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Mortal Kombat 3

DOS - 1995

Also released on: Game Gear - Genesis - SEGA Master System

Alt names モータルコンバット3, 真人快打3, MK 3
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Action
Theme Arcade, Fighting, Martial Arts, Versus Fighting
Publisher GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd., Williams Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Midway Manufacturing Company
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view
Dosbox support Supported on current version (works best on 0.73)
4.26 / 5 - 216 votes

Description of Mortal Kombat 3

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Albeit technologically most advanced of the three, MK3 did not live up to its predecessor’s name. MK2 had everything done in moderation, whereas MK3 overdid on virtually everything. Yes, the stages were nicer (albeit still at 320x200), there were more kombatants, with a fan-favourite, Scorpion, taken out of the first iteration (he comes back in Ultimate MK3), more secrets, but -- exactly. But MORE does not necessarily mean BETTER. The story lacked its prequel’s excitement, the only thing new that the gameplay brought onto the table were the unique kombos… the rest was MK2 meat and potatoes, with no gravy whatsoever.

The story seemed to have been written hastily (Shao Kahn invades Earthrealm, after having been defeated in MK2), some of the characters lacked likeability (I’m looking at you Stryker), while some seemed to suffer similar fates to the original seven, e.g. Kabal’s story, while some were blatant copies with hardly any changes from the previous game (Jax).

Again, don’t get me wrong, the game is absolutely playable and plenty of fun, it’s just not the best of the original trilogy, due to the overdoing of nearly everything, e.g. notice, how your opponent’s yells overlap on themselves, making you feel like you’re beating on a choir of Liu Kangs? Or, if you uppercut your opponent in the clocktower, you’re confined to only three stages? Last not least of the exaggerations is the new finishing move, “Animality”. The authors, obviously, could not leave an instalment out with adding an “-ity” to their characters’ plethora of moves. Whether it was a marketing gimmick, or just a fun-to-do feature for the developers, it was absolutely unnecessary and ugly (Sub Zero turning into a polar bear, albeit hilarious in its concept, lacked in realism a bit. It’s easier to believe there are forces at play in this universe trying to destroy your world, than that it is possible for a person to turn into a badly animated animal.

The outcry of fans for not having included Scorpion in the original line-up made the publishers change their attitude and a short while after they released Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which essentially was what the original MK3 should have been.

Review By Greg

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Comments and reviews

RowdyRonny 2024-01-27 0 point

Man GOG sucks, I get noobs need an easy way to play games and will throw their money away on anything but it still reeks to me that GOG are able to pick up these games that are out of license and then claim only they have the rights to sell the games. They didn't make them, how did they get the license? The originals shouldn't have to be taken down from sites like myabandware.

bk 2020-08-22 2 points DOS version

I agree that GOG shouldn't be the only source for some of these abandoned games. People who can't use computers should go to GOG and waste their money but the rest of us just want it for free since we know how to make it work. GOG don't deserve my money since they shouldn't have rights to the game and I don't need their help to make it work.

Burel 2020-02-04 0 point

It's cool

chiku 2020-01-03 0 point

yo cool game ever seen bro /

Pelger 2018-12-30 1 point

no, they shouldn't, they should keep the original isos. for newbies that want the "dosbox ready" versions there's already GOG.
the original versions should be preserved, it's infuriating to get an old game but it's the gog installer or it's all modified so you can't install or run it on real hardware.

phrozen 2018-07-12 0 point

First game on CD-ROM I've actually bought myself. I believe it's the best of all episodes. Be your own judge.

Some helpful dude 2018-05-03 -1 point

I want to share a tip for the entire retro gaming community. If trying to run a game easier best thing is to drag its exe shortcut to Dosbox shortcut and it will open automatically mounting to right location. 2016-12-05 1 point


Stephen 2016-10-11 -2 points

You should really make the games DosBox ready like other websites do. It's so much easier for newbies, considering the majority of those that play these games are newbies trying to get back their childhood games.

P.D.P 2016-04-01 -2 points

i don't see Noob Saibot. why?

Nilo 2016-01-29 -2 points

Nice game

Doddo 2015-10-24 1 point

Why is there no background music? Except for the finish him and win themes?

Doddo 2015-10-24 0 point

Why is there no background music? Except for the finish him and win themes?

spongebobsquareass 2015-09-25 0 point

when i want to run this game it always says error loading fighter.....
plz help

michael 2015-08-15 0 point

Such a great game

Amir 2015-06-27 0 point DOS version

These games are awesome for sure!

dipak 2015-04-07 1 point DOS version

this isnt the one mlooking for...less warriors r nly avilable...n low graphic is here
extracting using win rar what to do to install it

dendi 2014-12-02 -2 points DOS version


What is next after you type "dir"????

Reply ASAP :))

nkandu 2014-09-21 -3 points DOS version

Looking good

Alvin 2014-03-28 -1 point DOS version

super wow

anonimo 2014-01-07 -2 points DOS version

i cannot make fatalitys in this game i need a joystick

Jegas 2014-01-04 0 point DOS version

Dosbox 0.74 Win7 64bit - RUNS AWESOME!

needucat 2013-11-21 0 point DOS version

I remember the beautiful childhood

Bumper 2013-07-14 -1 point DOS version


mirey 2013-07-13 0 point DOS version

I love this games

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 -1 point DOS version

mk3 ulitimate is better with more choice

HellBlade64 2012-12-26 3 points DOS version


Are you trying to run the .exe alone? It won't open by itself on a Windows 7 computer, if that's what you have anyways. To play ANY and ALL dos games, go here:


make a folder on the root of your C: drive, name it something like "DOS", that's what I did. Then, make a folder inside there for each dos game you have and wish to play, in this case, name the folder MK3,

Extract (copy) the game's files to that folder.

And now we can get to finding and booting up games on DOSBox.

First off, type "mount c C:\

After that, it should say "C mounted as local drive C:\" or something close to that.

Next simply type C:\, and the Z:\ at the bottom should change to C:\.

Now, to find games, type "cd " (no quotation marks, same goes for previous commands too.)

If you get to the games folder, go down, if not, stay here, if you had trouble finding the game folder's name, type "dir" to display all the files and folders in that current directory. You should find what you're looking for there.

How to find the game's executable. If you have trouble with this, type dir again to display the files and folders, and look for the main executable.

Hope this helped.

xxx 2012-11-19 1 point DOS version

how 2 open the game
can't open exe ?!!!
pls help

Licurg 2012-04-28 0 point DOS version

Excellent game, although i still like MK2 better.

HellBlade64 2011-12-14 0 point DOS version

The Mortal Kombat Franchise is famous for it's extreme blood gore and violence. Bottom line, it kicks all ass.

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