Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Windows)

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Windows - 2005

Alt names GTA: San Andreas, GTA:SA, Grand Theft Auto: Sin City
Year 2005
Platform Windows
Released in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States (2005)
France, Germany (2007)
Worldwide (2008)
Germany (2009)
Russia (2010)
Germany, Russia (2011)
Worldwide (2019)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Contemporary, Crime, Quick Time Events, Shooter
Publisher 1C Company, Rockstar Games, Inc., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
Developer Rockstar North Ltd.
Perspective Behind view
4.31 / 5 - 321 votes

Description of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (aka GTA: San Andreas, GTA:SA) is a video game published in 2005 on Windows by Rockstar Games, Inc., 1C Company, ak tronic Software & Services GmbH. It's a racing / driving game, set in a shooter, crime, contemporary and quick time events themes.

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Comments and reviews

HexTree 2023-09-09 3 points

Original game is still available on Rockstar only, but the link is wrong. This is the link for Classic trilogy:

A.I. 2023-07-29 0 point

Nice and lovely! Ilove it!

Well Steam or another reseller is just a trash content... I saw compar. video, wich means classic vs. steam... Steam is poorly bad. Thank God I have GTA SA on the DVD and Hot Coffee, amazzzzzzing game ever. Btw in the videogame you can find Nicko on the movie poster. Anyway GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA III are legend of the all series, but last works...

In the airport Los Santos i found something new for me: I went to there and use the color sprey (#100 TAG mission) - and when CJ (Don't worry Carl - I remember that) finished HE SAID: Time to go before the cops notice.

So many times I was in there it was so fooking fresh, so reality.... Woooohooo, I'm so happy! Amazzzzzing videogame guys and lads :)!

MyAbandonWare Admins Thank You!

Dave The Rave 2023-06-13 4 points

But we want the OG version not the remaster or re-release

Minignoux 2023-05-20 -14 points

Stop complaining about the game not being on there, a version of it, even if its not the original, is still being sold, rockstar can still sue for loss of revenue, abandonware is technically not legal.
You wouldnt want to risk the closure of the website just because you cant play san andreas.

Mexmox6562 2023-05-20 1 point

Please, Add it along with 3 and Vice city.

tikikata 2023-05-06 1 point Windows version

bro can you please tell me how can i download this game because i can't find it anywhere.

trashboat 2023-04-30 -7 points

Damn it, all these entitled people, fuck off guys, you have no idea how abandonware works.

Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle 2023-04-14 3 points

The original, non-remastered game isn't available on Steam or Rockstar Games, so it should absolutely be considered abandonware. Please put it on here RIGHT NOW.

henry2020A 2023-04-11 0 point

add the original gta san andreas because the triolgy version is treash

Naveen P Nair 2023-04-10 2 points Windows version

All GTA games before GTA IV are abandonwares now, the OG games got removed from thier stores and even Steam, so can you upload it, The Definitive Versions are crappy as hell.

Chrisxdxl 2023-03-19 6 points

This game is Abandonware. The steam link does take you to the correct page but the ability to purchase has been removed. the Rockstar link just takes you to the definitive edition page.

so therefore this game is abandonware.

WoveLhites 2023-01-21 -5 points Windows version

As much as its sucked, the classic GTA trilogy are not yet abandonware. You can still buy them from Rockstar Store as a bundle.
Steam re-release is preferable but as it stands, the classic trilogy are not considered abandonware. At least not yet.

Usagi Tsukino 2023-01-01 5 points

"Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you'd like. This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online"

The entire trilogy is now abandonware!!!

Shaurya vaish 2022-12-22 -6 points

Share your gamer memories, give useful links or comment anything you'd like. This game is no longer abandonware, we won't put it back online.

John Mooth 2022-12-11 0 point Windows version

The updated version, GTA San Andreas Next-gen+ is released and has only available free here:
The updates of this game can't stop, A few months or years next has no time to stop updating is a full pf possibilities. Also available on Linux, on Windows based game.

Makie 2022-11-27 0 point

Never knew that San Andreas was released in 2011. What game have I played before?

John Mooth 2022-09-27 4 points

The Steam version is not yet available due to GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was released, but Rockstar Games Store is still available.
You can download it free, is now pre-installed & patched, it's strongly recommended to install patches:

Holy High Priest 2022-09-26 2 points

the Game is not on Steam anymore, i think you should add on here so people can play it for free.

pug 2022-09-25 1 point Windows version

Call of Duty 1 (original 2003 version) is no longer available on any reputable stores, would this be considered abandonware?

