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Midtown Madness 2

Windows - 2000

Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
Germany, United Kingdom (2004)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Automobile, Bus, Contemporary, Europe, North America, Street Racing, Truck, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, Ubisoft Entertainment SA
Developer Angel Studios, Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.6 / 5 - 672 votes

Description of Midtown Madness 2

Midtown Madness 2 is a madcap driving sim that puts a focus on street racing and stunt driving through busy urban areas.

Like its predecessor, Midtown Madness 2 offers a variety of vehicles, courses and modes to blast through at dangerous speeds.

Gameplay is largely unchanged from the previous installment, offering simple controls that are easy to learn in a racer that is difficult to master. Though opinion is divided on vehicle handling, I found the controls and overall handling of vehicles to be superior in Midtown Madness 2 with less tendency to have the back-end come out from under me in the turns.

Graphics are about the same as the original; except I experienced more issues with monitor flashing at the higher settings than in the previous installment. Minimal graphic settings with maximum draw distances, however, run fine without any flashes and have an adequate overall quality.

A big change over the predecessor are two "training" modes which, in fact, serve as story modes for the game; in one you play as a London cabbie learning the ropes, the roundabouts, and all the tricks as you blow through virtual London, while the other you are a stunt driver for action movies.

Midtown Madness 2 is a lot of fun and the story modes offer something for players looking for more than simple racing and challenge modes.

Review By P. Alexander

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Comments and reviews

2354129358180 2024-06-06 0 point

rip does not work - protected does not start
cd does not work also
can read manual but not fun to when game not work

stimpy 2024-06-03 1 point

cannot run in vm
need decent graphics card

- / \ - happy - / \ - 2024-06-03 0 point

that game! it cool

copy prot 2024-06-03 0 point

cd check
can not start game
it not patched does not work

allthegames 2024-05-18 1 point

does only work when i copy the midtown2 exe into the installation folder over the old exe.
then i start the game only by starting the setup.exe from the cdrom drive.

Babydoll 2024-03-16 0 point

There's a magipack version available.

Prashant 2023-10-23 2 points

just select directx12 in dgvoodoo settings in general tab no lag at all just do it

blask aka blsk 2023-09-23 1 point

Try to run the game with dgVoodoo - it's an emulator for older directX games, google it and get the last release.

foxy359 2023-08-19 1 point

hey guys anyone know how to play this game smoovely like i load it up and its REALLY laggy as like kinda unplayable laggy is there a way to fix it i have everything on minimum on graphics is there like a way to max it run smoovly with out it dying on me everytime im driving or i hit something

foxy359 2023-08-18 1 point

hey man i was asking i did the thing you told to do with the extract and now if i try and play it it says that i dont have the minium display adapter taht meets the requuierments to play this game is there away to make it so i do

Ghost 2023-07-21 2 points

Oguz Bro, you're a LEGEND, THANK YOU!

blask aka blsk 2023-07-09 0 point

For widescreen resolution 1920x1080 use the widescreen tool from mm2extreme:

Oguz 2023-06-17 4 points

For those who are trying to play this game on a Windows 10 machine in 2023:
1. Download the RIP version
2. Download ddraw.dll from this link:
3. Extract it to the game's installation folder.
4. Enjoy

abstriker 2023-05-19 -3 points

Thank you My abandonware. the game supports a maximum resolution of 1600. How can i play at 1920 by 1080??

divyanshu 2023-02-11 1 point

very good game

ad 2023-01-31 1 point

kiedy bedzie dostępna na normalnych platformach typu steam

Jim 2023-01-23 0 point

How I can get the dgVoodoo patch?

divyanshu 2022-12-31 1 point

this is a wanderfull game

Antoine 2022-12-15 2 points

For sound, go to the main menu, clic option and chose default device. If I picked my specific device it wouldn't work once a race is started, but with default device it works!!

Korkuss 2022-11-19 1 point

Sometimes it helps tu lower your screens resolution. some games cant start on a uultrawid resolution

안녕하세요 2022-10-16 1 point

이걸 할수 있다는게 감격 스럽습니다 이걸 하고 싶었거든요!

Muhammad Okky 2022-08-06 1 point

it worked, but without soundtrack in this game? any problems?

