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Midtown Madness

Windows - 1999

Alt name 疯狂城市飙车
Year 1999
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Automobile, Contemporary, Street Racing, Truck, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Microsoft Corporation
Developer Angel Studios, Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.49 / 5 - 425 votes

Description of Midtown Madness Windows

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Midtown Madness is a fast and furious street-racer with an emphasis on dangerous high-speed racing through downtown traffic. Think some of the finer missions of the middle-period of the Grand Theft Auto series but without the story.

Midtown Madness has big and colorful environments with impressive, for its time, textures, graphics, and draw distances. You have a choice of several vehicles, ranging from hotrods to city buses. Each vehicle has a unique feel to it in terms of speed and handling and, importantly, survivability. For instance, the hotrod handles well, has great acceleration, and bursts into flames [not literally] after just a few dings. The bus, on the other hand, handles like, well, a bus, but it can plow its way through traffic with just a few dents to show for it.

The time trials are hard, but the races are insane. Vehicle durability is a considerable factor, as this is one of those racers where you'll be shoving your way between cars at stop lights and taking out street lamps while still having a chance to win. Racer AIs, while predictable, are cutthroat and will take you out in a pileup rather than play it safe/smart. The time trials are a bit easier because the environmental traffic is scripted rather than reactive [a big difference from GTA]. Of course this leads to some weird scenarios where a car is scripted to swerve out of the way, assuming that you'll be driving in into oncoming traffic, only to plow right into you when you stay in your lane. And expect to have plenty of cars turn left in front of you.

Pedestrians are reactive, and will dive out of the way when you get close; GTA sadists may be disappointed that you can't actually squash anyone, but it's a nice environmental touch.

While there are unlockables in Midtown Madness, the lack of a story or career mode might put some gamers off. And like many driving games, the lack of force-feedback means under and oversteering will almost always be an issue on courses that require high precision driving.

It's a fun and pretty way to kill a few hours, but unless you're a fan of racing games, or maybe even if you are, you'll wish that there was just a little bit more once the novelty of crashing through downtown rust-belt cities has worn off.

Review By P. Alexander

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DK 2020-04-07 0 point


nitin 2020-04-06 0 point

very good

i60ninedR 2020-04-06 0 point

One of 3 racing games I grew up on before we had internet. Love it!

gee 2020-04-05 0 point

the only thing i remember from my childhood days vividly, is this game and how i would beg my mom to let me play just one more hour of it. i'm the happiest person now! since i didn't remember the name of this game i never thought one day i will find this game after 15 or 16 years. thank you so much

Madhav 2020-04-04 0 point

this file is corrupted in my pc

aish1994 2020-03-28 0 point

This game is too good and the graphics are awesome.

kunal 2020-03-28 0 point

nice game

Menaa 2020-03-25 1 point

Does any one else get the message that the image disk file is corrupted?

عبدالله محمد 2020-03-21 -1 point

midtown madness is the interested car game I need to download it in my lap top

Abdullah Shah 2020-03-14 0 point

Thanks A lot whoever Is Working Behind This Website Stay Blessed,One More Thing During The Installation,Error Occurs It Says (Please Insert Midtown Madness CD Rom 1),Please Help

Sifat 2020-03-11 0 point

This is the best website to get all my fav childhood games. thanks a lot whoever is working behind this website. stay blessed.

Shail007 2020-03-09 0 point

This game's demo version came along with my HP Compaq desktop PC and was one of my favorites. I was about 17 then, and now I am almost 34! Downloading this game to play myself as well for my daughter and niece.

zzip 2020-03-09 1 point

played when i was 4 years old still loving this game

Oldboy 2020-03-08 1 point

Childhood Game :)

Sage 2020-03-06 0 point

Used to play this game as a kid and I still love it

divanshi mirza 2020-03-01 1 point

best game ever played

ck 2020-02-05 -2 points

how to install it in windows?

