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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Windows - 2003

Alt name 云斯顿赛车2003
Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Japan, United States
Genre Racing / Driving, Simulation, Sports
Theme Automobile, Licensed Title, Track Racing, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Imagineer Co., Ltd., Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Papyrus Design Group, Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, 3rd-Person
4.52 / 5 - 485 votes

Description of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Here is the video game “NASCAR Racing 2003 Season”! Released in 2003 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. It's a racing / driving, simulation and sports game, set in a licensed title, vehicle simulator, automobile and track racing themes.

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Issac Lopez 2024-05-23 0 point

Nnn9in k fjpin fd

John Mooth 2023-10-22 1 point

The DRM check is basic, when I'm trying to reset Windows by keeping my files and after then, opening the game, it prompts a message how the game is a incomplete installation installing through directory, when I click OK, it exits. Resetting Windows will also delete this registry for installing the game. When using the no CD check does not fix. Please, does anyone have any tips on how I can fix it?

Sara Bodi 2023-10-22 10 points


THE _GAMER204452 2023-10-16 -1 point

I Wonder How Cool The Game Is Going To Be!

Bill 2023-09-15 0 point

The GOAT NR2003

Tristmac24 2023-08-28 0 point

i came for the racing

BILLYMERCURY 2023-08-04 0 point


NASCAR Thunder 2002 2023-07-09 0 point

wowies game epic

CrazyNugget8 2023-05-28 1 point

Whats The Code Currently?

Viber 2023-05-28 8 points


trenton 2023-05-18 0 point

i get to play a game older then me yay

b1030420 2023-03-07 0 point

omg im so mad this game passed me by as a child. too busy playing geoffs GP3 or Mcrae Rally2....

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD. yeah its old, and theirs QOL features weve grown to get used to, but the racing... and the setup is epic. 10/10 racing game.

blask 2023-02-28 -1 point

Making multiple installs: Create new empty folder next to your main game folder - if your main install is "Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season"
create new folder "Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season_1" and then copy and paste everything from "Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003" to "Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season_1".
That's it. You have a new separate install. You can do this multiple times and make more installs - like "Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season_2"
"Papyrus/NASCAR Racing 2003 Season_3"
and so on.

NoahMotionz 2023-02-26 0 point

Tried on my racing PC which has Windows 11 and the no/cd patch didn't work (Not on mine anyway) Still had to disable dep to get it to work.
I also tried making multiple copies for different mods, but I couldn't get DT to mount multiple copies. Is it possible or do you need the Zip file for multiple installs?

NoahMotionz 2023-02-22 1 point

Installation Instructions Feb 2023 Windows 10
You'll need something like Daemon Tools to Mount the ISO first of all.
After mounting click install and type in the CD key and wait till done.
Everything has to be done in the right order or it won't work.
If you copy the exe over first, the patch won't recognize it and will close.
So, first run the patch and then run the fix.
Once that's all done copy the NOCD NR2003.exe in to the NR2003 folder and overwrite the original.
Thats it, Have Fun

Texas1Racer 2023-01-31 0 point

I tried starting the game and it keeps saying blinkw.32 is missing

zezo 2023-01-12 0 point

How do I install/run this?

Gitchimo 2022-11-03 0 point

So I hit the button and only got part of my comment...
Okay, the game is working in Win 10 great. Just follow the install advise that is repeated by quite a few commenters and you shouldn't have any issues(much)!
My Specs:
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

GPU: Nvidia Gforce 1660 6gb
And yes... Watch yer six Ross Chastain! (and kudos to you my good sir) was doin that stunt before GameCube! :)

Gitchimo 2022-11-03 0 point

Watch yer six Ross Chastain!

SilentMRG 2022-09-21 0 point

Everyone keep in mind that this game installs two drivers which can randomly cause Blue Screen of Death on your PC as these drivers somehow try to corrupt the system. The drivers name: papycpu2.sys and papyjoy.sys.

Somebody 2022-09-10 0 point

If you don't want to disable DEP use this NoCd:

bAnana 2022-05-29 -1 point

this is a classic

beanz 2022-03-30 -1 point

it is not working i cant play it

xero exel saenz 2022-03-29 -3 points

i think that game looks funny in youtube the car are flying and crashing and stuck so funny the youtuber name tntman

boi 2022-03-15 0 point

Amazing game,One of if not the most iconic Nascar game ever.

