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Star Control II

DOS - 1992

Also released on: 3DO

Alt name Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in Canada, United States (1992)
Brazil (1993)
United Kingdom (1996)
Genre Action
Theme Arcade, Mini-Games, RPG Elements, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher Accolade, Inc., Telstar Fun and Games
Developer Toys for Bob Inc.
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Top-Down, Fixed / Flip-screen
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.64 / 5 - 78 votes

Description of Star Control II

Star Control II (aka スター・コントロールII, The Ur-Quan Masters) is a video game published in 1992 on DOS by Accolade, Inc., Telstar Fun and Games. It's an action game, set in an arcade, sci-fi / futuristic, rpg elements and mini-games themes, and was also released on 3DO.

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Bascule 2024-02-01 0 point DOS version

"Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters" is simply speaking on of the best computer games ever (and I am playing games since 1982, so I daresay to have some judgement here). Play the original if you miss than early 90ies vibe, or look for the free fan-made remake ("The Ur-Quan Masters") which plays better on modern HW. For 1992, this game was really breathtaking and I fondly remember whole nights playing it. With many modern titles (especially "Mass Effect") you can tell that the programmers must have known and enjoyed this game as well; so many elements in SC2 were simply 20 years ahead of their time.

Naniyue 2020-08-21 1 point

I must agree that the UQM version is the best. I like the exploration and shuttle sequences, but never really liked the main combat, since it was so easy to run into heavenly bodies that should have been part of the background instead of obstacles. I personally LOVE the voice acting! So many old, and new, games could benefit from this.

Plopsta 2020-04-15 6 points

Firstly, Ur-Quan Masters is a freeware version of Star Control II from the code of the Panasonic 3DO version. It has been updated multiple times and modernised. Whoop.

However, despite that, I will always play this in DosBox. The interface of the PC version is what I prefer. The 3DO additions are actually an annoyance to me.

Simply put, this is the greatest game ever. No other game completes the picture of superior music, graphics, dialogue, gameplay, storyline and backstory as Star Control II did.

The music in mod form is simply brilliant. For 1992, absolutely mindblowing. When some games still had PC speaker, this game created original tunes (with outside help from independent contributors) and paired them brilliantly with the scene of that moment, whether it's exploring a solar system, exploring a planet, speaking to one of the many alien races, engaging in combat, or simply flying through hyperspace. Almost every tune is a masterpiece in its own right.

The many game modes within the one game are also varied and add to the richness of the experience. Every star in the game can be explored. You can explore each solar system, and each planet within. Within each planet you can harvest minerals for "resource units" (the game's version of currency), energy sources (rare, but generally things you can take with you, or destroyed civilizations), and biological units.

Each alien race can be interacted with. Some hostile, some neutral, and some friendly who will ally with you. The backstory of the Ur-Quan is tragic, and despite being the antagonist of the game, you can understand their outlook and fractured psyche.

You can outfit your starship as you see fit carrying whatever modules and accompanying ships. Whether you wish to be purely exploratory, or an aggressive warship is completely up to the player.

As part of the storyline, certain artifacts must be collected. There are multiple ways to gather some of them as well. Some methods may be morally questionable.

The dialogue within the game is plentiful yet also quite humourous and interesting. Plenty of dialogue which also provides fascinating into each and every race in the game.

The graphics for 1992 are simply breathtaking. To this day, I still enjoy them immensely. HD graphics are not required. It will not improve the experience of the game one bit. The standard offering is still amazing, relative to its age without gimmick.

The length of the game is also considerable. Relatively to other games of the day, this game was long, but doesn't drag out as there's always something to be done.

The depth of the story as well as the many unanswered questions left behind has always kept me entertained. For the past 28 years, this game has been my favourite. As gaming has moved away from deep narrative, this game becomes even more important in my opinion in how a well put together game even with the passage of time will always remain timeless.

Star Control II is simply a game that no true gamer can dismiss nor disparage.
Doing so will only expose you as a fool, worthy of the Kohr-Ah's cleaning.

thedude 2019-03-24 -2 points

You're better off playing Ur-Quan Masters for free with HD graphics and sound.

r/Woosh 2019-01-02 -19 points

Looks boring and outdated.

Dain XVI 2017-09-03 0 point

To PIXELACHER. Bye or get Win 7 or Win XP. And game itself, that IS a very good game and I not say more of that. "I have Win XP."

MadBomber 2017-02-17 2 points

This is a great game, UrQuan wars is a rewrite and much better interface along with the great music. It's also free! Now were just waiting on sword of the samurai to be allowed to be downloaded again, hint hint!
God Bless all!

Yabadune 2016-08-11 2 points

The story was excellent. The file downloaded here have a hints folder with a star map that helped me out a ton. Also I believe the files for the human and the red probe ships were modified. The human ship has unlimited energy and can fly so fast it will kill itself by flying faster then the missiles it fires(hint shoot sideways if moving.) The red probes attacks seem to be disabled completely. I didn't realize this until halfway through the game which helped out a lot when getting the hang of the game. can't wait to play a second time with the original ship setting(the files are found in the "original" folder).

Glitch Xero 2016-01-01 2 points

This is one of the greatest games ever made. You'll lose yourself for hours in it, promise. Fun story, quirky characters (

Chris 2015-06-21 3 points DOS version

Easily one of the best games all time, and yes, you can look up Ur Quan Masters and get a download there

Jake 2014-12-30 2 points DOS version

Absolutely LOVED this game, and I have no idea why. It has NOTHING I look for in a good game except the story, but I just could not get enough of it. Played through dozens of times and enjoyed every minute of it.

MITSUBI 2014-09-03 2 points DOS version

BTW,space part of the game Spore is copy of SC.

TrekCaptainUSA 2013-11-14 0 point DOS version

Best to use DOSBox in order to run this game if you don't have an older PC (IBM PS/2 Model 80)

Hece 2013-10-26 0 point DOS version

This is easily one of the best games ever!

legop 2013-09-17 0 point DOS version

Look up "Ur Quan Masters", it's an opensource free remake of the game, that works on modern machines.

Pixelpreacher 2013-08-07 -2 points DOS version

How do I get it to work? I have windows 8 but it doesn't run. HALP ME!

lol 2013-07-14 0 point DOS version


lottor 2013-07-11 0 point DOS version

one of the best games of all time

legop 2013-01-30 3 points DOS version

i love star conrol 2

Rox2208 2012-05-13 2 points DOS version

This was and still is one of my favorite games. Beats most modern games quite easily in terms of game play and story.

jax 2011-11-21 2 points DOS version

i agree with lea0342...i love this game...

lea0342 2011-09-23 3 points DOS version

Best adventure game in computer history... period

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