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The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows

Windows - 1995

Also released on: Mac

Alt name The Oregon Trail for Windows 3.1/95 & Macintosh
Year 1995
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Adventure, Educational, Simulation
Theme Managerial, Real-Time
Publisher MECC
Developer MECC
Perspectives 3rd-Person, Side view
4.39 / 5 - 333 votes

Description of The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows

The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows (aka The Oregon Trail for Windows 3.1/95 & Macintosh), a really nice simulation game sold in 1995 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Mac, time to play a managerial and real-time video game title.

How to play The Oregon Trail 1.2 for Windows Windows

This version works on Windows 7, simply run /OTWIN32/OREGON32.EXE to run the game.

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

Never thought I'd play this again lol 2024-06-18 0 point Windows version

I'm on Windows 10 64-bit. I got this to work by:

Extracting Zipped Folder
Double clicking Oregon Trail I
Opening OTWIN32
Double clicking OREGON32

Elizabeth 2024-03-17 0 point Windows version

I don't know why while I'm playing the game closes. Any solution??

wayfaring stranger 2024-01-28 1 point

Does anybody know how to get the sound to work on windows 11?

jade 2023-09-08 0 point

how do get the game and get into it? I've been trying for ever.

Emma Boo 2023-05-21 -2 points

It won,t let me play

Lord Funion 2023-05-19 0 point

Fun game, I really enjoy playing it on my mom's 10,000 year old laptop.

Nigger 2023-03-22 -12 points

Hello my friend.

Richard Cardoza 2023-02-15 0 point

totally cool dude

inteltium 2022-11-21 2 points

Inside the extracted folder, go to:

Oregon Trail 1.2\OTWIN32\OREGON32.exe

Right click OREGON32, go to Properties, set compatibility to Windows 95, then run. Sound will now work. I use Windows 10.

aero 2022-11-01 1 point

this use to be my favorite game i am so glad i can finally play it again

wessly 2022-07-17 0 point

this is soper

ballboy 2022-06-19 -1 point

this is way to big

haunthaunt 2022-05-28 1 point

i just hit the download button and I think broke both of my arms, got bitten by a snake and caught both dysentery and cholera

Harley 2022-03-07 0 point

Life is tough the road to Oregon will be tougher

joseph mama 2022-03-06 0 point

love yourself

Artur Martinho 2021-09-29 0 point

Penso que o problema com o Windows se relaciona com a versão. è necessário para correr a versão de 64 bits

Treselle 2021-08-26 0 point

Some of us made it first time but Jed and Sara died. I was good with it though. They were a scroggin' together within a month we set out. Jed was my friend and Sara my wife.

dusty1015 2021-07-05 0 point

Simply does not work on Windows 10. Windows gives the error message that this game can't run, I've even tried in compatibility mode but to no avail. Guess it would have to be run in an emulator or something.

Microwave_2011 2021-06-03 0 point

I stal microwaves and the goverment loves it.

Retro Gamer from 2021 2021-04-26 0 point

I played this game so many times please kill me its soooooooooo hard bruh

Zee 2020-12-21 1 point

Great game.

Trump2020 2020-12-10 -1 point

i really enjoyed the game

HUGO 2020-11-26 2 points

I remember when my mom got me this i died so many time it was a great game.

Bre 2020-08-21 1 point

Omg I am so excited I found this I played this in 2nd grade now my kids can play the same game well after I play a few times lol.

Ryan 2020-08-09 0 point

I remember when i first played this game in kindergarten!! I had no idea what I was doing and killed a lot of people!! haha!

spoons 2020-07-25 1 point

....damn you kansas river

Bru 2020-05-06 0 point

died of hunger

Ben Schwart's left nuht 2020-02-07 -2 points

I love oregon. I love it so much that when I took my kids their I left them so they'd be aeble to enjoy it more. I thought, since i'm gong to be sanic then i can come get them any time cuz i';m faest as fukc

Big_Lettuce 2020-01-20 2 points

Who knew it was possible to get dysentery before doing anything?

oregonlovah 2020-01-02 0 point

(FOR CHROME USERS) to play the oregon trail, when the game is downloading, right click link on the arrow, then when the menu comes up, click "Open When Done, so chrome opens the oregon trail for you!

shirley 2019-10-29 1 point

I play oregan trail on my little tablet I enjoy the game

Joe 2019-07-02 130 points

I remember this game with music at the landmarks, does this not have it as a feature?

