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Blade Runner

Windows - 1997

Alt names 银翼杀手, 銀翼殺手
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1997)
Germany (2000)
Germany (2001)
Worldwide (2019)
Worldwide (2022)
Genre Adventure
Theme Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Detective / Mystery, Graphic Adventure, Law enforcement, Licensed Title, Movies, Puzzle elements
Publisher Alcon Interactive Group, LLC, Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., SunTendy Interactive Multimedia Co., Ltd., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc., Westwood Studios, Inc.
Developer Westwood Studios, Inc.
Perspective 3rd-Person
4.47 / 5 - 132 votes

Download extras files
Manual, patch, fix and misc available

Description of Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a faithful recreation of the cyberpunk classic movie of the same name. Those looking for a traditional inventory-based adventure will be disappointed with simplified gameplay that only requires a sharp eye and some reflexes, but anyone open-minded enough will enjoy a tremendously atmospheric and fast-paced game.

As in the movie, you play a cop whose mission is to terminate the "replicants," human-like androids that are wrecking havoc in their desperate attempt to extend programmed life span. There are many possible endings depending on your actions-- do you arrest the replicants or join their cause? There are also many action sequences in the game, but they are not so impossible as to discourage adventure players.

In short, Blade Runner is definitely one of the most atmospheric games ever made and a must-play for all sci-fi fans. Just don't try to pigeonhole the game into any category, and you'll have a great time. Thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Taperspider 2022-09-25 1 point

Just use ScummVM already! That way it WILL work.

Toxic 2022-05-12 1 point

I see a lot of people having lots of problems and I can tell you this, if you downloaded it somewhere for free you likely have a virus, if you still think you can run it just use a Virtual Box emulator inside your 64 bit system. I use win98 and winxp emulators for these old games.

Ben Da Notes 2021-10-24 1 point

I just had to stop by here and say that I rediscovered this game after almost 25 years. The possibility of all the different endings made you keep playing it. I installed WinXP 32 bit on an old dual core 64 bit computer, connected it to a 36" flat screen monitor and a stereo system, and am enjoying the experience. I'd like to see this on a 72" display. This truly was one of the best games of its time.

Marilyn Monroe 2021-07-27 0 point

Devs, if you're somehow reading this, release this on Steam already!

Stealth 2020-02-02 0 point

I've got this game downloaded but when I try to start the Exe on my Windows 10 it opens and then closes right away.
Trying to open in Scumm does nothing, doesn't come up in there. Anyone got any ideas?

Roger 2019-10-12 6 points

Use the latest ScummVM if you can't run it on modern OS. It now officially supports this game in the latest release (v2.1.0). There's no need to go through all those hoops anymore.

Skylark 2019-09-16 -1 point

So far as I can figure... This game won't run on a 64-Bit system... Whatever I try, an error keeps popping up, stating that this game won't run on 64-Bit and then nothing... I kind of understand due to the game's age... But who the hell still uses 32-Bit? Did anyone got this running on a 64-Bit system?

wop 2019-09-10 -7 points

Any particular reason why this is a wooping 1.8 GB compared to most games here being in KB or MB? I would love to play this, but that is a lot of memory for one game.

bonnie 2019-09-06 -1 point

ScummVM now supports this game and is a easier way to play it

Makketakker 2019-08-18 0 point

Verified every solution.
All added up confirming that it WORKS!!!
With dgVoodoo i crancked up to 1366X768 but that isn't the way the game is supposed to look. No compatibility and with Nvidia Optimus.
Rather rough looking but playable.
But i've got rid of the black borders.
Thanks to the poster and to you all for the 'working manuals'.

Crash 2019-07-24 0 point

If the game is crashing when trying to start, possibly with a black screen like gravebat describes, try to see the details of the Windows error message and check for any mention of "BEX".

If that's the case you should be able to solve it by adding a Data Execution Protection exemption for the game's executable.

You could search for how to do that for your version of Windows or just try the following.

Goto Computer/System Properties Advanced System Settings/Properties Advanced Settings Data Execution Prevention.

Then click Add and select the .exe for the game in its folder (such as BLADE.EXE).

gravebat 2019-06-11 0 point

im getting an "abnormal program termination" error with a black screen. running windows 7, followed all the suggestions in the comments and website that i could. anything else i should know?