Dwight Evans Jr 2022-03-04 -2 points

i keep on blowing my engine

somedude 2022-02-26 0 point

i like nascar and all but i dont know how to play

aa 2022-01-30 -1 point

wth its a file without game

Haha yes 2021-12-28 -1 point

Haaha yes

indigo mapping50 2021-12-27 -1 point

can i install this i did but i cant open it can you tell me?

ROGELIO GARCIA 2021-12-24 1 point

i want this game

Jacob 2021-12-14 0 point

I want this game when i was a kid

MozartAlimony 2021-11-28 133 points

Only people who actually like the NASCAR Racing games and aren't just here for the meme can upvote this comment.

junumim 2021-11-26 0 point

does it work on hp

Rexy200K 2021-11-21 -4 points

How do you download it?

geno 2021-10-20 0 point

by far top 3 best nascar car game of all time, and ranks really high for racing game in general

NascarFanForever22 2021-10-14 0 point

HOUR 1 hour cool

vehochico 2021-07-25 0 point

awsome crashes

Your Mom 2021-06-13 0 point

This looks cool

hockey 2021-06-05 0 point

this game is amazing

ekmvonof 2021-04-14 -11 points

Momo is coming to your house

mr. parrot 2021-03-15 8 points

is it me or somene else bc I download the game for the ritz car and yah its a cool game

fthfthtf 2021-03-08 12 points

im just vibin in the ritz car

123KERESOLA 2021-02-25 0 point

how am i going to install tutorial??

shaik 2021-02-12 1 point

i think this game is supeb

dientxpro46 2021-01-18 0 point

i would recommend installing nr2003 patch you can find on google it good for mods and for tracks

Cameeel Habeb Habob 2021-01-13 -3 points

My name is Cameeel Habeb Habob Cameeel as in Camel, Habeb Habob as in Corn on The Cob and as I am a camel I do not know if i'm supposed to download something else or if I can just download it and it will work.

Hate Ditch Forever 2020-11-29 0 point

Win10, NEC Multisync LCD 1760NX Gaming PC (2018) no Games.
2X AMD-ATI-XP System, 2X NEC Multisync LCD 1970NX
Superbike World Championship, Superbike 2000 und 2001 (Milestone). Mercedes Benz Truck Racing (Synetic GMBH). F1 Racing Championship (Ubi_Soft)
Extreme 500 (Ascaron GMBH)
Grand Prix 3 und 4 (Microprose)
Grand Prix Legends ( Standard ) ( Papyrus Group) Warm_Up (Lankhor) Alle Original ISO
Saitek PS 2700 und 2x P1500 Gamepads. 1x Fujitsu Siemens Szenicview P19-2 als ersatz.

Alexifeu 2020-11-28 10 points

I'm just vibin in the ritz car

bruh2334 2020-11-21 14 points

i just vibin in da ritz car

Dugglet McNugglet 2020-11-12 1 point

Regarding what AWESOMEGAMER said, you actually type bcedit without the .exe at the end in Windows 10.

AwesomeGAMER 2020-10-27 -1 point

NR2003 Patch:
NR2003 No CD Patch:
Type command prompt: bcdedit.exe /set nx AlwaysOff

We're will fix the game crashed (You will get your fucking blood on cockpit).

Hate Ditch Forever 2020-09-02 0 point

Iam no Gamer, have forever 0 Games

;-; 2020-07-04 0 point

I love this game :D

shirt 2020-06-02 -2 points

does it work without anything on windows 10? like no enhancers or mods

coyote 2020-05-31 1 point

you will have to disable DEP or it will crash when you hit drive

nonamelol 2020-05-26 0 point

that game was so error

DTB35 2020-05-06 -8 points


jack 2020-04-21 1 point

idk if or what it is but fix the game it wont let me play im trying it again to see if it works

Coyote 2020-04-16 3 points

i downloaded the nr2003 season and went to install it and it is not the game at all

Clyde3D 2020-04-03 0 point

For Windows 7 you may need dgVoodoo2 or nGlide200 to allow it to run and look good. Once you get it running you can go to : for some additional enhancement files.

ZT 2020-02-24 0 point


It Works on Win 7 without an issue

NR RACER 2020-01-07 1 point

Eh, I don't think it works on 7 anymore.

