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MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

DOS - 1995

Also available on: Windows - Mac - SEGA Saturn

Alt names MechWarrior 2, MechWarrior 2: Combat au 31'eme Siecle - Arcade Combat Edition, MechWarrior 2: Kampfspiel des 31. Jahrhunderts - Arcade Combat Edition, メックウォリア2
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in France, United States (1995)
United States (1996)
Genre Action, Simulation
Theme BattleMech, FPS, Licensed Title, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Vehicular Combat Simulator, War
Publisher Activision, Inc.
Developer Activision, Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.62 / 5 - 202 votes

Description of MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

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Offered in a games package for new Windows 95 systems, MechWarrior 2 was the first exposure many PC gamers had to the BattleTech universe.

MechWarrior 2 showcased excellent graphics for the day and phenomenal audio. Gameplay is simulation-focused; your mech has all kinds of bells and whistles, computer interfaces and displays, and dozens of weapons arrays. While the control schema could have been daunting, a series of optional training tutorials do wonderful job easing you into piloting your mech.

While some BattleTech PC games, such as Crescent Hawks' Inception, try to be many things but excel at none, MechWarrior 2 keeps things squarely on combat simulation—and does so in a way by which it should be a measuring stick of combat sims.

For diehard fans of the setting, there are extensive “Data Links” and both “Situation” and “Aftermath” reports for every non-Trial of Position mission. Frankly, they're a TL;DR mess that the average player who just wants to fight giant robots doesn't need to force themselves to read to enjoy the game.

Wolf: “Keep blowing up bases and killing Falcons, we'll save the Earth from them eventually!"
Falcon: “We've killed the Wolves who keep trying to blow up our bases; now we're going back to earth!”

The rest is just headache-inducing cruft and gibberish.

MechWarrior 2 features several “retired” mech designs (Rifleman, Warhammer, Marauder) known among BattleTech fans as “Unseen”. These designs were subject of legal disputes between FASA (BattleTech's creators), who had attempted to license Japanese designs through Twentieth Century Imports, and Harmony Gold, North America rights holder for Macross. FASA had ultimately bought rights from TCI which TCI did not have the position to sell; the case was settled out of court shortly after Mech Warrior 2's release. MechWarrior 2 is one of the places where you can still see some of these “Unseen” mechs in action in the BattleTech Universe.

Review By Alexander P.

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat has an addon available: MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy, don't miss it!

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How to play MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

Thanks to Damon, you can now download a full ISO preinstalled:

Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat and Mechwarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy are fully installed packages. Simply launch the game executables as normal (MECH2.exe for the base game, GBL.EXE for the expansion), and mount the CUE files in each respective game (MECH2_16B.CUE for MECH2, GBL.CUE for GBL) as an ISO disc image. This can be done using the IMGMOUNT command in DOSBOX.

IMGMOUNT D [Path to .CUE file] -t iso

Do NOT burn these CUE files to disc and run them using the CDROM drive; there is a bug only present when running in DOSBox that prevents the game executables from detecting the disc, even after a successful installation.

You can find more information on these amazing games at the Mechwarrior 2 community forums at Just know that they will NOT provide technical support for anything other than legally obtained, physical copies, but feel free to search existing threads to find answers to the more common questions, including mapping the controls, and how to play online.

Thanks for downloading, and enjoy!

You may also use MechVM, you'll find instructions here:

The game is now available in its full state, thanks to the Mechwarrior subreddit.

Comments and reviews

SabotHawk 2024-05-03 1 point Windows version

Thank you so much for uploading this game! Who knew that 25 years later I'd be enjoying this old summer friend all over again on my laptop, and that the cutscenes would actually run properly this time? Muscle memory was mysteriously all there for me -- I didn't even need to read the manual to cut a swath with my custom bots of destruction!

Great tip for designing NPC wing mates: put nearly all armor in the front, and rely on LRM 10's, SRM 4's or 6's, PPC's, L Pulse Lasers, L Lasers and UAC 10's or 20's: the NPC may only end up with four or five weapons, but its habit of firing slow on chain fire gives these weapons plenty of time to cause internal havoc on enemy units: you'll likely have trouble assigning your two partners targets fast enough!