Huck34 2019-05-13 2 points

I just came here to give my warmest thanks to everyone at REPLAYING.DE that made this game finally work for me. You've made me a very happy panda!

CalmCronus 2019-05-11 0 point

Is the iso file no longer available?

mitch 2019-04-07 0 point

while launching the game go to task manager and set core affinity so the game only uses 1 cpu core runs perfectly

only eng. is working! 2019-04-06 0 point

make sure to select englisch in the univesal installer otherwise the game crashes after 5-10sec. blackscreen.. maybe it will work if you find a patch in your language on a other website! have fun :D

HELP! 2019-03-23 0 point

Hey Guys,

I know no computer speak lol... BUT this game is my all time favorite iv got the game running on windows 10, its bad graphics (i know i need to do something with the other downloads below but dont know what) and it keeps crashing (which has something to do with the pathes and fix downloads below) i dont know what im supposed to do with them!! can someone please please PLEASE explain simply what im supposed to do!!!

I will really appriciate this guys, Thanks for reading and awesome site

Deckard Cain 2019-03-09 4 points


Running Win10 this got the game up and running for me:

1) Scroll down on this page, Download ISOs, unpack them into a directory and mount all 4 discs
2) Scroll down a bit further under "Game Extras" and download the Universal installer and run it (Blade-Runner_Fix_Win_EN.exe), choose install (game?) language and install path.
3) Under "Game Extras" click Misc and download HDFRAMES.DAT. Replace the same file into the install directory
4) Right-click blade.exe in your chosen installation folder and select Properties
5) Select the Compatibility tab. Near the bottom of the dialog is a button 'Change high DPI settings' - click it
6) On the next dialog near the bottom is the High DPI Scaling override section. Check the Override high DPI scaling behaviour box and then for 'Scaling performed by:'. Select Application
7) I found no use for the Patch or the XP fix

svp 2019-03-01 1 point


I copy from HIGHFLYER. This worked for me:
1. Right-click blade.exe in your chosen installation folder and select Properties
2. Select the Compatibility tab. Near the bottom of the dialog is a button 'Change high DPI settings' - click it.
3. On the next dialog near the bottom is the High DPI Scaling override section. Check the Override high DPI scaling bevaviour box and then for 'Scaling performed by:' select Application.
4. Click OK
5. Click OK
6. Run blade.exe

JoePG 2019-02-22 2 points

Anyone manage to fix the screen size/resolution? Mine's quite small, and makes the text impossible to read.

Tex Murphy 2019-01-01 -1 point

If you're crashing to the desktop a few seconds into loading, make sure the first CD is still mounted.

Despite step #19 stating that you can delete the setup files, this does not seem to be the case. You need to keep the CD iso files.

i played this game too 2018-12-11 0 point

works fine with windows 10 ., just follow the instructions as stated above ,thank you so much

MadHatter 2018-11-30 -1 point

Hi, I've some problems with this game.
When I install the game in italian language, blade.exe starts, then the screen goes blank, then the game crash and goes back to desktop. Only in italian, I tried to install with english and it works fine.
Any suggestion?

Dr. Smut 2018-09-25 1 point

Fantastic game, best point and click adventure by far. Amazing story and atmosphere with the just the right amount of 90's cheese. Although it can be a real pain to actually get working...

Obviously, make sure you have all of the patches and such downloaded and in the game directory. I'm using Win10 so i ran the game in the lowest quality, doesn't matter considering the game is all pixel art) and and compatibility for Win8.1, take this with a grain of salt though as it seems to be different for everybody. You'll also need an installer to basically fix the game. The installer is crappy and WILL take a few times to correctly install the game. Remember to mount one of the CDs(the .iso file) every time you want to play the game, otherwise i simply won't launch.

tapkcir 2018-09-07 0 point

@SHANNON "Hey the game works but for some reason the screen is really tiny. any idea on how to fix this?"

I have the exact same issue....but on my external monitor (42" sony bravia tv)
Seems to run full screen on my PC, but remains same size when displayed on my PC (pc is a 17" monitor, so the image is 17" on a 42" screen)
Any advice would be appreciated


Jay Carey 2018-08-31 1 point

It's games like this that need remastering instead of the tripe developers are coming out with these days. The Gaming generation of today have no idea what great games and stories and immersion came from the last generation.

