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Mega Man X4

Windows - 1998

Also released on: SEGA Saturn

Alt names ロックマンX4, 洛克人X4, Rockman X4
Year 1998
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Action
Theme Anime / Manga, Arcade, Platform, Robot, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Capcom Co., Ltd.
Developer Capcom Co., Ltd.
Perspective Side view
4.58 / 5 - 362 votes

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Description of Mega Man X4

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A short-lived but excellent entry in CAPCOM's intermittent line of Mega Man series that is much more famous on console systems than on PC, Mega Man X4 is an excellent platformer that every arcade fan should definitely play.

Mega Man fan Satoshi Kunsai says it all in his review for MobyGames: "First off, this game is a very big leap above Mega Man X3, in terms of gameplay and cosmetic changes, but one of the biggest greats is the fact that you can finally play the game in full with Zero! Yes, X's friend is a playable character, complete with his own arsenal and story line! This is one of the coolest things in this game, but not the only thing...

As for the gameplay itself: if you've played the previous X games, then you'll know what's going on here: X still has his X-Buster, so he shoots stuff. Simple. Playing as X is simply the same as the other games, but Zero is a totally different experience. Zero has lost his X-Buster in this game, so now he fights exclusively with his Beam Sabre. Also, since Zero no longer has the range X has, his game is a little more difficult, since he has to get close to enemies to kill them. However, if you're tired of the same old gameplay with X, give Zero a whirl.

Continuing with gameplay, the game in itself is not too tough or too easy, instead balanced just right. The Maverick bosses aren't too hard to beat (provided you have the right weapons), but the later bosses do get pretty hard (especially Double and Sigma; play the game and see). The game is structured pretty much in the same way as the others: selectable stages, the effectiveness of the weapons on certain bosses, and X's ability to upgrade his armor with enhancement provided by the trusty Dr. Light's Weapon Capsules. Zero doesn't gain new weapons like X does; instead he learns new sword techniques and other special moves (including the super useful Double Jump). Controls are easy to use and remember: you have a fire button, a jump button, and a dash button, as well as weapon select buttons and two technique buttons. (Note: I recommend a six-button pad like the Sidewinder for this game; I use one and have the controls set exactly like the Saturn version, giving me perfect control.) Also, there's no annoying momentum which I SPITE in many 3D games; you move and stop on a dime here.

Moving on to cosmetics...the game's graphics are excellent! The characters are very well animated and move extremely fluidly (I guess those hefty system requirements really did make a difference, eh?), and there's not ONE HINT of slowdown ANYWHERE!! The sprites for the characters are nice and big and have a really nice amount of detail to them, making the game almost look like a big interactive anime. Sounds are equally well done, with plenty of "BANG!" and "BOOM!" and lots of cool anime-ish robotic sounds. I especially like the little touches, like X and Zero landing from a jump with a "ka-clink" sound, and others like Zero's Beam Sabre letting out a loud "FWOOSH!!" when swung."

Overall, Mega Man X4 is arguably the best release in the long, intermittent line of Mega Man series on the PC. Highly recommended!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

none 2022-11-20 0 point

manual link is broken (Error 404)

Dominica 2022-07-30 0 point

Fåchs. Good game 4 me.

zms 2022-07-03 1 point

Sadly, the Steam version is not the same as the original PC port. The original version is close to becoming lost media.

jomanakk 2021-07-11 1 point

there is the south korea version
the steam versions are awfully optimizied

kc56 2020-08-23 2 points

para funcionar no windows 10, abra a .iso com o winrar e descompacte os arquivos, depois aplique o "no cd", por ultimo copie o arquivo MMX4.exe que esta na pasta Program para a raiz da pasta "MegamanX4"

i love mega man x 2020-08-22 0 point

i like it

emy 2020-04-01 -7 points

After install the game it say that 'Could not find Megaman X4 CD-ROM' how can I fix it? Anyone can help me?

Francisco 2020-03-24 0 point

what is the password??

alvi 2019-09-08 0 point

what is mmx4 exe

sereyreach 2019-08-05 -1 point

when i run file setup it show sms that contact development for 64bit version.

File "..\data\game.xml" not found! The programm w 2019-07-18 -6 points

File "..\data\game.xml" not found!

The programm will be terminated.

Press OK to copy this Message to the clipFile "..\data\game.xml" not found!

The programm will be terminated.

Press OK to copy this Message to the clipboard.board.

chancetomecr 2019-07-02 3 points

is the version of pc?

tousif 2019-06-22 1 point

Thank you so so so so so much for uploading mega man x 3 and 4

lee 2019-04-18 5 points

everything is just fine but cannot save the game progress. pls asist.

BIMC 2019-02-02 -3 points

how do i use my jopad with this game

love12 2018-11-22 -3 points

do you have another mega man game

Steven 2018-11-10 1 point

Under Windows 7 and later: For old games that play music from CD, I recommend using Dameon Tools to mount the ISO/MDF image and always set the drive letter lower than any CD/DVD players. The CD should then be detected by the game and play the music. If it doesn't then there's obviously some other compatibility problem.

P.S run Windows media player after the image is mounted to check if the CD has music tracks.

LEO 2018-10-29 -3 points

YO! I can't hear the music! What do I do?
you guys have mega man 8 for WIn???

Harvey 2018-07-30 -1 point

one of the best games

يحيى 2018-06-01 0 point

إنها لعبة لم اجمل منها في حياتي

ahmed 2018-05-23 -1 point

i am play one time and the game didnot open again what is this

rebal 2018-04-09 1 point

hello sir i just wanted to ask if you can include the 64 bit version as the game wont run on my laptop.Please i really want to play this game

lnxtrosity 2018-03-08 -1 point

Umm, BGMs are absent. Any help with it?

Serious Sigfried 2018-01-12 0 point

The ISO version won't let me keep my save progress. I don't know if it's just like that, or if my computer won't let me.

dragonus dracolith salazarius 2017-12-13 1 point

help guys new here i can't hear stage themes in MMx4 please tell me how to hear it.

dragonus dracolith salazarius 2017-12-13 0 point

can any body please help i can't hear the music the level theme please tell me how to

admin 2017-09-18 1 point

ISO zip file was broken indeed, reuploaded it

Marques 2017-09-15 0 point

Same, nothing to extract. ISO appears to be broken.
For another copy, head to The ISO Zone for the Mega Man X Complete Collection
(Megaman X - Megaman X8).

Enjoy Megamen!

Fleezy 2017-06-05 0 point

Try using iso mounting software, like img burn. I'm not sure what all is out there for free. Alcohol 120% is another one. You can just mount the iso and your computer will see it like its a cdrom/dvdrom. Than you can install as you would from a disk from there.

FOXHOUND 2017-05-14 -1 point

Hey, the iso image doesn't extract right, it gives some message about an unexpected payload in 7-zip, and in the regular windows zipped file extractor, it says there's nothing to extract.

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