Happy Gaming!

myne 2023-11-25 2 points Windows version

There's an alternate installer now that works with several (so far) of the windows versions on W10/11

emetamorph70 2023-11-22 0 point

ok folken it will take a couple of units of my discretionary resources but mission accepted I loved this game also most of the kinder probably unaware but this one and doom is what you mostly have to thank for modern game engines

john2003cpht 2023-03-30 0 point DOS version

Im running linux mint and I new at it is there a way to get this to work for some reason I cant get it to run no matter what I do.

Crossman 2023-01-18 1 point

RIP are always the stripped down version of the full version, y'all don't know that???
Download the full iso or pre-installed versions if y'all want all the bells and whistles LMFAO -D

ook soo here we GO 2022-02-26 -20 points

- what the COMMUNITY needs is this:
someone / anyone with patience, honor, love , care .
Take the ORIGINAL Game Files. ( we know there are PLENTY of ppl who still own the original games) some have these games on burned CD-ROM and since 99% of today (2022) PC's systems have a BD / Dvd Drives pre-installed why not Burn the Original Game Files ALL Of them ( most likely using a ISO Image App on your desktop )to a Named Folder for ex= MechWar Games or whatever. then add note pad Instructions of HOW TO SETUP the game properly on a WIN 10 / 11 System. which btw to those who don't know. in order to get these games to work you have to do what we call a work around WIn O/s . its the ONLY Way other then maybe MechVM ( idk about that because i haven't heard great things about using that application) however others might have. and if soo GREAT at least some ppl are enjoying a classic game and getting it to Full Work again on a modern system. soo anywho; insert a Layman's Terminology=Explain TO US LIKE A 5 Year Old Child NOT in some Random Conundrum of Technical Babble the 80% of ppl Don't KNOW WHAT THE F**K your telling them. I'll Say This AGAIN Explain This TO US LIKE WE ARE A 5 Year Old Child Who's Being Punished For Doing Something Wrong. Believe ME People WILL LOVE you for this Time Consuming, Love, Caring, Thoughtful Explanations of how to RUN, Execute, Play, Install ALL of the Mech Warrior Games of OLD. starting With Mechwarrior 2 ( and their respective add ons ), next MW2 Mercenaries, Following Mechwarrior 3 ( again and their respective add ons ), Finally MW4 ( all of the entries of MW4 Games) this incudes Vengeance, Mercenaries. this is what EVERYONE is ASKING For. soo anybody who's reading this, accepting this Mission Thank You.
- P.S. You can even add a Monetary Value to this Assistance. its an Ol Game But i can see how maybe someone might wanna a "Thank You" in return soo Setup A Separate Paypal Account ( if you already have one active ), use it Solley for the Purpose of this Transaction Only. Put ALL your Information in that Folder with the Games+The Instruction Pad+Paypal Info for Payment. ( keep it simple stupid ) I Cannot REPEAT THIS ENOUGH. Keep It Simple Stupid. as stupid as you can possibly make it. again explain EVERYTHING like your talking to a 5 Year Old. then Just RAR the Entire File using Winrar (since its the most popular ) or use 7Zip or whatever.
my suggestions for payment should be a THANK U NOT a Greedy Hustle be respectful and you'll get Respect in Return. it should only be between $2 - $5 Max nothing higher ( this is a 30+ year old Game) besides 90% chance NO ONES is paying $50 or $50+ for instructions+install etc . its not happening besides like i said before this is FOR helping out people not for Monetary Gain but the payment is a "thank u' from your fellow community members. hope every one reads this and considers this SERIOUSLY . cause i'm ready to pay someone's paypal account their $2 - $5 worth. Lol!
- Cheers !

trwhjtwhrew 2021-09-23 6 points

Do not play the 3dfx glide/Windows 95/Titanium versions, they suck donkey balls.

EGO 2021-06-21 1 point

Excellent video game, when I was younger it was my daily adernalina

ARB 2021-04-25 4 points

If you are getting no sound you must configure it first by running MW2SETUP.EXE inside dosbox or dfend reloaded (I'm running the Dos rip version provided here not the windows version).

Jeff 2021-02-13 -1 point

I can't get it to work but then again that's nothing new as I seldom succeed; I'm the biggest tech moron on the internet. I got it extracted and see the files:
Error: Mechwarrior CD Rom not found.