Officer K 2018-08-01 0 point

If you are still having issues with the game crashing a few seconds after launch, try mounting one of the iso files so that your machine thinks it has an optical drive. This solved the issue for me since I do not have a physical optical drive.

I found this solution in the comments here:

niki 2018-07-20 1 point

Just played the game, it was fantastic! Worked perfectly on Win7 (64). To uninstall the game do I simply erase the files? There is no option to uninstall it via the control panel.

Andy 2018-07-17 0 point


Could anyone give guidance as to what order I need to install the patch and the 2 fixes from the bottom of this page?

Just downloading the main ISO now and I have the 4 files from the bottom, I see what I need to do with the HDFRAMES but what is the order and how the others.

Kind regards


Robert 2018-06-01 1 point

The same issue - game crashes after 3-4 secs when trying to run in on a laptop with Core i5 processor. Black screen and a "unknown" error message. The game runs ok on a laptop with Core i3 and desktop AMD FX8350. Probably depends on hardware, not software.

Roxorian 2018-05-25 0 point

@Highflier, did you change anything else? For me, the game still crashes after 4-10 seconds, depending on the compatibility mode I choose (tried everything from Win95 to Win7)...

RBD 2018-05-21 0 point

I'm also having the same problem as Shannon. Game runs fine but only in the top left hand corner of the screen and menus are impossible to read. I tried a few different compatibility/resolution options without success. Anybody know of a fix?

HighFlyer 2018-05-20 0 point

Hi @Roxorian & @BionicDog. I didn't get blade2012.exe file either. As I am running Windows 10, I followed a comment on and set the High DPI Scaling override setting to Application on Compatibility Settings of blade.exe and it now works fine (crashed after 4 secs without). Steps...

1. Right-click blade.exe in your chosen installation folder and select Properties
2. Select the Compatibility tab. Near the bottom of the dialog is a button 'Change high DPI settings' - click it.
3. On the next dialog near the bottom is the High DPI Scaling override section. Check the Override high DPI scaling bevaviour box and then for 'Scaling performed by:' select Application.
4. Click OK
5. Click OK
6. Run blade.exe and enjoy (I hope!)

Roxorian 2018-05-13 0 point

To follow up on @BionicDog, I too do not get a BLADE2012.exe file. Although the installer seems to install just fine, it doesn't create a BLADE2012.exe file, just the BLADE.exe. The latter tries to start, but no matter what the compatibility settings are, it tries to start, then after 2-5 seconds just closes the game before any credits or loading screens started.

BionicDog 2018-05-08 1 point

At the end of the installation instructions it says "Launch Blade Runner using BLADE2012.EXE". My installation is not creating a file called 'BLADE2012.exe', only 'BLADE.EXE'. When I run that I get a black screen and nothing happens. Any ideas?

BionicDog 2018-05-08 0 point

You need to mount the first CD image and then run 'Blade-Runner_Fix_Win_EN.exe' from your hard drive and follow the instructions. Don't try to run anything from the disc image.

Morpheus 2018-04-06 0 point

It says that it..."...can not start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows."

So, is there a compatible 64-bit version of this game or will the patch or will one of the fixes work to make it installable & playable? And if one of those files takes care of this issue, then, since the install won't run, I have to run that file first, right? And which specific file is that?

I want to make sure I get this right!

I played this game! 2018-04-02 0 point

I got stuck but game was stunning.

Shannon 2018-03-23 3 points

Hey the game works but for some reason the screen is really tiny. any idea on how to fix this?

Me 2018-03-21 1 point

The installer is in a seperate download, scroll down to the GAME EXTRAS section.

inter 2018-03-20 -1 point

Where is the installer, looked through the file and all ISO's but still cant fined it?

SpiderMwa 2017-10-14 8 points

This is a fantastic adventure game, with multiple endings, from Westwood Studios, makers of the Command & Conquer series. There is even an easter egg to C&C in the game. I've always liked this game a lot, great atmosphere, good story and fun characters. Highly recommended if you love the original movie.

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ManualEnglish version 7 MB (Windows) PatchEnglish version 271 KB (Windows) FixUniversal Installer
Patch and CPU Fix included English version 5 MB (Windows)
FixXP Fix English version 153 KB (Windows) MiscHDFRAMES.DAT
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