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Windows - 2001

Also available on: Mac

Alt names ספיידרמן, 蜘蛛侠, Spider-Man 64
Year 2001
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Action
Theme Licensed Title, TV Cartoons
Publisher Activision Publishing, Inc.
Developer Neversoft Entertainment, Inc.
Perspective Behind view
Tested on Windows 10
4.48 / 5 - 896 votes

Description of Spider-Man

Super-hero games are always difficult: you want to include challenge to the players, but you want the hero to still feel “super” in the hands of the player. Spider-Man shows a bit of promise and comes close to being up to the task.

Spider-Man has wall-crawling, web-slinging action, super-strength, and even his spidey-senses in this arcade-style adventure beat-em-up. He even has Stan “the Man” Lee offering narration at the beginnings of each level! Unfortunately, what he doesn't have are decent camera angles or a robust quality assurance inspection.

The arcade-style play can involve having to rewatch cutscenes and narration over and over again as you try to get the level right. The clumsy camera means it's difficult to see around corners or where you're supposed to crawl or jump or what bad-guys you're supposed to not get shot by. The poor quality assurance means Spider-Man is full of game-breaking bugs that will prevent you from finishing the game, including ones that will corrupt saves or leave you stuck in a loading or cutscene loop.

There are a few ways to get around some of these issues; certain bugs are allegedly due to framerate issues [cutscene loops are supposed to occur when framerates exceed 30 FPS], which can be resolved with programs and tinkering that will manually cap the framerate at which Spider-Man will run. But is it worth it? Since there are many game-breaking bugs and the framerate issue is only one of them, it's hard to recommend the PC port of this title.

Review By P. Alexander

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How to play Spider-Man Windows

Read Full Description

All versions of the game including ISO version of official CD generates false positive warnings on VirusTotal, because of obsolete .exe and .dll files, it is safe to use. dgVoodoo files may generate some false positive warnings too, because files has no signature, it is safe to use, dgVoodoo is being developed for many years already and it doesn't have any history of malware.

The game with NoCD, dgVoodoo and RTSS has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10, works with no problem. But the game still has some minor bugs because of poor PC port, read our Notes

Install & play guide:

  • Mount the ISO disc image. You will need the utility for mounting disc image files, like WinCDEmu, UltraISO, Alcohol 52%/Alcohol 102% or Daemon Tools Lite
  • Install the game
  • Also it is recommended to install DirectX 8 from the disc
  • Optionally install NoCD
  • Open the directory with the game and find SpideyPC.exe. Right click on SpideyPC.exe - Properties - Compatibility - Set "Run this app in compatibility mode with Windows XP" and "Run as administrator"
  • Now download dgVoodoo utility and install the setting according to this guide. Or you can use our dgVoodoo config, simply copypaste files into the game directory
  • And now you need to limit the game's framerate to 25-30 FPS, originally the game was designed to work at 30 FPS maximum. There are 2 ways to do that:
  1. Install an app that allows to limit the framerate, like RTSS, Bandicam, DxWnd, etc., read this guide for framerate limit utilities, here's also video guide how to use RTSS with Spider-Man (2001) game
  2. If you're using dgVoodoo 2.75 or later version - open dgVoodoo.conf with Notepad and find the line FPSLimit = 0. Change "0" to "25" or "30" to limit the game's framerate to 25-30 FPS
  • Launch the game and play. If the game doesn't work - try to launch the game, then open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del by default) and check for processes SpideyPC.exe and rundll32.exe. Close SpideyPC.exe but don't touch rundll32.exe (it's a Windows app for running old apps from 32-bit operational systems, most old games running through rundll32.exe). Now try to launch the game again, it must work. Don't forget to close rundll32.exe process in Task Manager after finishing playing

Repack by Magipack includes configured dgVoodoo with 30 FPS limit


  • The game works the best with dgVoodoo and RTSS. Simply set dgVoodoo setting like here (and leave FPSLimit = 0 in dgVoodoo.conf to avoid complications), download RTSS, add SpideyPC.exe in the list and set framerate to 30 FPS, then keep RTSS opened in the background. Launch the game through SpideyPC.exe, not from desktop shortcut
  • Our config for dgVoodoo is set for the game's original 4:3 screen ratio, but you can play the game in strected widescreen if you want, just open dgVoodoo Control Panel (dgVoodooCpl.exe) and select new screen ratio in "Scaling mode". Also, our dgVoodoo config has 30 FPS limit, so if you want to play with RTSS and dgVoodoo - first open dgVoodoo.conf and set FPSLimit = 0
  • FPS limiter in dgVoodoo may give stutters on some systems, so if you have stutters - use framerate limit utilites
  • There's a bug in "Chase Venom" mission bug that causes Spider-Man to follow an improper path while chasing venom out of the building near the end, causing Spider-Man to become to far apart from Venom, causing a game-over. The solution for that bug is to set the framerate to 20 FPS
  • The game supports gamepads but has trouble identifying new controllers. If the game doesn't identify your controller - read PCGamingWiki guide

Comments and reviews

Max 2024-06-19 0 point

Hey guys I'm having a problem. The game works perfectly fine but the savings got lost or deleted. What can I do?

