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Mega Man X

DOS - 1995

Alt names ロックマンX, 洛克人X, Rockman X
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Action
Theme Anime / Manga, Arcade, Platform, Robot, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Developer Capcom Co., Ltd.
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view
4.47 / 5 - 184 votes

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Description of Mega Man X

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The first Mega Man game to be produced and marketed in-house by CAPCOM, Mega Man X is an excellent all-around platformer and a capable port of the hit console series.

As with earlier games, Mega Man X follows the daring exploits of Mega Man (this time the newly revamped "X" version), a sentient robot designed by Dr. Light to choose his own path in life. Years after he is created, Dr. Cain finds X and mimics his design to create a race of such robots called reploids. When the sigma virus infects these reploids, causing them to commit acts of evil, it is up to Mega Man X and his partner Zero to stop it.

Warlock's review at MobyGames describes the pros and cons in great detail: "Mega Man X is a very good port of the SNES game which it originally was created for. The graphics and gameplay are reproduced almost identical to the SNES version.

The thing that I've always liked about Mega Man X is how unique it is however. Before this game came out, most Mega Man games were essentially the same. Fight some bosses, collect their powers, and beat Dr. Wily. But this game took a whole new spin on the series. The fact that it is set in the future is interesting in itself (which is actually further in the future, since the original games were also in the future), but the game adds a lot of unique features.

One of the best features is the inclusion of body enhancements. These add on to Mega Man X's suit, and give him new abilities, such as being able to dash, or taking less damage from enemies. Also, the fact that there are many secrets to be found in the game add to the replayablity. Many items are hidden and require certain weapons or skills to find. Some even require you to beat a certain stage first, which in turn effects another stage (for example, beating Chill Pengiun's stage will freeze the lava in Flame Mammoth's stage, allowing you to collect a heart tank). The inclusion of the Capcom Pad with the game ensures that you won't have to worry about ackward keyboard controls, and actually helps to make the game feel more like the original SNES title.

The Bad: Although the graphics were ported well, they seem less impressive on the computer screen than they do on the SNES. Perhaps Capcom should have enhanced them a bit more, making the game more unique (and feel less like you are playing an emulation of the SNES version). Also, the music isn't of as high quality as the SNES version. The quality seems to have deminished when they ported the game over, which is a shame, because many of the tunes are very good, and really help to add to the mood of the game.

The Bottom Line: Despite a few minor flaws in the graphics and music department, Mega Man X is a lot of fun to play. I would recommend it, especially if you have never had the chance to try the SNES version. The gameplay is great, and with all of the secret items hidden throughout the game, you will find yourself playing for a long time."

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

zms 2022-07-03 2 points

Sadly, the Steam version is not the same as the original DOS port. The original version is close to becoming lost media.

mavie 2020-03-06 -2 points

looks like mega man x is like the mavericks

j@yden 2019-02-18 11 points

why does the dos version get removed if the snes version is the one that gets rereleased

Ben 2018-06-01 1 point

Very nice

Jon1000000 2018-02-18 0 point DOS version

I like the Chill Penguin stage theme version.

Nasibul 2018-02-18 0 point

That is amazing game but the water boss is not showing

HARRY SANJAYA 2017-07-21 0 point


Grand Gamer 2015-03-16 0 point DOS version

I love this! Yee Haaa!

vash 2015-02-27 1 point DOS version

i love this

TOmI78 2014-10-25 3 points DOS version

First install the game under dosbox. Then copy the "mmx-fix" file to where you installed the game and run it. If you are done just start the game with the mmxrun file, and it works perfectly. If you not do it you can play only with1st level. The solution to the sound problem is run sound.bat and configure. Mostly the perfect setting is the "soundblaster or 100% compatible"

ViperAcidZX 2014-07-02 1 point DOS version

Finally got it working, and wow, this version sucks. Music quality is poor (tried SoundBlaster, MIDI, and Gravis UltraSound, and they all sucked in this game), the frame-rate is inconsistent, the colors are muted, and the game doesn't work compared to the SNES classic.

ViperAcidZX 2014-07-01 3 points DOS version

This game doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.

SHERAZ PIRZADO 2014-06-26 -1 point DOS version

I like the game mega man very much, specially the power of the hero of this game and style of collecting the power.

0023 2014-02-22 0 point DOS version

Thank you so much for this! I have been looking everywhere for these! I hope you have a good day, friend!

nymi 2014-01-17 1 point DOS version

what i have to do in last level ??

joe 2013-10-15 1 point DOS version

Is this a demo? I cant play after level 1

Xfan2f2 2013-08-21 -1 point DOS version

What do i do after i finish downloading the game? like what do i do after clicking on the "Download" button under this comment area. ?

Falcon 2013-05-16 0 point DOS version

crashes after first level

Boh 2013-02-22 0 point DOS version

i looking for this so long time.. than you..

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