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LEGO Island

Windows - 1997

Alt name L'Ile LEGO
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in Japan, United States (1997)
Germany (2004)
Genre Action, Racing / Driving
Theme Licensed Title, Sandbox / Open World
Publisher Disky Communications Europe B.V., JustSystems Corporation, Mindscape, Inc.
Developer Mindscape, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
4.49 / 5 - 519 votes

Description of LEGO Island

In 1997, Mindscape, Inc., JustSystems Corporation, Disky Communications Europe B.V. publishes LEGO Island on Windows. This action and racing / driving game is now abandonware and is set in a licensed title and sandbox / open world themes.

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A 2024-05-04 1 point

tried the 64 bit setup then it said "whoops! You have to put the cd in your computer"

The Infomaniac 2023-12-27 1 point


gdfgdfg 2023-10-16 0 point

Whoops you haf 2 put the CD in your computer.

lego guy 2023-05-31 1 point

look lego island is good but i mean lego island is the best

JJ 2023-03-02 0 point

i can run it just fine on windows 11, but no audio is played at all

v10Porsche 2023-02-28 -1 point

Is there a way to actually run it on a computer without running through a VM I just wanna show my friend at school

EsotericRyoushi 2023-02-26 0 point

Just have to say, to all the people trying to run this on Windows 10 or Windows 11, it will not work on those operating systems.

You have to either make a Virtual Machine if your PC is powerful enough to do so, or use a seperate install of an older windows alltogether, or another PC running that older windows.

This game was made to run on Windows 95, which is mega old and tech has changed DRASTICALLY since then. Things just don't "work" on new hardware anymore.

Fallout 3 isn't an ancient game like this one, and even it required the developer to do a update just to get the game to run on Windows 10, but that will never happen for Lego Island, otherwise it'd be on Steam, not literally ABANDONED...

IndiGhost77 2023-02-22 0 point

hey so I've tried running this on my computer (which operates on Windows 11) and the program doesn't seem to actually want to run, it just sits there in the background hardly doing anything. I managed to get it to run on my brother's computer which ran on Win10 so I have no idea what's going on here, any ideas?

djjazzyjerry 2023-01-07 4 points

Can i trust this site?

PersonWhoCantRunLEGOIsland 2022-12-04 -3 points

I can't run LEGO Island. I installed everything, went through the process, but when I open autorun and click the run button to start the game, everything crashes. I'm on Windows 11 if that helps.

Any fixes or tips?

Evan 2022-11-23 0 point

Does this run on Windows Vista 32 bit 1737 laptop? I need to run this

fin 2022-11-22 1 point

anyone got any advice on how to run the game after downloading? I clicked the install file and it told me it needed me to install Direct X so I did that, but I don't know what to do after that. Any help??

THOMAS FAN 2022-09-14 0 point


pilotwings 65 2022-08-21 1 point

oooops! you have to put the cd in your computer.

Beverley Smith 2022-08-05 40 points

My son used to play this game as a young boy, I wish he would visit me more often.

thatissofunnybroiforgottolaugh 2022-07-15 1 point

I have been really wanting to play this. Thank god this site exists.

brody 2022-07-10 -1 point

whenever i launch the game it says its missing "d3drm.dll"

ThinBucket82549 2022-07-07 -1 point

Are you ready to le

3634mia 2022-07-01 0 point

I've played games since I was little I grew up playing LEGO ISLAND

Pocross 2022-06-04 0 point

If you have problems installing it by the original installer, use the le717 Lego Island Alternate Installer.

DaniTheCool 2022-05-31 0 point

The one thing about this game is that i got it working on windows 10 somehow and lost the file 2 months later

Autumn Run 2022-04-08 0 point

Played this game with my 3 kids years ago. They are all married now and i just found this on the computer to download and play. Cannot wit to play this. So many good memories with LEGO.

fsociety 2021-12-31 1 point

anyone have a fix for certain objects being purple?

Rick 2021-10-15 2 points

help when i open it from the cd launch it says "the action is not allowed", and when i open it from the installed folder, it says "ISLE.EXE stopped working", someone help me please

Darius66650 2021-09-23 3 points

i like lego

Bruh 2021-09-14 1 point

The download takes an hour!?

Tedster41 2021-09-11 0 point

Some issues, once I got it to work on my Windows XP laptop, only the selectable textures were loading. Then, after pressing Esc, the game crashed with a loud beeping noise, I terminated the program and now my desktop was only the top-left quarter of my screen. A quick reboot fixed the resolution, but I'm scared to try again in case I damage my computer. Can someone help?

Amig 2021-08-17 1 point

Can someone help me? When I install the game and open it up, it gives me an error, saying that ,,Lego Island" failed to start. Please quit all other applications and try again.

Duarte 2021-07-06 0 point

É super turbinado

Zac 2021-05-19 1 point

To play the game, select setup, and then autorun.

Aze 2021-05-14 1 point

Does anyone know why this download has you waiting for loadm.exelator?? That's legitimately malware

SlimJalapeno 2021-05-11 1 point

How do I run this game??

Maro 2021-05-10 1 point

this game is awesome!!!

Recordable 2000 2021-05-10 0 point

Yeah, Whenever they ask you what are you doing on the computer, you always just say *INSTALLING DIRECT X*

jomanakk 2021-03-23 0 point

TITANDERP we could instead just use Daemon tools

salty 2021-03-21 2 points

whenever i try to download the directx thing nothing happens i tried again and it still didn't work what do i do

your mom 2021-03-07 0 point

get to bed you silly boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

JJ 2021-03-06 0 point

Im on windows xp :P

coolguimanthank 2021-02-16 1 point

this cool, thank

No 2021-01-13 0 point

Nice game, ill test it on my 2002 Windows XP laptop. The model is: HP Compaq 6710b.

vince 2020-12-21 0 point

i have a question is that old?