RockIt 2022-07-30 -2 points

This is what I had to do to play a STABLE game that does not crash on Windows 10 Pro x86 ...
Use the ISO (.nrg) image, NOT the RIP.
Use Daemon Tools Lite to mount the image.
Run SETUP from image and install game, do not try to play it yet.
Install XP Compatibility Patch, it's ONLY for THIS game!
Download the Speed Boost patch from ... ... which replaces the executable (midtown2.exe) in the game files.
Change properties compatibility settings of "midtown2.exe" to Windows XP (service pack 3), and set to run as administrator, but still do NOT run the game yet.
If you don't have it already, search and download dgVooDoo2, it's a great Wrapper Engine-Hooker for old games. Follow it's documentation, but generally you simply copy the patched drivers from dgVooDoo2's MS folder to the game's folder.
Now you can run the game, but after the menu loads go directly to the options menu and set the graphic renderer to "Hardware (3D Video Card w/ T&L)", choose your favorite resolution too while you're in there.
Shutdown game and restart it.
Play and enjoy. Everything works great!

NTcool 2022-05-24 -2 points

#IMPORTANT# How to run on windows 10/11
1. Download Midtown Madness 2 and extract it to anywhere you like.
2. download dgvoodoo ( and copy dgvoodoo cpl.exe to midtown madness 2 and then go to ms/x86/ and copy all the dll files to midtown madness 2.
3. enjoy this classic!

PanoZ lover 2022-05-10 0 point

Great game,gonna try it again!

Edxx 2022-05-07 0 point

I been looking for this game

hello 2022-04-27 0 point

why did I get an .nrg file

DAVE 2022-02-22 3 points


Mike 2022-02-09 1 point

@Angel Studios. Inc fake ur now known as rockstar san diego

Krumpez 2022-02-04 -2 points

My keyboard doesn't work on this version

nitesh 2022-01-07 1 point

can anyone help me,it is lagging on win10 and how to setup and play anniversary edition.

Dr Crow 2021-12-30 1 point

I got the game working using dbVoodoo and the game works great, but there is no sound besides the main menu music. Any fix for this?

stinky_barista 2021-12-15 42 points

To play on Windows 10:

1. Download the RIP version.

2. Do NOT download or install the official Windows XP patch for the game.

3. Install the dgVoodoo patch for the game, in this order:

a. Extract dgVoodooSetup.exe, DDraw.dll (from the "MS" folder), & D3DImm.dll (also from the "MS" folder) and place these files to the installation folder of Midtown Madness 2.
b. Open dgVoodooSetup.exe; click on the "DirectX" tab and change the following: Videocard needs to be changed to "dgVoodoo Virtual 3D Accelerated Card" if it isn't already selected.

c. Click "Apply" and close out of dgVoodooSetup.exe and open Midtown Madness 2.
When the main menu loads, navigate to "Options"; "Graphics"; then change the video accelerator to "dgVoodoo2 w/ T&L" and click "OK".

4. Enjoy!

jka 2021-12-14 0 point

Patch not detecting the game, keeps aborting

Justice 2021-11-11 3 points


sounds too good to be true, what are the details? will it be a repack? will it have mm2hook already installed, because i hate having to try to install it because it never worked for me. I need some information, dammit!!

Angel Studios. Inc 2021-09-14 3 points

We are planning on releasing a 20th-anniversary copy of midtown madness 2! video can be found on YouTube.

Midtown Madness 2 Fan 2021-09-14 -1 point

The game lags on Windows 10, decided to download the patch file, works great now! recommending to download the patch file on Windows 10.

Lou Rider 2021-06-27 0 point

Me encanta Midtown Madness. Espero disfrutar mucho con Midtown Madness 2.

Muhammed Ahsan 2021-05-04 1 point

Is this game was working succesfully?

Sanjay 2021-03-20 3 points

Does it lag a lot?,this may help, run it in compatibilty mode
heres how(if u see random digits,ignore that, i copy and pasted this frm a site that has images):
1. In the taskbar search box, enter run programs, then click "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows."