Josh 2024-06-11 0 point Windows version

i wonder why it isn't working for me

Hello my name is Rahman 2024-05-29 0 point

It's very good game for the computer
Thanks for the game

Rafael 2024-05-16 0 point

Muita nostalgia

mrbeast 2024-03-02 2 points Mac version

its the best dude as my first start

Teaji 2024-01-18 2 points Windows version

How do I remap gamepad buttons to my keyboard?

Gabriel 2024-01-10 1 point Windows version

Installed the game with the ISO , everything works fine, the game plays but I have no sound in the main menu or gameplay

jaxonpanotes 2024-01-05 2 points

spider man got those buns

johndripper 2023-09-09 2 points Windows version

@summer choose dx12 in output api of dgvoodoo 2 it will fix it for amd gpus

johndripper 2023-09-07 2 points Windows version

@summer you are using amd gpu with dgvoodoo right thats why use nvidia and intel gpu

Summer 2023-07-13 1 point Windows version

I've encountered the previously mentioned color problem. It opens with a white screen and all the developer animations that should be black are just not there, and then the game it basically white and some grays and yellows or plain black and white. Have you found the reason behind this bug?

yuuuup 2023-07-02 1 point Mac version

how do I run the game on mac, i downloaded the files but says i dont have an application to run them

gnbman 2023-05-30 0 point Windows version

Shouldn't the official movie mod that came in cereal boxes be on this site as well?

CoolsVille69 2023-05-22 2 points Windows version

Hey So I downloaded the Full Rip version and the Activsion logo and the background of the main menu is completely white, is there a way to fix it? because the game runs fine otherwise

Dave 2023-03-11 1 point Windows version

Hey! Super appreciative that this exists. I have 1 problem I can't figure out though, when I start the game almost all the colours are black and white. There are hardly any details on any buildings or people

Bibi8 2023-02-28 1 point Windows version

Download the Full-Rip with dgVoodoo to avoid the bugs on modern systems, it works fine

aalexmercer 2023-01-15 0 point

don't work!!!!!!!

admin 2022-08-09 7 points

We have updated the game, added new files and fixes plus instructions how to run the game on modern systems

ali 2021-12-09 2 points

this game has a crack

PeTeR pArKeR 2021-09-20 -18 points Windows version

hi guys i check a solution to fix your problem.dont install spiderman 2000 at abandonware install it at

ERIC SAJI 2021-09-12 -1 point Windows version


AGV_YT 2021-09-06 2 points Windows version

Note guys that once you've installed the pc port make sure you get an app like Bandicam or DXWnd to limit the game's fps to 20-30 because anything higher than that will result with bugs and glitches.

Bluey 2021-07-09 11 points Windows version

For installing this program make sure you get something like WinCDEmu as you cannot mount the mdf file with window's default file explorer.

Right click on the mdf file and hit 'open program with', look for WinCDEmu and just mount it like normal and you'll run the setup.

Once done download the nocd fix here and just paste it (overwrite the files) in wherever you installed the game.

I also followed ANUSEB's comment.

Boom Spider-Man now works on Windows 10 Pro,

ZangIsola 2021-06-25 2 points Windows version

it's the release year for the pc version, not exactly the release year of the game

Lucifronz 2021-05-22 4 points

"Check your facts, people! This game was released in 2000, not in 2001!"

Err, Robert. Bobby. Bob. Bob-o. The link you provided to the wikipedia clearly states the game was ported to PC in 2001.

"The game was later ported by different developers to various systems including the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 that same year, as well as the Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows in 2001."

Check your facts.

tanx42 2021-04-22 -6 points

what is the password of the.mdf file??

suhas 2021-04-22 1 point Windows version

does the mouse not work in this game. I cannot quite remember

Dajauan 2021-03-18 0 point

Spider-Man's new movie

Anuseb 2021-03-12 1 point

If you are having black screen issue after installing, go to SpideyPC application's properties and run it in windows XP (service pack 2) compatibility.

lesbeanie 2020-12-17 2 points Windows version

it says it cannot run because binkw.3ll isnt there?? I'm in confusion. send help

Robert 2020-12-14 -7 points Windows version

Check your facts, people! This game was released in 2000, not in 2001!

Webshooter 2020-10-17 3 points

Hello all,

To make the game work for you.

1) Open the Abandonware's guide (read about iso image and how to run it):

2) after you run and instal the game, extract Spiderman_No_CD_fix and copy-paste the files in the folder where you have installed the game (click yes to replace files).

