23 -9 points

It took a very long time to download. Wouldn't recommend the game either- laggy and crashes all the time.

Paws 2019-02-14 3 points

:D Truly love this

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