Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

DOS - 1990

Also released on: Amiga

Alt names 영웅의 길 II: 매서운 시련, HQ2, Hero's Quest 2: Trial By Fire, QFG2
Year 1990
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1990)
France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom (1994)
Genre Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Fantasy, Graphic Adventure, Middle East, Real-Time
Publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
Developer Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view, Fixed / Flip-screen
Dosbox support Fully supported on current version
4.43 / 5 - 42 votes

Description of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

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Zeal commented :I played this when I was a wee lad, bout the age of 6... back where the screens where green and your hard/drive was a floppy 6inch disk. The IBM machine old 486s where upgraded to the 886s and man those were the days... the dial tone rang true to life as you waited to type in every command.

Enough of my rambling of the good old days thinks I am only 27!

Anywho, Quest for Glory! The best game by far when it came to the imagination, It was a book that you played. What a an amazing adventure it was and still is. I find myself reading this game/book over and over again as I develop my character from QFG1-QFG5.

Be aware this isn't a slash game by any means, there is brain work involved. The typing commands and taking the time to read through conversations and figuring out certain puzzles sometimes frustrating!

Be also aware this kind of RPG requires patients, take your time, to let the game take you to a world not your own.

Best advice? Play to save! Hit F5 lots and it will bring up your save screen, use this often! the more you save the less tedious this game will be for you.

Look around for objects that are out of place, in this game for example your only hint will be when you leave the city go left about 3 screens worth and you will see a griffon in the rocks. If your a warrior and have enough skill type /fight griffon... be aware that beast will tear you a new one if you aint ready. If you are working to be a paladin! DON"T fight the beast! How dishonorable! get how the game works? old fashion morals

Then you will notice a rock move your dude over to the rock and type /move rock. You move the rock, and you will notice a feather which you will need for a potion later on in the game. As you can see everything you pick up and involve yourself with throughout the whole game will be used later. Ave fun gamers!

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mobilehead 2024-03-17 0 point Amiga version

When you compare it to the first installment, it is dull and blunt. Everything what was great in a prequel still exists here, but somehow got lost in a mundane routine. Eat, sleep, train, ocassionaly do some riddles and kill an elemental plus do some idiotic stuff on some imaginary land. This is not how "Quest for Glory" worked at the beginnings. Arabic theme is great but conceptual part of akward mazes and completely out of place desert fighting scenes with dinosaurs destroyed the magic of the title.

Warlord 2022-07-27 0 point

Easy I've never heard of them before

Master 001 2022-07-27 0 point

Oh um heh heh heh do not go on those sits then well don't go on fur affinity stuff on deviant art can not be seen by none users and the 18+ on FA is the same but please do not go on those sites oh and thanks for writing that message on mage knight apocalypse I would never have thought of that so now I have StarCraft Thanks a TON.

Warlord 2022-07-27 0 point

No i am not

Master 001 2022-07-27 0 point

Um a quick question are you by any chance 18 or over

Warlord 2022-07-27 0 point

That's nice to know

Master 001 2022-07-27 0 point

I Love this game too and if you are looking for fan art there is plenty the stuff by this one guy Seroster is really good he and another guy Alpha (FA or DEV it depends on if you are on Fur affinity or DeviantArt) made some Good stories one last note you can find them one the same places

Warlord 2022-07-27 1 point

Ok well i am glad the AGD made a remake of this game eventhoe the dance is not as good for some reason less well its just that the top and bottom of Shema's dancing costume are different colures and that the Katta's eyes are smaller so some of there cuteness went away that all there eyes are yellow also that the texture is grainy so some of the style of it has gone and the best game graphics in '89 as for as i can tell i just wish that some one would tell me that they can find a game or film that was made by a fan and has Katta or a race like them (well if it works out i will make a game (or two) with a race like this and Shema and Shameen will hopefully be stars in a few movies i just LOVE those Katta

Warlord 2022-07-27 1 point

One of my two favorites QfGll and lll are in my option the best two games of the series but two is a bit sad well...really sad because that is the last one with Shema and Shameen i thot that they might be in QfG:Dragon Fire but they where not i almost cried OK well for like a secent or two but they where two of the best characters and it is sad to see that the makers did not think that

Spectik 2017-10-15 0 point

I didn't play any of the QFG games back in the day, so the nostalgia factor may make me a bit unforgiving. The plus side: one of the mos mysterious, interesting uses of sound in a game and really pushing the limits with the graphics.

You get the sense there is a lot to do in this game - that there is a good game in here somewhere but ...

What seems like a point and click adventur/RPG (and yes, it is an RPG as there are stats involved) but you have to type in text. I've been sick and tired of text adventures since the early 90s, as they are far too picky with commands, and what is more the controls are horrible in certain places, and what is more the geography is illogical (which could actually make it more interesting).

Based on the glowing reviews (even if they're biased as one is to a long-loved sibling) I will give this a second glance.

I'm not taking a shit on QFG, as I'm glued to QFG III.

Thanks 2016-06-29 0 point

It's so good to see other people as passionate about this game as I am. I think it's influenced me positively towards arabian culture and everything. The creators of the anthology are absolute geniuses

Raz 2016-06-21 0 point DOS version

Quest for Glory will always have a special place in my heart because I and II were my first games that I ever had for an IBM 386. I really thought this game was too hard as a 5 year old, simply because "navigating" through a city with those mazes was completely bizarre and very hard to grasp (took a few weeks before I realized I could buy a compass/map).

I recommend you play QFG 1 first to build up a character because it gets some pretty huge advantages over a default character from 2.

Tron 2015-10-27 -2 points

Second best installment of the qfg series, after qfg 4. Both of them have the best scope for my favourite class, the thief.

Paulo José 2014-10-10 -3 points DOS version

this game is adventure graphics not role play :) but is a good game ...

Jer 2014-01-04 1 point DOS version

The second Sierra game I owned (bought after Conquests of Camelot).

Probably the best Sierra game, ever, IMHO.

The VGA games beat it in graphics, of course, but nothing is better in diversity of characters and game-play.

BigBird 2013-07-05 1 point DOS version

This game is great, especially if (no spoilers) you play it right after finishing qfg1 (hq), watching the closing scene & then play this.

Also you import your qfg1 character into qfg2 which was unheard of at the time.

Got to say though, it's worth cheating to get gold to buy the map rather than going through the fiendish task of trying to find the money changer !!

Sword0fTheSpirit 2013-03-31 0 point DOS version

They made a remake of this game,...

Fey 2013-03-11 0 point DOS version

Bah, wish I could fix that typo.. Shadows of Darkness.

Fey 2013-03-11 0 point DOS version

You named the character Home Slice? LOL

I only played Shadow of Glory, which I guess is the 4th one? I don't know, I loved that one though. I've been digging around this website for an hour or 2 and have found the first 3. This one looks bad for some reason. I wonder if it's as good as the others? Would love an in-depth review

Rita 2013-01-10 -4 points DOS version

Very shallow game.

lol 2013-01-09 0 point DOS version


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