Me 2019-05-29 2 points

I should have done this.
- Open the OTWIN32 folder. Save a copy of OREGON.INI to your desktop just to be safe.

- Open the configuration settings file OREGON.INI. It should open in Notepad.

- There is an arrow symbol at the bottom of the text that should not be there. Just delete it.

- Close and save the file. When you run OREGON32.EXE, it should run with full sound. :)

Mack Daddy 2019-05-21 1 point

I love this game!!! This was my favorite game back in elementary school!!! Will never forget this game!

NEVER FORD A RIVER 2019-02-05 3 points

i lost everyone by fording a 2 ft river

allie 2019-01-14 1 point

hello I love playing this game but im scared if I download it I wall get a virus did anyone have a problem?

Floyd 2018-08-22 12 points

I died of dysentery just by downloading.

DOOMGUYFOREVER7 2018-07-30 -1 point

this is one of my favorite GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sboyd 2018-04-09 -9 points

How do I get this downloaded on windows?

Briar Beauty 2018-03-10 0 point

I L.O.V.E This Game It's Super Awsome

Tate Wagner 2018-01-25 0 point

I am here to get extra credit

Elle 2017-11-14 -7 points

How do you get this to work on Windows 10? It keeps telling me I'm missing files.

Rhylan Rugg 2017-10-25 0 point

I love learning about the Oregon trail

Sluckyboy 2017-09-13 2 points

I had lots of fun playing this game in middle school. It was scary sometimes...but mostly it made me think about decision making.

Kim 2017-05-12 0 point

I can get sound to work by running in Windows 95 compatibility mode, but the screen size is small, and no way to maximize. I am using Windows 10, 64bit.

John 2017-03-25 -5 points

Anyone get it running on Windows 10?

cindy2012 2017-02-02 -2 points

Love the game

Shadw 2017-01-13 0 point

My childhood.. What a great game.

dfd 2016-07-28 0 point

good game

Trail Guide 2016-06-14 16 points

To make it go full screen, select the "Run at 640 X 480 screen resolution" option, which is found under the Compatibility tab. Also select "Disable visual themes" if you want to save your games. My machine is Windows 7 32 bit, and Oregon Trail 1.2 needs to be run in Windows 95 Compatibility Mode. Happy Trails!

Jason 2016-05-03 0 point

I got it working in Windows 7 64 bit by setting 95 compatibility on the icon. However its a very small window, and ALT TAB doesn't make it go full screen. Are there any other tricks you guys know of to run it full screen?

AniTendobros 2016-03-07 -2 points

Just drag the .exe file for the game to DosBox, and it works fine. If not, right-click on oregon32.exe. Then, click on properties. Select "Compatability", and select Windows 95. Just open it up.

TrickyDrop 2016-02-07 3 points

downloading very hard to set up and cant get to work.:(

Jeff 2016-02-03 -3 points

How do you get it to your DOSBox

rmarvel1 2015-11-28 1 point

love this game

Kalapze 2015-10-19 1 point

I'm running windows 10 with a dosbox and it still keeps telling me I need windows to run. What am I doing wrong?

Retro1^ 2015-10-19 0 point

For 64bit use DOSBOX. Simply Drag the Oregon Trail exe are dos file right into DOSBOX. Your game will load with no issues. Im using the same method

zeya69 2015-08-28 1 point

lets hope it works for 64bit! Thanks for the download!!! :)

Trail Guide 2015-08-26 1 point

To get the music and voices to work properly, you need to run oregon32.exe in Windows 95 Compatibility Mode. Happy Trails!