Josh 2020-02-03 -1 point

This takes place back home in Chicago

Brima Lamin 2020-01-30 0 point

i have played before, it is a nice game

Andrew 2020-01-22 0 point

I started playing this game when I was in 10th Standard and now I am 35 years old and loving to play this game. Thanks

Raman 2020-01-08 -1 point

How to download this

ibrahim dar 2020-01-07 1 point

i love this game, although its old
one of my first games.

Weemer1320 2020-01-02 -1 point

Hope this works. Never done this :l

PHOENIX 2019-12-24 0 point


AishRish 2019-12-23 0 point

a very cool n mindblowing game.....I not only play this game in my free time but also when I m used to study....haha...... ;)

bakarol 2019-12-17 0 point

Czasy mojego dzieciństwa. Uwielbiam tą gre

Paraminder Singh 2019-11-30 0 point

Un-match-able gaming experience. Playing since 1999; have tried a few other games aswell but, Old is Gold.

saksham gaming point 2019-11-24 0 point

i like this so much i has install this game in my home pc first time i played this game in my scholl now i install in my home pc so thnx to you all for this wonder full game

Rivolino Edison 2019-11-18 0 point

thank you :D

Shiva 2019-11-17 0 point

This is very good game

shiva 2019-11-17 0 point

thiw is a vry beautiful game

zs the best 2019-11-04 0 point

i love this game

free drive 2019-11-02 0 point

i havent player it yet but it is goin

haris318ti 2019-10-26 0 point

I was not an entitled little kid so I was only allowed to play the demo of this. Most fun I ever had as a child. Enough said. Now I will enjoy it in all its glory.

gopal 2019-10-26 0 point

i like this game very much

Bala 2019-10-02 0 point

Me and my brother used to play this game all day... It's my childhood memory

Josh 2019-09-17 0 point

I loved playing this because it took place back home.

But when I played MIdtown Madness 2, the trees there did not look like real trees at all.

KARTHIKEYAN.S 2019-08-10 0 point

Thanks team. Me with my Bros stay all the day in game centre to play this game. My doubt is Can I play this in windows 10 PC.

RosenCruz 2019-07-06 0 point

Brings back so many memories. Tough game. After a few races, AI is really difficult to beat and checkpoints are a pain to find :)

boss 2019-06-22 0 point

man good game yo

Santi Maese 2019-05-12 0 point

Deja mucho qe desear

Es pedorro

KUNAL 2019-04-15 0 point


Alex 2019-04-08 1 point

I played this as a kid on a high end gateway pentium II 300MHZ and a Riva TNT2 with 128 mb of PC-100 SDram. let me tell you, things got a LOT faster in 1998 to 1999, I barely could get the game runnin at 24FPs, and massive 3D artifacting littered the sky, but as a little kid messing around, I had a ton of fun!

boubou 2019-03-21 0 point

my favourite car game of all times!!
i spent lot of months to play it because very hard with police!!
une tuerie ce jeu!!je le conseille a qui veut de bons challenges!

Elair Maringá Brazil 2019-03-09 0 point

lets play together ONLINE, i love that game, i wanna play online with you all, get on !! Sent me a email please: ELAIRCLEM@HOTMAIL.COM

not you father 2019-02-28 0 point

dope game
i use to play this game in my childhood

SN95 2019-02-13 0 point

This game is awesome because it has the best car of them all, the 1999 Ford Mustang GT.

DiegoSonic81 2018-12-04 0 point

If anyone have trouble with the music, is normal. Let me explain. The original CD of the game have the soundtrack, so if you don't have it you can't listen the songs; BUT, if you have a regular CD music, you can listen the songs of that CD. You must press 2 to show the CD Player, then press 3 to play or pause. Press 4 or 5 to change the music track.

