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DOS - 1992

Also released on: Amiga

Alt name Conspiracy
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in Argentina, United Kingdom, United States (1992)
United States (1993)
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (1994)
France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom (1995)
Poland (2003)
Genre Adventure
Theme Cold War, Detective / Mystery, Europe, Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements, Spy / Espionage
Publisher Ocean Software Ltd., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd., Virgin Games, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Supported on 0.58
4.36 / 5 - 56 votes

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Manual and misc available

Description of KGB

Another vastly overlooked adventure from Cryo, this game took me by surprise with its depth and intriguing plot despite awkward writing.

You are a KGB secret agent assigned to investigate a powerful drug trafficking operation. Little did you know at the onset that your investigation will lead to a national conspiracy that threatens the future of Russia itself. Although a linear fare, the game contains "alternative" solutions for many puzzles, and even optional puzzles that don't need to be solved, but add to the game experience. There are also many innovations in the game that will make you feel like a real spy: you can hide from view to eavesdrop on (and record) incriminating conversations, threaten suspects or try to bluff them for information, ambush on a suspect then hide the body afterwards, and much more.

Gameplay mostly involves choosing the right thing to say to different characters, as well as efficient use of your time-- the clock ticks mercilessly with each moe, and important events may go on without your knowledge. This makes KGB a difficult game, since you can get irrevocably stuck after realizing that you missed an important event or clues earlier. It's not unreasonably difficult, though, because you are always told your objectives in each mission quite clearly by your superiors.

Overall, this is a must play for all fans of spy stories. Two thumbs up! *

Note: Cryo later released the game on CD-ROM and renamed it Conspiracy. This version features identical gameplay as KGB, but with (horrible) video clips of your character's father giving advice, played by Donald Sutherland.*

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Protopopov 2023-01-22 0 point Amiga version

I bought it from pirates back in 93 for amiga , playing it every year 30 years. Best game ever.

BR1M 2022-07-10 1 point DOS version

Most obscured 1992 games, never listed in top 100 PCW games list
Deserved a 5-stars rating

Robotas 2022-05-06 1 point

There is a better clean video version of this game, the ReelMagic Version aka Conspiracy MPEG Version. You can run it with Dosbox Reelmagic Fork, a very promising version.
For those who don't remember or don't know, in the early 90's, the ReelMagic Video MPEG Card did some miracles, the videos (and mostly FMV games) looked almost like DVD quality (clean and smooth full screen mpeg videos) compared to the regular VideoCDs and FMV games (low res, scanlined or gridlined and jerky playing window screen avi or mov videos). This card wasn't so popular because was very expensive including the games. The games to play with this card were called "MPEG Version", like: "Return to Zork", "Conspiracy", "Entity", "Dragon's Lair", "Space Ace", "Crime Patrol", "Drug Wars", "Flash Traffic", "The Horde", "Man Enough", "Police Quest IV", and many others. Dosbox Reelmagic Fork is starting to be compatible with those MPEG version games which is great because not even GOG is looking for these high quality versions, the best example is "Return to Zork", the MPEG Version is fully playable now on that special Dosbox, but GOG release is the regular first version of the game.

Joe Mama 2022-02-09 2 points

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"KGB who-"

gg 2021-05-12 1 point

"Note: Cryo later released the game on CD-ROM and renamed it Conspiracy. This version features identical gameplay as KGB, but with (horrible) video clips of your character's father giving advice, played by Donald Sutherland.*

You say horrible, I say deliciously cheesy entertainment.

Wrangel Island 2018-09-07 0 point

If you're asked for the manual page (non cracked version of the game) try adding 1 to the page number!
This worked for me, with the manual offered for download here (which is for English CD version)

e.g. the guy who sends you to Siberia, Vovlov, is page 2 in the manual offered here. Try 3 instead for the floppy version. And so on.
I think I had the floppy version with French/English/German! I could not find it on the web but French version here is good! Full English floppy version can be found elsewhere. Very literary game. The CD version is known to be crap, don't bother

Marta Sanchez 2017-10-20 -1 point

Guys...the Dos version still is the BETA version... please upload the full version

alp 2017-02-08 1 point

oh, I know this game. It was pretty good back in the day and kept me busy for hours.

Arkady 2017-01-26 2 points

If you need help with the game, check out my website:

Tron 2015-10-31 -1 point

Need a manual.......

Jaro 2015-03-14 -3 points DOS version

Help guys, I can't get through the opening what page stuff, no matter which answer I choose I always end up at that guy's office and he sends me to Siberia and then the game abruptly crashes! I did manage to find the manual and I seem to be typing the correct numbers but I lose all the same!

I have the French version of it.

dorkboy 2015-02-02 5 points DOS version

why not just use the dosbox emulator?

yes you can play these games on windows 8, but you will first need to download the dosbox emulator from:

**below are step by step instructions**
1) download and install dosbox
for example, i extract dosbox to c:\dosbox

2) download kgb and extract to a folder.
for example, i extract all my games to:

3) start up dosbox.
you will see z:\
we need to mount the location of kgb. for this example, i extracted kgb under games directory so we type
mount c c:\games\kgb
press enter
it will now say that drive c is mounted as local directory c:\games\kgb\
now type c:
press enter
note the z:\ has changed to c:\
now type dir /w
it will list all files in c:\games\kgb
you will see a file called kgb.bat
now type
press enter, you should be in game :)

note1: you can play all dos games on this website using the dosbox emulator on several operating systems not just windows. so people on mac or linux can play dos games as well. an additional note for windows users i've used dosbox on windows xp, 7 and 8 with no complications. i've also ran dosbox under several linux distros.

Disguise 2015-01-27 1 point DOS version

Dude, this game was released in 1992 for DOS, Windows 8 will only run 32 or 64 bit programs (no 8 or 16 bit support any more), so Windows 8 will not play any DOS games. To play my old games I run Windows 2000 on an old Compaq Deskpro EN, it plays all my old games just fine, it only has 512MB of ram and a 800MHz single core processor but that is all you need for DOS games.

ludo 2013-04-25 -1 point DOS version

windows 8 can't play with this game. I confused! If someone may help me?

Rukov Trollovich 2013-04-04 0 point DOS version

Actually, I think in this version (beta) there is only the first episode of the game... Or I did not collect enough evidence or something. In the end, instead of moving to other episode, the game ends saying something what happened to me (gulag, a nice place in an office, promotion,... many endings.) However, I can reccomend you this game!

Comrade Dan 2012-05-12 0 point DOS version

Excellent game. Very challenging and realistic.

Vlad 2012-02-25 1 point DOS version

THIS version is the very rare "beta" version (no music during the intro, and begins "Sptember 14th" instead of "September 13th"). It has a DIFFERENT SOUNDTRACK than the "standard" version.

Games are good 2011-12-05 0 point DOS version

+ a great story

- an impossible game

mymoon 2011-10-11 0 point DOS version

A great adventure game which i could never complete

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