Tyler 1.0 2020-11-08 0 point

TITIANDERP Thanks for the tip

James 2020-10-25 0 point

When i play the fix its just a blank screen

LOLMan707 2020-09-15 2 points

best game 10/10

also whoops! you have to put the cd in your computer

windowsxp 2020-09-12 1 point

i love the song called explore

nbnbnbnbnbnnbnbnb 2020-08-29 1 point

i am so happy

Hunter 2020-08-21 1 point

I came here after Joel played the game....
So yeah.

Kolt 2020-07-22 1 point

When i try to load the game up, it just says missing d3drm.dll is missing. I tried reinstalling and it still says it. How can i fix?

anymous 2020-07-07 0 point

why lego island was best:
first it can run in any pc
second graphics are good
third memories
fourth it is 550 megabayt

WwwWario 2020-06-23 0 point

Enjoy the new updates to the FNaW series

wolf 2020-06-20 -1 point

why does it say i have to close all my applications to play.. what do i have to do?

ceecee 2020-03-30 0 point

I'm having the same problem as some others, when driving only the dashboard loads.. It's a pity, this really brought back great memories.

tri poloski 2020-02-28 0 point

DUED, i think yes, but im not surew.

Mynameisjoe123123 2020-02-14 1 point

Well. I don't have the CD. Will it work?

xxf4ze_n00b_sl4yer124xx 2020-02-02 0 point

epic 90's gamer moment.

Dued 2020-01-11 0 point

Could we run this on VM?

Noah 2019-12-03 -1 point

eu espero que funcione porque eu uso Windows7 Profissional e funciona o Roblox mais não o Minecraft e também alguns emuladores

TitianDerp 2019-12-01 42 points


If the game tells you to put the CD in the computer you have to get mounting software, PowerISO is by far the best. With your mounting application of choice, make a virtual CD drive. Then, use the application to mount the .bin file in the fake CD drive. Next, run the setup for the normal game. After it's installed, download the patch and install that. Your game should be done.

When you use a vehicle, and you cannot see anything, go into the CONFIG.EXE. When it's loaded click advanced. Go to the Direct 3D Devices and choose a different emulation.

If the mouse sensitivity is too high google LEGO Island Rebuilder. Download the re-builder and open it. Next, look at the controls and click Turn Speed. If you're running a modern PC you should set it to 0.3 it even tells you at the bottom the original speed and a recommended speed.


TheAlmightySock 2019-10-28 11 points

I used to play this maybe 10 years ago on the old family Dell PC. Now I've been hit with a blast from the past when everything was alright in the world for me. Damn..

LINKOOT9 2019-10-16 2 points

I LIKE THIS GAME SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meh.... 2019-06-30 2 points

is this a zip file or actual game with short cut? i use windows 10 will it work!?

Airbourne 2019-05-04 4 points

So I'm running the game fine. However, anytime i go to drive a vehicle it doesn't load anything besides the dashboard of said vehicle so i cant see where I'm driving! ANY IDEAS??

man 2019-04-14 18 points

How do i actually run the game?

microsoft paint 2019-03-28 1 point

Oops, I forgot to put the CD in my computer.

Geraldo of Rivialdo 2019-03-05 0 point

great nostalgia

ChrisTreetopLegoMaster 2019-01-02 3 points

This old classic Lego stuff is totally awesome

Jacksmith541 2018-09-09 2 points

i like having the correct computer for this game windows 98

Joshua 2018-07-21 2 points


poopyjaydn 2018-07-04 0 point


face 2018-04-15 0 point

cool game!!!

LoOsEr-MaNs 2018-03-29 6 points

the D3DRM.DLL may not compatible with my windows version.

With the "fix.exe" when i start the game, i have an error message. ("lego island" failed to start. please quit all other applications and try again.)

what can i try next?

Will 2018-03-17 2 points

I downloaded this earlier today and when I try to click to play missions it does not allow me to. Anything Im missing?

laci 2018-03-03 -1 point

lego island is so coll

tatertot mc tickle bunz 2018-02-21 -51 points

i havent played it yet..... just thought my name was funny its also my insta go follow me

Guillerme01 2018-02-17 4 points

I wanted to play this game. ;)

Anonyoumus 2018-02-15 -2 points


william8456 2018-02-12 2 points

a good game. (if only i had gotten used to the arrow key controls)

william8456 2018-02-11 1 point

whats more horrifying? the bad ending to this? or death?

Boofer 2017-12-11 2 points

It didn't work for me. I downloaded it and it won't start.

CoolYaga 2017-11-19 2 points


g 2017-10-19 1 point

guide how to play it?

A Random Lantern 2017-09-18 -4 points

Malware that probably isn't malware. Time to scan this.

ShushTheMan 2017-09-03 3 points

I have to download so much STUFF and i can't handle that much Megabyte eating.

P Daddy 2017-08-09 7 points

I was 11 when my dad came home with this and our minds were blown. We were big fans of Lego and had just gotten a pc the year before. What great memories I have playing this game and the original Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

Kat 2017-06-23 0 point

Honestly loved this game. How could you not?!?

Jameskii 2017-06-19 2 points

I love this game so much

Humacina 2017-05-16 -1 point

I made a lets play of this game

Lego Figure 2017-03-14 6 points

The D3DRM.DLL needed is in the ISO/REDIST/DIRECTX

To get the game to play without the "CD" go to ISO/LEGO/SCRIPTS and copy the SCRIPTS folder to your install folder's LEGO folder and copy it there along side the date folder.

purem8 2016-12-24 -4 points

OCh, abosultely stunning m9 best game of 2016 10/10

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