3) If it still doesn't run, access spiderPC properties run Compatibility Troubleshooter, follow the steps then save the settings.

4) All done, enjoy the game :)

Cuddly Coffee 2020-10-03 -2 points

I'm confused, do I need to have the disc or not to play this came on my PC?

Wilvert 2020-09-29 1 point Windows version

I installed the game, but it is running without sound, accelerated and does not recognize the Joystick. Can someone help me?

power ranger 2020-09-09 1 point Windows version

I was searching this for years.

c-marane 2020-08-27 0 point

a very awesome game

Adam Green 2020-08-19 2 points Windows version

For evryone having problems like black screen,dll not found,file specified not found,disk not inserted.Just follow the steps below properly and your problem will be resolved.
P.S i faced all of them.
1. Download the file(it would be in zip format)
Then extract it.
2. Two files will be created one of .mds and second of .mdf .
3. Using Isobuster(web based service) open both of them.
4. There you will see lot of files under both of them.Don't go for individual extraction instead select all of them at once and then extract them in one of the drives preferably C.
5.Search for the setup having 76 kb size or others as available and then install it.
{You might face issues like installation won't start or stop in between like 'file not found in drive'}
In that case again try for installation.
6. Download the *fix* available above,extract it.
7.Cut it and paste in the place where earlier file was stored(overwrite it)
Store all of them(all setup files) together specially D2 file in one folder so they can be easily found while searching.
8.Then run it.
Congrats game will start !!

Gilition 2020-08-11 2 points Windows version

It always crashes as soon as I launch it. I read the comment that supposedly fixed it, but It didn't work

epic gamer 25 2020-07-16 2 points Windows version

This is such a cool game plus its made in 2001.

Jasmit 2020-06-27 1 point

Those who are facing black screen and then the game closes. Here is the solution:
1. Right click on spideyPC.exe and click on troubleshoot compatibility
2. Save the settings and Run the Game
3. Enjoy your childhood game!!

satchoo 2020-06-23 0 point Windows version

nice game! I love it .

pj 2020-06-11 -1 point

your game is intresting

yo man 2020-06-08 0 point Windows version


Harmphrey 2020-04-22 0 point Windows version

i have followed all the steps listed previously, i have downloaded ultraiso, and extracted the game files, i have replaced the SpideyPC.exe with the no disc exe and it will open to a black screen and say "Spidey.exe has stopped working" is there anything i have done wrong?

Spider man pizza parker 2020-04-01 2 points

i hope this works

geldibaskan 2020-03-31 0 point

ben indiremedimyardım eder misiniz?

emma 2020-03-13 0 point

it's good

Llamadrien 2020-01-25 -1 point Windows version

The Game dont work

spider 2020-01-24 0 point

yes a nice game

playerrr 2019-12-11 1 point Windows version

wow I thought i would never had the chance to replay this gem

Venom 2019-12-09 -4 points Windows version

Its saying "binkw32.dll was not found"

What do i do ??

TartLp 2019-11-03 0 point Windows version

Looking good

Thanos 2019-11-03 1 point Windows version

Those who did not find the NO-CD file, only for them:-
There is a link known as FIX just under the button which you pressed to download the spider man game on this page

minecraft 2019-10-14 2 points

wow this game when i was 10 it was realesd now its been 10 years now im twenty #childhood_memories

Swant 2019-10-12 3 points Windows version

Sir i have done all but atlast when i open Game icon on desktop it displays black screen for few minuts and after it , it comes back on the desktop main screen .. Any Solution for this issue.?????????

nizzu kingg 2019-09-29 1 point Windows version

awesome one of childhood game #childhod memories

Jijjy 2019-09-25 0 point Windows version

Nice game......Nostalgia

Pratik Mukhopadhaya 2019-08-11 2 points

One of my childhood memories

some random dude 2019-07-26 3 points Windows version

I was managed to get the setup to work and everything. except the game itself. When I try to run it it goes black. Does anyone know a solution for this?

some random dude 2019-07-26 1 point Windows version

so when I try to run the setup it says "The system cannot find the file specified." can anyone help me here?

SPIDEY 2019-07-22 1 point Windows version

The No-CD file is linked below the comments, guys...

Vnk 2019-07-14 2 points Windows version

Guys it's easy to install and play.
Follow the steps carefully.
Step1: Download the file and extract
Step2: If you have UltraIso (If you don't then install it) Open it
Step3: In Ultra iso there is an option to mount. At first open the file in ultra iso an press on the MDF file and mount it to CD drive.
Step4: The file will be mounted in the virtual drive in CD ROM. Now open it and install the game
Step 5: After game is installed, Now download a patch up file available here as a FIX file and replace it in the exe file. Now the game is ready to play

Here-for-nostalgia 2019-07-08 0 point Windows version

So, both with a new download and using Daemon, and when I used to have the CD and updated the operating system, after the cut scene before the first boss battle (with Scorpion) I'm just all of a sudden falling out a window. It won't let me play the battle.
Anyone know what to do about that?

vv 2019-07-07 0 point Windows version

Hi everytime i press enter on start screen it crashes back to desktop ?? Any ideas ??

lostg 2019-07-07 0 point Windows version

for those who have a mdf and mds files, use daemon tools lite or pro, whichever you want, install daemon tools and then open the mdf with daemon tools.