KD 2022-07-23 0 point Windows version

all-time favorite

Michael Heat 2022-07-05 4 points

the steam version is not more avaliable and the rockstar games page just redirect to the definitive edition

Guy Incognito 2022-06-24 4 points

I know steam keys exist but lets face it they want £30 for all 3 games rn. Since you cant get this on steam I'd recommend you update it.

NamishRI 2022-06-19 1 point Windows version

Hello folks, update this page please ;)

MC Chase 2022-03-25 5 points

Guys, don't bother, they don't listen anyway.

A guy with large t-shirt 2022-02-01 36 points

This should be updated to abbadonware and should be available to do download here, since its no longer sold on steam, neither on rockstargames launcher , there is only definitive edition one, which is completely the other game.

KingBros 2022-01-20 22 points

This needs to be switched to free now that the Definitive Edition versions have been released. The original version is no longer for sale anywhere which makes it abandonware.

xX_lolslayer_Xx 2022-01-20 12 points Windows version

I don't have the money and the good pc to play the garbage remasters and i come here thinking i can play again this game , VC and III but why isn't here it have all the sense of be here because R* deleted the original trilogy from steam and the R* games launcher.
-A fan of GTA

Anon 2021-12-12 0 point

As the original version of this game is no longer available for purchase anywhere would that not make them abandon ware? If it does then it (as well as III and Vice City) should be made available here.

Jug 2021-11-16 3 points

The remasters are available again on PC. Though I still think making these version available as free abandonware would be a great way to stick it to Rockstar for those very bizarre remasters lol

Zarosan 2021-11-16 16 points

hello, it isnt on steam anymore.

Jug 2021-11-15 10 points

Not even the remasters are available on PC. All versions are currently technically abandonware

Kran 2021-11-15 2 points

This game, along with III and Vice City are no longer available for purchase on steam or any other storefront. these titles should be classified as abandonware to reflect this change.

DancingScoot2464 2021-11-14 3 points Windows version

Welp, the Steam version of the OG GTA: SA has been delisted in favor of the "remastered" edition releasing soon, making the original version abandonware again (unless you like to buy buggy "remastered" editions of games).

ndrg 2021-11-14 3 points

the trilogy has no longer available in steam

Pog 2021-11-13 2 points

welp it's abandoneware now, about time you upload this back admin.

Iris 2021-11-13 3 points

Can't wait for this to get onto abandonware so that we can play the good versions of these games!

a_dog 2021-11-12 2 points Windows version

can't wait to see this become abandonware lets gooooooo

muizz 2021-11-12 2 points Windows version

Original trilogy and now the remastered trilogy are both abandonware. There are now zero legit ways to play these games.

Lucas 2021-11-12 3 points Windows version

It should be back on this website. It's no longer available on Steam.

poop 2021-11-07 4 points


batcow 2021-11-01 1 point Windows version

i didnt find it on steam so i came here, but turns out the game just isnt on steam, technically makes it abandon ware

gtafan 2021-10-31 11 points

The original trilogies will no longer be available, so this is basically abandonware. Or perhaps non-existenceware XD

Joshi 2021-10-28 13 points Windows version

This, III and Vice city are no longer purchasable on steam.

SP358 2021-10-28 5 points Windows version

it's abandonware now /:

anon 2021-10-14 20 points

GTA3, VC and SA are no longer on steam. They are technically abandonware now

Tommy 2021-10-13 3 points Windows version

No Longer on Steam.

EU SOU TUA VÓ 2021-10-07 0 point


Lewis 2021-09-03 1 point

It has money sack on the thumbnail you dopes.

Kinya 2021-07-21 -4 points Windows version

Guys,I have the game,message me on Instagram @Kinya_tupac,or Kinya tupac,so we can arrange how you will get it

beghoul hamid 2021-06-05 -1 point Windows version


EK2021 2021-02-21 3 points

You said it's free fools

badman 2020-11-02 14 points

if you wanted money only then why did u said FREE GAMES

Franco Ramos 2020-06-27 1 point

eh loco regalenlo

anon 2020-04-29 9 points

stop forcing money out of us!

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