2. Click Next and the troubleshooter will try to detect potential issues with your apps.

1440447315 528.74812030075403

3. Select the app that's having issues in the next window and click Next.

select app

4. Select a troubleshooting option: use the recommended compatibility setting or choose compatibility settings yourself.

Try recommended

If you choose to use the recommended settings, the troubleshooter will test the app using a previous version of Windows so you can see if that resolves the issue.

test compatibiilty

If you choose the choose to troubleshoot the app, the troubleshooter will ask you which problems you're experiencing. Depending on your selection, the troubleshooter will offer tests and suggestions to resolve the problem, such as testing the display settings for the app.

select problems

5. Click the Test the program button and then click Next.

You can then either choose to save the settings for the app, try different settings, or report the problem to Microsoft and view help articles online.

Choose settings

You'll have to run the troubleshooter for each app you're having compatibility problems with.

dodo 2021-03-16 -21 points

This game is cool but trash website

mkkhan84 2021-02-15 1 point

Will it run on Windows 10 ?

Rik 2021-01-12 12 points

It laggs too much on windows 10 unfortunately. Any ideas to fix this?

dream 2020-12-25 3 points

works great! the patch file helped me run it on windows 10

XGTGAMING357582 2020-12-16 0 point

The RIP Ver. Lags My Win 10

hemant kalme 2020-11-09 0 point

nice game super

Smaksh 2020-11-02 0 point

Nice game

umer 2020-09-21 4 points

please install it on my computer

Idential 2020-09-19 1 point

A very very thanks to you I loved this game and now I got it!

Other downloaders, you not need to insert ANY CD-ROM drive just extract the zip and open the application named "midtown2.exe" then, enjoy!

Idential 2020-09-18 -1 point

I am going to download let's see it working or not!

Rohit Kamle 2020-09-15 1 point

When I play this game I always love the panoz roadster sound and if you r downloading this game then u should go for racemod maps cars etc

I luv panoz

Rocky Sir 2020-09-15 2 points

This game is amazing and playable rather than older midtown madness

Daniel 2020-09-06 -2 points

hey! i am utterly dumbfounded! i downloaded the rip version, and it literally doesn't know i have headphones plugged in!! it just plays the sound out of my speakers even though everything else is acting normal!! what in the world!!!!!

Prashant 2020-08-29 1 point

my childhood was awesome i never express my feelings in words this game is my life when i play and midtown madness 2 too

TergelDaPro1337 2020-08-22 0 point

my profile keeps being deleted

aaaaaaaaaaaaa 2020-08-17 -1 point

@IZZY this is not a dos game

Izzy 2020-07-29 0 point

Hey, I literally cannot figure out how to get the game to work as instructed. Nothing is even appearing in the same way when I try to download and use D-Fend and DOSBox.

IDK 2020-07-24 -2 points

Is this Safe?

Terrapin 2020-07-07 1 point

Hey Thanks All... Been looking for some nostalgic games to play - and Mid-Town was always a fun group of games...

Sayyed 2020-07-07 0 point

It is 1 heck of game bring back memories love this game

Yudhvir 2020-06-23 -2 points

I was playing MM1 from 9 years and then i realized to download MM2 but its so consfusing which file we have to download

KUNAL SINGH 2020-06-05 -2 points

I Like this game i am playing this game for last 5 years

KUNAL SINGH 2020-06-03 -3 points


oyan244 2020-05-28 -2 points

It's a good game, I liked it alot! But one thing that bothers me is the ISO version, after I installed the game through the ISO version with those virtual mounting softwares, it says it can't find the CD on startup verification. I hope there is a patch to bypass this.

Enrxss 2020-05-20 0 point

I played only MM1 7years ago. Now I'm 12 years and I wanna play MM2

DTB35 2020-05-06 0 point

I Have Da Cd, But It Said: For Windows 98. FRIC ON MA BU-

BABE 2020-05-05 0 point


TARHANA 2020-04-05 1 point


Hiro 2020-03-31 1 point

This is game is amazing you can even play online using a software called "Gameranger"

bhaskar 2020-03-28 1 point

thanks for such a game..

Viken 2020-03-27 0 point

downloaded iso version, cant openm with iso burner, cant do anything i downt want rip version

Tomica 2020-03-24 2 points

I like Midtown Madness. I never played MM3, but who cares? MM1 and MM2 are very good games. I am a big fan of Midtown Madness. Love it!