Heather 2015-08-14 -2 points

KT said to delete the arrow in oregon.INI. however, there is not arrow there for me to delete and the sound does not work when playing the game. The music files is just below oregon.ini and oregon32.exe and play whenever I open the files in windows media player. How do i get them to play in the game as well as the character's voices?

karibear 2015-08-07 0 point Windows version

i love this game so much.

Cj 2015-06-11 -1 point Windows version

This game is hard to set and it don't work on phones but other then that its a very good game

Betty Rose 2015-03-29 0 point Windows version

We will never die!!!!

richie 2015-01-30 -5 points Windows version

does it work on windows 8.1 x64 bit

richie 2015-01-30 -4 points Windows version

does it work on windows 8.1 x64 bit

terezi 2015-01-08 0 point Windows version

cool download and fun game

WELLO 2014-10-07 1 point Windows version

cant get this download

Sarah 2014-09-19 0 point Windows version

You play all these old DOS games in dosbox. Here:

paulo josé 2014-09-10 1 point Windows version

this is game is the beter grafic to old version ..

K 2014-07-24 -5 points Windows version

Is there a way to get this to work on 64-bit Windows?

Jbbravo 2014-04-28 -3 points Windows version

Cant get this to work I have Windows 8 64bit

(_)_)===D 2014-03-19 -1 point Windows version

cant get this to work on x64 bit

Bak 2014-03-05 -1 point Windows version

Is It for 64 bit or 32 bit(86 bit)?

faves 2014-02-18 0 point Windows version

rily enjoyed the awesome game

jim 2014-02-13 1 point Windows version

im 53 years old and i love the game

Angus 2014-02-13 4 points Windows version

Can't get music and voices to work. Sound effects still work, but the music won't play. Any help?

Zenneth 2014-01-29 0 point Windows version

Seriously though, why does it take so long to download?

J-Seph 2014-01-26 -1 point Windows version

Seems like an interesting game, downloading right now! Hope it's everything I hope it is! (Ironic since if im right this game is 20-30 yrs. old XD)

Gypsyluv 2014-01-18 1 point Windows version

unable download as should
have windows 8 but I have lot window 7 on
email is :

yourjuggernaut 2014-01-06 0 point Windows version

I loved this game when I was a little kid, used to play it in school whenever I got to go on the computer. Too bad I had a limited amount of time back then.

fetskogamer 2013-12-17 1 point Windows version

dang, wont work

Nicki 2013-12-11 1 point Windows version

Game did not open for me at all. Sad.

Paige 2013-12-07 0 point Windows version

it takes a while to download

arnica 2013-09-02 0 point Windows version

any chance of making this work on windows 8?

admin 2013-08-05 1 point Windows version

Thanks KT, uploading the fixed game right now

KT 2013-07-20 3 points Windows version

This is exactly the same version of Oregon Trail I had on my home computer when I was in elementary school! I'm SO glad I found it. I'm also using Windows 7 and got the sound to work by doing the following:

- Open the OTWIN32 folder. Save a copy of OREGON.INI to your desktop just to be safe.

- Open the configuration settings file OREGON.INI. It should open in Notepad.

- There is an arrow symbol at the bottom of the text that should not be there. Just delete it.

- Close and save the file. When you run OREGON32.EXE, it should run with full sound. :)

Happy trails, kiddos!

Pinky 2013-07-04 -1 point Windows version

I got this version to run in Windows 7, by running the game as mentioned above, though the music and voices don't play. The rest of the sound effects work just fine though! It's awesome to be able to play this game again!

rick 2013-05-25 0 point Windows version

i think dis game is so awesome

Tom 2013-04-28 -1 point Windows version

Why is there no sound?

tim 2013-02-05 -1 point Windows version

i cant setup

heavym3tal 2012-11-04 -1 point Windows version

This is the best version before it got more interactive with the Oregon Trail II, etc.

James 2012-10-16 -1 point Windows version

this version does not work under windows xp, instead run oregon trail deluxe under dox box

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