İY 2019-06-26 0 point Windows version

I cant choose mouse to navigate

WAVYGRAVY 2019-06-11 3 points Mac version

I know im probably not gonna get an answer to this question, since there are already 3 other people asking it, but what do I do with the mdf and mds file?

Spideyfan 2019-06-05 0 point Windows version

Game not running even after using the NO-CD file

wp1815227 (1) 2019-05-03 0 point Windows version

i need it and not works for me

Prodius 2019-04-20 0 point Windows version

@SPIDEY What NO-CD file??? I don't seem to have it, is that the name of the file?

EyeWhittness 2019-04-13 1 point

Anyone else having issues with audio? I have the game downloaded and it's playable, just the audio doesn't work.

Super Nitro Z64 2019-03-13 1 point Windows version

For those wondering why the Spider-Man game runs so fast on modern Windows operating systems, this is because it is running at 60 frames per second when it should run at 30. I recommend using RivaTuner Statistics Server. It can reduce the frames to 30.

Spidey 2019-02-17 4 points Windows version

Use UltraISO to open the MDF file. Daemon tools might work too. Extract the contents somewhere and run the setup file. Once it's installed, take the NO-CD file and paste it into your game directory. The file should replace the existing "SpideyPC.exe" and you should be able to run the game without the CD. If you have any problems, try changing the compatibility mode to an older Windows version by right clicking the exe and going to properties compatibility compatibility mode.

Uchiha*Xi 2019-01-08 0 point Windows version

It says the binkw32.dll is missing and I can't play it. Any way of fixing this?

Blue 2018-10-06 1 point Windows version

I can't download the game, once it gets about half-way it cancels the download and says "Failed - No file"

Numbskill 2018-09-30 2 points Windows version

Any tutorial on how to install the no-cd thing so I can play the game without a cd?

Numbskill 2018-09-30 -2 points Windows version

It says the binkw32.dll is missing and I can't play it. Any way of fixing this?

leaffresh 2018-09-24 10 points Windows version

I got 'spiderman.mdf' and 'spiderman.mds' but i don't know what to do with it, its like I cant install the game

ruck dennis 2018-09-17 -1 point Windows version

hey peeps .. just finished downloading the game .. just one word.. fantastic..

illredvelvet 2018-09-17 -2 points Windows version

what No CD crack do you recommend?

Tejaswy 2018-09-11 0 point

The best game of Spider-Man I advise you to download it now

sodaddict 2018-07-30 1 point Windows version

I wouldn't recommend the PC version, the graphics are flickery and there are many different game-breaking glitches preventing you from proceeding (i.e Venom Chase and Sewage Plant).

Sanjay 2018-05-12 1 point

The best ofline game

Tristan Lewis 2018-05-07 3 points Windows version

I have unzipped the file, now what programme do I use to open it? There are 2 files, one is 'spiderman.mdf' and the other is 'spiderman.mds'. Please help

pet 2018-04-26 2 points Windows version

it is asking me to insert the cd

spider man 2018-03-27 1 point

Chasing Venom mission is bugged on all dificulties. You just fall through ground and die every time. Also i could not enter cheats to skip that mission. Idk why. :(

jobin George 2018-03-20 1 point Windows version

hey......thankyou for the game.....this was once my craze and was searching for it for months.

#k3ttyKat 2017-11-01 0 point Windows version

i used to play this alot when it came out. Gameplay was short but sweet.

Pro|Gamer 2017-10-15 2 points Windows version

i had been searching for this game from so long and at last i found it.

1515 2017-06-27 1 point

I love abondonware

EldritchNexus 2017-01-25 -2 points

I don't know if it's because of my Mac or not, but the game's audio glitches so much. As in, every two seconds, the audio dies and then comes back. It's really annoying.

Nas 2016-10-03 3 points

Would be nice if you mentioned this only works on Power PC macs with the old IBM chips...

jvuj 2016-02-07 0 point

why doesn't mac games do not have .exe files? My os is windows xp.

cris 2015-12-04 0 point

This was and is a great game. Still own the ps1 copy.

BEST GAMEEEEEEEEEE 2015-06-05 -1 point Mac version


Speedracer1702 2015-05-25 0 point Mac version

Awesome game !

One of my favorite pastimes as a boy !

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