MEKBANDITR 2021-01-25 2 points


Adam 2020-02-02 -8 points

I'm kinda d3d inside UwU

Moldycheese 2019-09-23 1 point Windows version

Mekbanditer, I downloaded your link but whenever I open the ISO after mounting to install I get the message "Setup is unable to find a hard disk location to store temporary files. Make at least 925KB free disk space available and try running setup again".

Am i missing something?

MekBanditR 2019-05-22 0 point Windows version

link to download titanium edition of mechwarrior 2 31st century combat:!eepyHKgS!uIDJOuTdqH8fL17kiLbq2GDE_xd7WbT1AS1GA5Fn7CA
i, of course, give to use this iso.

zed_anomaly 2019-05-21 9 points

I loved this game as a child and hoped I would be able to play it again. Unfortunately after 4 hours of trial and error I gave up because nobody can write some decent instructions on how to get this thing to work. I'm very comfortable using dosbox and command line, but the issue here is that it doesn't run on its own. Also, when I tried to download the Preinstalled version & follow the youtube instructions in Aries comment, the rar didnt even contain the BIN and CUE files required for installation.

You would think if the Author went through all the trouble of making a guide and putting it out there for idiots like me he would at least check to make sure the download link contains the correct files. Anyway, it sounds like the MechVM version is shit too, and others aren't having any sound in game. We need a bundled rar file that we can extract, put in our dosbox directory, load it up and go.. none of this garbage searching through the comments to find an alternative solution.

Please, just re-upload the game with the correct files this time. Better luck next time my fellow cadets.

MekBanditR 2019-04-06 2 points Windows version

Here is a helpful upload i did. It is a download link to a preinstalled version of mechwarrior 2 3dfx edition with .bin disc image just mount it to bypass copy protection game is all ready preinstalled and everything. here is link and i give myabandonware permission to download and share on their site if they wish:!fb5VCASK!K1TYV7FGltz0x9PQR2kBSA6SUzCLr49XsXjeClfIjU4a/
also here is discord chat server invite to battletech retro gaming league chat server:
also make sure nglide is installed on computer/os you wish to play this mech2 edition on.

Admin note: archive is mirrored here for Windows version

MadCatGod 2019-02-23 1 point Windows version

When i opened up the windows version of mech 2 it said that it was protected and I have to enter a password in order to unlock it. Can someone please help me out?

Hatty 2018-12-06 1 point Mac version

The mac toast file doesn't open in El Capitan. :(

Coyote 2018-08-18 -3 points

Capt. Obvious, you weren't the only person to figure out that the Nova hot rodded out was the ultimate death machine. It was fast enough that you were almost flying and nothing could track or hit you. Good times.

Dr.Zsasz 2018-07-28 4 points DOS version

I remember being 16 playing the first game. It ate away at hours of time. This game turned bargaining for a few space bucks and getting a new mech into something else. It and X-wing should be re-mastered yesterday. These ate up hours of my life that I'd like to continue to have devoured. I love them.

Capt. Obvious 2018-07-26 3 points

I got this game bundled with my sidewinder joystick, and played it many many many hours. The graphics were good for it's day, and I loved all the little touches like the HUD modes, and customization. It was hella fun with the joystick, but the game is easily played with mouse/keyboard if you configure it right. If you do use a stick I would say that rudder control is essential. The game has great ambiance, and even when things are quiet and you are making your way to the next waypoint I never had the sense of boredom or wishing there was more action on a 10km hike. If anything "killed" this game for me, it was myself. I was tinkering with loadouts and stumbled upon an unbeatable mech design, at that point the game became too easy and I moved on to waste even more of my life on X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, a game that I would rate 1000x better than EA's sad cashgrab (even though they had access to the entire prop studio and production materials), and would still be playing that today if it didn't feel so clunky in an emulator.

p.s. My "magic" loadout was a Nova chassis with 5 large lasers enough heatsinks to fire them and not blow yourself up, Jump jets (not enough to fly but enough to "skip" along the landscape at approx 110-115 Kph, and whatever armor you can fit in after that.
You become too maneuverable to hit and a single strike on a leg (2 vs. the heavy stuff) with all 5 lasers, and it's like kicking puppies. You just need to get good at mobile sniping.

Mercenaries was nice too, but featured only the Blackhawk variant of the Nova, with no torso twist. So I wasn't as much of a fan.

...Jesus 20+ years and I still remember this stuff - TF is wrong with me :D

Great game that degraded with later iterations due to developers emphasizing graphics over gameplay. I'll take vector graphic HUD MW2 over MW4 any day. Same as I will take Xwing vs. TIE fighter BOP over Star Wars Battlefront any day. Just no comparison in quality.