Si alguien tiene problema con la música, es normal. Déjenme explicarles. El CD original del juego tiene la banda sonora, por lo que si no lo tienes no podrás escuchar las canciones; PERO, si tienes un CD regular de música, puedes escuchar las canciones de ese CD. Oprime 2 para mostrar el reproductor de CD, y luego presiona 3 para escucharla o pausarla. Oprime 4 o 5 para cambiar la pista de música.

somedumbass 2018-12-01 -8 points

who cares this game is dead because bill gates

gane 2018-11-25 1 point

the game was a super and i am liked

Tiru 2018-11-25 0 point

Pls pls pls bring this game to iOS or Android.i really love this game .

yasin nawaz 2018-10-27 1 point

the game i was looking for.

shamu 2018-10-23 -1 point

very nice game but improve the graphics of the game

whiteash 2018-10-18 0 point

no se ejecuta el audio de la musica. ayuda!!!
mi correo es...

the audio of the music is not executed. help!!!
my mail is ...

the dare devil 2018-10-14 0 point

its a nice game when i used to play in my childhood...

Midtown Madness 2018-10-05 -3 points

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

vasudev 2018-09-30 0 point


dev 2018-09-16 0 point

i am fan of this game thank you i have been playing this game for years\

killer 2018-09-13 1 point

my brother will kill me if i downloaded this game

mian 2018-09-08 0 point

my best game and my first i play

prithvi 2018-08-14 2 points

how can I change the font of the words in the midtown madness game because i am nor able to read it

Krish Roy 2018-07-02 -3 points

good but it should be much more interesting

viju 2018-06-29 0 point

awseome game

jashan 2018-06-18 1 point

nice one

bilal 2018-05-22 2 points

wow ccool game

Hero 2018-05-20 1 point


SlenderGinger 2018-05-15 1 point

This game would not work for me. Tried patching the bugs myself. Kept crashing on launch. Help!

rayyan 2018-05-08 1 point


GenericGoat 2018-04-17 3 points

This game proves you don't need high quality graphics to have fun.

MH944 2018-04-09 1 point

Lovely childhood game. best of the best i'ld say :)

ooga boogs 2018-03-30 -1 point

ooga booga

adi 2018-03-21 1 point

this game is run any computer

MONU.. 2018-03-21 1 point


ravi_dhariya 2018-03-11 1 point

Best game Ever.

Adarsh 2018-02-27 1 point

Best Game Ever played

AtvinThe Killer 2018-02-27 0 point

I played this game 5 years ago in the same system.Wow I just Loved it

ghazali 2018-02-26 0 point

i love it thiiiiiiiiiis much thank you a lot

CrazyGriefer 2018-02-20 0 point

aaaah! the good old times of games in which you can cheat XD!

Abdurehman 2018-02-16 0 point

Very nice game

bukhari shah 2018-02-11 0 point

nice game.i played this game before 5 years ago.

Alex 2018-01-27 0 point

best game i played it so many year later. only i plays big games like gta5 but my first game was this only thank u so much.

azzy 2017-12-29 0 point

just downloading it,hope its not a virus. played this game when i was 10..

manu 2017-12-23 0 point

itis a very nice game ,i liked it somuch

masud 2017-12-20 0 point

nice game thanks

Person 2017-12-15 1 point

Every time i open the application windows tells me that the application can't open properly... please help

supercommando 2017-11-06 3 points

awesome! I was thinking about this game today and really wanted to play it again, thanks a lot for this! Also John, zoneb502.exe isn't a virus. Its to set up Microsoft Zone which was used to play multiplayer games when midtown madness was new. Its out of service now so zone doesn't work anymore.

John 2017-10-17 -1 point

this has a file named zoneb502.exe which i think is a virus so be careful or don't download

Parthy 2017-09-24 1 point

Great !! thank you for providing this game. Many happy moments associated with this game.

HAPPY 2017-09-21 1 point


hitesh 2017-09-04 0 point

thanks you so much to provide my desired game

nanu 2017-06-03 1 point

thank you

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