Scooter2shoes 2020-02-21 2 points

Still cant find a work-around for not having the disc, any information yet? Motocross madness 2 works great with the instruction provided in the comments but do not work with this game unfortunately due to there not being a no cd fix to download. :(

Josh 2020-02-02 -1 point

And not only that, you can also drive around San Francisco with this.

I did and I loved it.

Josh 2020-02-02 0 point

When I started playing this, I saw where the trees did not look like real trees at all.

They were really big but they came with black leaves.

Displace 2019-12-23 -2 points

Setup has detected that uninstallShield is in use. Please close uninstallShield and restart setup.

Error 432.

There's no such thing as uninstall shield anywhere in the task manager.

yobra 2019-12-18 -5 points

the game is fucking good

john 2019-11-09 -4 points

how to install it on iso version?

Asad 2019-10-29 1 point

Firstly i played this game about 10 year ago.Now i m playing this again.

HelpfulHand 2019-10-10 1 point

To answer the question of RIP vs ISO, if you want to burn a copy of the cd get the ISO, but if you want the game digitally, get the RIP file.

hamza 2019-08-23 0 point

This game is new for me. I have tried midtown madness. So, I am trying midtown madness for the first time. Let me try it.

Fred 2019-08-10 1 point

We had 4 computer Lan - it was great to drive 4 cars on the same grid - seek-and-hire. In my oppinion great 3d graphic at the time

GOD 2019-07-04 0 point

Do it go places know one else has been

BOSS 2019-05-20 2 points

superb game when will you make next version 3.0??

johnt9436 2019-05-19 0 point

Thanks from my heart

fortnite thennarayans 2019-05-07 -1 point

wow i just play it when my age was 4 now my age is 12 it is too fun game

Vinu 2019-05-06 4 points

Which version i should download of midtown madness 2 ?
Rip or ISO ???

Samar 2019-04-18 0 point

I played this game when I was of 5 it is a good game

om 2019-04-13 0 point

nice game i had alot of fun in this game

not you father 2019-02-28 0 point

this game nostologic

Grampa Jerry 2018-12-11 0 point

Thanks loads. Need copy for grand kids use.

rreee 2018-11-19 0 point

i still paly 3

koon 2018-11-16 1 point

My Childhood DAMN!!!

Jawahar 2018-10-04 0 point

i love this game very much. i lost my data in my old pc. So downloading again.

mahi maahi 2018-08-07 0 point

super game i like it very much

Noctilio 2018-06-18 14 points

Got this game at age 4 because it was included with the computer my father had just bought. Now I'm a 20 year old woman and this game still makes me laugh like a maniac at unholy hours. If you wanna watch the world burn in a child-friendly way this is the right game. 11/10

richie 2018-06-12 -1 point

it is not working too bad

IISaigneur 2018-06-09 3 points

Le bon Amixem !

Vini 2018-06-09 3 points

Je suis la grâce à Amixem!

Tableteux 2018-06-07 20 points

Qui est là grâce à Amixem ?

yodagowa 2018-06-01 -1 point

hello on windows10 I get the error: 0xc0000022

Is there a workflow for this error?

HI 2018-05-24 1 point

Download the iso file and burn it to a CD as a disk image. then run the game stuff from the cd, i

Rian 2018-05-10 0 point

I played it first when I was 11 years old. Now I am 23 and still when I get leisure time I play this game,

AKSHAT 2018-05-07 0 point


Fresh 2018-04-25 -2 points

Can we still play online?

Sameer Sonwane 2018-04-23 0 point

This is suberb game I am playing this game so much you also download and play

MH944 2018-04-11 0 point

Yep CD-ROM Isuue
i had it too. plz fis it i wanna really play it u know..... i love this game

MH944 2018-04-09 0 point

I played this game when i was a kid, about 8 to 9 years ago! excellent game.

hello 2017-12-03 1 point

i downloaded this game but it isnt staring up , i extracted the zip file but yet it asks to insert the cd into the cd rom , what to do please help

senu 2017-11-18 -2 points

how much time it takes you mad man foolish

AK 2017-10-25 1 point


RC PLAYER 2017-08-10 4 points

best game

prince 2017-07-19 0 point

very good
the game is good

Akuu 2017-07-13 0 point

the far

Akuu 2017-07-13 -1 point

i am downloding this game.

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