Nano5696 2018-07-22 0 point DOS version

don't download this version of the full iso pre installed, it's missing the expansion, instend go to "" from this site, it comes with the base game AND the expancion

Aries 2017-11-20 2 points

OK, the last comment I posted was how to get the grungy old dos version to work from within DosBox. An easier an prettier way to do it is to follow this guy's directions.

Looks MUCH better and is easier lol. I don't think it's the prettiest it can be, but I'll keep looking.

Aries 2017-11-20 3 points DOS version

Here's how to start it up in layman's language
Unzip the file
Make a folder on your c:/ drive called MECH2
Dump the contents of the zipfile into this folder
In windows, copy the file MECH2_16B.CUE and rename it to MECH2. Remember, you need to rename the .CUE file, not the .BIN file!
Fire up dosbox
type in the following commands
mount c c:/MECH2
imgmount d c:MECH2.CUE -t iso
This should tell you that the image was mounted
Next, type SETSOUND to set up the sounds. I told it that there was no MIDI sound and that my soundcard was Soundblaster.
Type MECH2 and your game should start! If not, I have NO idea, sorry...

DireWolf89 2017-10-19 -4 points Windows version

Downloaded the Windows version. Everything looked great, until I tried to install the game and it said that "_MINST" cannot run on my Windows 10 PC. Can't say I'm surprised, but it is disappointing.

pixelwolf0001 2017-08-28 0 point DOS version

to the people with sound problems, run MW2SETUP, then MECH2 i'm pretty sure there .EXEs but im on win10 so it just says "application"

LoTA 2017-07-28 2 points

This was the VERY 1st Mechwarrior game I ever played and I was addicted from the title screen (especially Ghostbears Legacy. KODIAK ANYBODY!). I used to spend countless hours perfecting my tactics and loadouts. This Game got me through a lot of bad times growing up and I will always be grateful to the creators of this masterpiece. Bookmarking this page to start on DLing later. Thank you so much dear OP for making this game available to us all! :)

Funky Spingers 2017-07-12 2 points DOS version

This game is nostalgia heaven for me! And this is the first time I've played it in years with the music! Had no problems running the preinstalled ISO, runs as sweet as a nut.

Making the config easy on myself and using DBGL as a front end. :) Can't be bothered typing commands any more, did enough of that back in the good old days of DOS making boot disks. X)

GUY FAWKES 2017-07-06 2 points

Anyone got the Windows and 3DFX versions? Also the NetMech expansion.
It's also worth noting that the mechwarior 2: mercenaries game you have here is considered an expansion to this one, despite being stand alone.

lock 2017-06-04 0 point

buy a copy and use mechvm its working for me so far Ive ran it on winXp and win7 its better on winXp so far but the over weight bug is stopping me from modifying mechs tiring to find a patch for that anyone know where I can find one

HEHE 2017-05-01 2 points

OMG good old times I remember buying this in a jewel case for 99 cents along with its expansion.

LaughingAtWindozeUzers 2017-04-08 -2 points DOS version

All the commenters on this site that complain that dosbox is hard to use or they can't get games working are hilarious. Stop being lazy and read the Dosbox manual before using it or the online wiki. Maybe brush up on some DOS commands too, there are plenty of free manuals online (I found a mint Microsoft Manual at a thrift store for MS-DOS 5.0). I've been able to get all dos game to work perfectly with a few rare exceptions. Mount CDs is easy too, they just have to be iso (get a program to convert your bin/img/ccds to iso). LOL this is why I hate windows, it enables it's users to be lazy and dull about computing, they expect everything to be like McDonalds. Go Linux baby, and take control of your masheenn. CHeerS!

cbh148 2017-02-20 -3 points DOS version

I wish all the instructions to install this (both the write-ups and videos) were not done by I.T. guys that just assume we all know how to code up some fancy protocol jibber-jabber, because I follow them to a T yet sooner or later I get to some point where I have no idea what they're saying to do, and/or my screen just doesn't have whatever theirs apparently has, which grinds the entire process to a halt. DOSbox should come standard with a radically more user friendly interface option so that if you want to do it the hard way, you still can, yet for everyone else (including those making vids/write-ups for the specific game you're trying to play, with all the specific quirks associated with its install process like how Mechwarrior 2 is) there'd be a much easier approach that doesn't require a software engineering degree.

yyoyo 2017-01-15 -1 point DOS version

load MW2SHELL.exe. worked for me

Kyle 2017-01-04 -2 points DOS version

I don't get it. Using dosbox 0.74, I've done everything it says, but when I try mounting the .cue file, it just says that the image must be on a host or local drive. What am I doing wrong?