Nr racer 2019-12-24 0 point

does it work on win7 ?

why is my life like this 2019-11-03 0 point

good game

Wagner Cassiaro 2019-10-27 0 point

Omelhor jogo de corrida da nascar.

dingdong 2019-10-10 1 point
Members-only discord community for serious racers interested in online sim racing in NR2003 simulation and hardcore mode (forced cockpit view and disabled driving aids) as in iRacing and eNascar for fun and league.

dingdong 2019-10-07 0 point

One of the best sims out there to this day. Join my discord for online sim races.
Discord community for online sim racing in NR2003 simulation and hardcore mode (forced cockpit view and disabled driving aids) as in iRacing and eNascar

Taouabit 2019-09-04 0 point

You snooze, you lose.

Taouabit 2019-09-04 0 point

I need nascar racing season to go on my computer.

Dave33333 2019-08-17 40 points

If you look in the right places, there are more solid copies of NR2003 that can be downloaded and used, seems MyAbandonware's version has flaws. I do not use this copy of the game and got mine elsewhere, however, I will give you instructions that should allow to play the game.

If you're using an iso, just get WinCDEmu, a very simple not shady program that makes virtual iso drives, works like a charm. After mounting, run the installer, or if you really want to, run autorun and then open the installer for that burst of nostalgia when it comes to getting a new game from the 2000s.

Run the installer like normal, when you get to the much needed key, there is a universal one that is in all copies.


Continue through installation like normal, now, when you get the game, don't run it yet, you need the nocd patch. Grab the nocd exe file and drop it into the nr2003 folder, allow it it overwrite, or you could keep the cd exe for whatever reason. Also install both patches, the and its fix.

There are one or two final hoop(s) you must go through to start the game. Depending on the OS, you must go over to compatibility settings and set it to Windows XP, on modern systems, the game will shut down right after the cut scenes. If you're still having issues, you may have to disable Data Execution Prevention, also known as DEP, which may require you to enter the BIOS and turn it off.

Bing bang boom, NR2003 is now modable and for your gaming pleasure.

Liam 2019-08-13 2 points

This does not work. No instructions, and just says no files for this no files for that etc etc. Someone help

david mcdaniel 2019-07-29 0 point

When I installed it it said it was nascar heat 03. Then when I clicked on the shortcut it would open and then close

darkxrain 2019-06-28 0 point

am having the same issues

WMMeans 2019-06-23 2 points

I've downloaded and redownloaded this file like ten times and every single time the game won't run because of some missing .dill files.

Dave33333 2019-06-01 2 points

This game was Papyrus' swan song to NASCAR after EA Sports got the exclusive rights to the sport. In retaliation, Papyrus released the popular patch that allowed you to mod the game as you please. Since then, NR2003 is still used widely to this day and is figured more of a free version of iRacing since the source code is the core of it. The modding community, while somewhat infamous, is what keeps this game alive. EA would throw away their license after 2009, 6 years later after releasing more and more disappointing releases since NASCAR Thunder 2004.

For any racing fan, and any guy who likes making art and tinkering around with game code, this is the game for you, this game is bar none compared to the rest. Have fun with this game, I enjoy it immensely.

Clyde3D 2019-04-15 3 points

Ok this is Fun! Patch the game first (1201) then use the CD patch (1201) for it. Ignore the 1.0 version NOCD file! Nglide ( is how you then get it to work on Win7 and up.

B Thaler 2019-04-12 -3 points

Having some problems. Once installed, i have the message "wrong disc inserted."
Any idea how to fix it ?

GOD 2019-03-07 1 point

Can we get a RIP version for this?

John 2019-03-05 2 points

I still have the CD for this game. I made the Duff Beer car in Photoshop and used to drive that when racing. Even all the small stickers on the car were products from The Simpsons (Laramie, Lard lad, etc.)

chrisy 2019-02-16 1 point

i love NASCAR

womens 2018-12-09 -35 points

this game sucks

mouse 2018-12-08 -1 point

hello, how can i play this game ?

allen187foreal 2018-09-23 3 points

Turn DEP off. Run CMD as admin bcdedit.exe / set nx AlwaysOff

Dr. Pickles 2018-09-12 4 points

How do I install/run this?

Joshi 4486 2018-09-12 1 point

Game crashes when i get into car. Is there any fix?

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NocdEnglish version 2 MB NocdWorks on Win 10/11
Fixed crash on drive button English version 2 MB
PatchPatch English version 16 MB FixFix for Version English version 584 KB MiscCD Key English version 24 B

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