DzSma 2016-12-16 2 points DOS version

Ok, MECH2.exe works for me now, but only if I download and run the one that ISNT the preinstalled iso, and even then it runs without sound, and only as long as you run it through Norton Commander. There is a link to install and run NC here:

I will post the details here again if I figure out how to get the sound to work, and sort out a filter for the resolution....

Wish me luck

DzSma 2016-12-11 0 point DOS version

When I try to mount the disc image, dosbox says image not found - I've triple checked it all, not sure why it isn't recognising the cue file...

blobby 2016-12-05 3 points Mac version

I'm on a mac but I can't open the disc image, I think the .toast file might be corrupted. Any ideas?

backoffson 2016-10-17 -4 points DOS version

when i try to open MW2 it says "this app can't run on your pc" i do have windows 10 and didn't use the mac version, plus i dont have anything i planned to install for this, and i really wanna play! help me!

zaku2142 2016-09-20 -1 point DOS version

tried mounting the MECH2_16B.CUE file with daemon tools lite as an iso, but when I do it just plays Umber Wall soundtrack. and the guide inside the preinstalled dl does not really help at all with newer versions of DOSBOX

Alex243 2016-06-08 0 point DOS version

I seem to have a problem, (I'm using D-Fend by the way) and I can't mount the CUE because I'm in securemode and I can't restart Dosbox to get rid of the securemode, I need a LOT of help with this. Please

Doctor Bell 2016-05-08 1 point

This game is a fantastic mech game. I'm 15 years old, but this game was well made and enjoyable. It has great gameplay, great controls (that are customizable) and it has Two campaigns for the price of one! I highly recommend this game and playing it for the first time. Just be warned that this game is slow paced, so if that's not your cup of tea, than I suggest that you download something else off of My Abandonware or buying a game off of GOG and Steam. Oh, and although the first expansion (Ghost Bear's Legacy) is rather dire, the second expansion (MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries) is just as awesome and is also recommended. To download MechWarrior 2 using the ISO that is in the download, click here:

Splyn 2016-01-10 0 point DOS version

Seems to work in DosBox on linux, but I am unable to customize my key binds. Every time I save and accept it reverts back to the default configuration.

Baggus 2015-11-19 2 points DOS version

I played this in the nineties and loooved it.
I remember "5th time through" doing ALL missions in a "Jenner". Lotsa fun.

Namrok 2015-10-10 0 point DOS version

Heads up, the version here seems to be 1.0, and there is a 1.1 patch I'd highly recommend. It smoothed out my joystick input, improving accuracy. It also fixes a bug where your right arm always blows off first. It's a little tricky to get the patch installed. You'll need to run it inside DOSBOX, and even then, it appears to not complete properly. It deletes the old versions of files, copies the new ones in, but they all end up named things like mech2.ex_ instead of mech2.exe. So you need to manually find all those and rename them properly. But if you are using a joystick like I am, I consider this patch vital.

Civguy 2015-08-29 0 point DOS version

I loved the CD soundtracks during game play!

L-1011Widebody 2015-08-15 -1 point DOS version

This is a fantastic game that still holds up today. The level of immersion as well as the overall tactical technique required, along with the almost-limitless possibilities of 'Mech customization, give this game great replay value even now. If you loved this, check out my Let's Play of MechWarrior 2 here: where I get all in-depth into the mechanics and gameplay and comparing MechWarrior 2 to the table-top board game.

pob 2015-06-21 -1 point DOS version


jepo 2015-04-10 -17 points DOS version

I have played all mechwarrior games except that expansion for mw3, and mw2 with expansions is still the best one. Mw1 its great game for its time, but shitty for todays standards. Mw3 had annoying sound acting, shitty plot, i hated the idea of main charater, and AI was stupid, and they tried to fix it with adding more enemies. MW4 was a fucking joke. Plot was even worse than mw3, acting also. Also the plot was horrible cliche, that faggot looking prince avenging his family. Gameplay was too action based, unlike mw2 where you need to use some tactics. Also game encourages you to play with third person view, that was horrible. Mercenaries expansion for mw4 was almost playable, but it was still mw4, with stupid voice acting and gameplay, mw2 mercenaries beats it.

- The controls are shite, and the so-called "customise controls" functions just WILL NOT let you select ANY of the keys that you'd really want.

vanebeard 2015-01-21 -1 point DOS version

not seeing the "MECH2_16B.CUE for MECH2, GBL.CUE" files in the zip i downloaded. where are they?

M_W 2014-11-11 1 point DOS version

Yo! I helped get this game up to snuff. Should have all the music and video tracks. Enjoy!

M_W 2014-10-28 1 point DOS version

Incomplete game. Music and video tracks not included.

Seaman Staines 2014-10-06 1 point DOS version

If you just keep shooting the inspection at it, it functions.

Cazz_4583 2014-09-25 0 point DOS version

I hope the emmulator will work ... I had the chance to try this game too in dos mode and it performed quite well for a dos based program with all the stuff you had to prepare to make it run like virtual memmory and stuff ... though did not get to try it out in a closed network setting could have been fun ... damn I hope it rus well ...
thanks in advanced ... cause I been wanting to get my old copy to run for some time now ...
love them emmulators guys more power

Battlestar 2014-07-26 0 point DOS version

"The golden age of gaming. I miss it deeply."

Amen to that. Graphics got better but these days its all just whatever feeds the masses. Never thought I would ever be calling on good old days but here it is. On that subject: Mighty fine game

yo dawg 2014-07-23 0 point DOS version


This is FAECES 2014-05-24 -23 points DOS version

I've come to check MW2 after having played MW4.

MW2 is a frigging joke in comparison! Utter bilge!
- The controls are shite, and the so-called "customise controls" functions just WILL NOT let you select ANY of the keys that you'd really want.
- The mouse controls are all inverted, again with NO option to change them around
- The game is slow, buggy and the scenery is AWFUL even for 1995 standards
- Nothing is explained properly in the game, even the training missions explain nothing, whilst huge amounts of text are wasted on endless pointless storytellings, and there is NO manual, no nothing provided in this install
- Even the very first mission is IMPOSSIBLE due to one primary objective being to "inspect" and object that your targetting system cannot lock onto - which means you CANNOT use the "inspect" function on it - and CANNOT complete the mission!


Saverio 2014-05-21 1 point DOS version

Hi, do you also have the windows 95 version? I ask this because it has hi-res textures, cinematics, etc.


L24D 2014-04-18 2 points DOS version

It's hard to believe... I've got this on a CD, along with many other games listed on this site.

The golden age of gaming. I miss it deeply.

Hugo Aldazoro 2014-03-04 1 point DOS version

someone has the iso file with all original audio tracks from the MS-DOS Version

DOSBox 2014-02-16 0 point DOS version


jkilbreth 2014-01-26 1 point DOS version

love this game

kowalityjesus 2013-12-20 0 point DOS version

man I loved the crap out of this game hope it works

joe daylight 2013-11-03 0 point DOS version

this looks so cool but like jason says the does freeze when win the first mission and quit any thing else please help me play this game.

Mechwarrior 2013-10-22 0 point DOS version

If you are using Boxer it says on their page that they do not support sound for CD games.

cptmaxon 2013-09-02 1 point DOS version

Reactor online , Weapons online, Sensors online, all systems nominal

mech commander 2013-07-19 0 point DOS version

no sound, what could I do?

Jason 2013-07-09 0 point DOS version

Doesn't work in DOSBOX 0.74 under Windows 7 64-bit. At the end of the first mission, the game freezes and you can't go further. :-(

valdenir 2013-02-28 0 point DOS version

queria reviver os bons jogos

jj 2013-01-30 -1 point DOS version

no sound help

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 1 point DOS version

This game is awesome

Colonel 2012-11-16 0 point DOS version

I not getting any instructor voice instructions..
I hear the music, I hear the female computer voice but I do not hear the instructor telling me what to do?

Running DosBox .74

Luzilyo 2012-07-15 1 point DOS version

I can't even unzip it properly. Mabye I need some other program then WinRAR? If yes, wich?

qwertzuiop 2012-07-06 1 point DOS version


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