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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen

Windows - 2000

Also available on: Mac

Alt names Отверженные. Тайна темной расы, Deep Space 9: The Fallen, Otvergennye: Tajna Temnoj Rassy, The Fallen
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
Belgium, France, Russia, Spain, Switzerland (2001)
Genre Action
Theme Editor / Construction Set, Licensed Title, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher 1C Company, FX Interactive, S.L., PAN Interactive, Simon & Schuster Interactive,
Developer Collective, Inc., The
Perspective Behind view
4.27 / 5 - 33 votes

Description of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen

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In recent years the gaming community has come to view any game with the words "Star Trek" in the title as pariah, unworthy of even a second thought. This rather harsh judgment is not entirely unwarranted. Past efforts to cash in on the popular Star Trek license have resulted in a long string of games ranging in quality from slightly above mediocre to downright poor. This persistent gaming curse on the Star Trek franchise has seemingly been broken, however, with the recent addition of several well done titles to the inventory. Among them are Voyager: Elite ForceStarfleet Command II: Empires at War, and Armada (of course there's also New Worlds, but they can't all be winners), as well as a number of upcoming products that show great promise, including Bridge CommanderDominion Wars, and Away Team. The most recent Star Trek release is Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, developed by The Collective and published by Simon & Schuster. So how does The Fallen fare in comparison to these other titles? Well, suffice it to say that, what Elite Force did for Star Trek in the first person shooter genre, The Fallenaccomplishes in kind for the third person action/adventure genre.

The events depicted in The Fallen tie into the Millennium saga, a trilogy of Star Trek paperbacks by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, published by Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster. Fans of the now defunct television series may recognize some of the plot's key elements: the Pah-wraiths, a race of all-powerful aliens exiled from the wormhole (or the Celestial Temple, as the Bajoran religious sect refers to it) by the Prophets, are on the verge of returning. The keys to unleashing and harnessing their power are three ancient red orbs. Playing as Sisko, Kira, or Worf, you must race to find the orbs against a host of opposing forces that would abuse their power to dominate the Alpha Quadrant and all of its inhabitants.

Of note is the fact that your three player choices do not merely give you the option to change the character skin. There are separate levels and unique mission objectives for each character. Of course, the events portrayed in each of these three character's levels are interrelated. For example, in the course of one of the Sisko missions, you contact Major Kira and coordinate a plan whereby she will sabotage security systems to allow you access to a certain area. When you get there, this has been accomplished for you. If you later go back and play the Kira missions (and I assume you will), however, you will receive the message from Sisko ordering you to disable the security systems for him and, playing as Kira, you must complete this task as your mission objective. There are similar connections between the Sisko/Worf missions and the Worf/Kira missions. These three separate "chapters," while not necessarily complete games in their own right, provide a fair degree of additional longevity to this single-player only game. The manual recommends that you play through the game in its entirety as each of the characters in turn, which is how I completed the game.

Visually, The Fallen is rather impressive. It sports an enhanced Unreal Tournament engine under the hood, which adeptly supplies delectable character skins (with beautifully sculpted facial features and expressions), expansive exterior environments and meticulously detailed interiors (including extensive maps of the DS9 station, the U.S.S. Defiant, a Bajoran monastery, a secret Cardassian military base, a hostile alien jungle, a Jem 'Hadar internment camp, and more), and some nicely textured effects with considerable amounts of eye candy.

Some of the enhancements to the Unreal Tournament engine include a custom-designed inverse kinematics and bones animation system that provides fluid character movements and ambulatory dexterity. Although The Fallen is presented Tomb Raider-style in third-person, it doesn't suffer from many of the problematic perspective and control issues common to this genre. The most significant distinction between The Fallen and Tomb Raideris an improved "over the shoulder" camera technique that avoids disorienting camera shifts in mid-maneuver. This sophisticated system also prevents the character's head from obstructing the view (a much needed feature, particularly since Sisko's substantial bare pate would block the entire screen at times without it). Whenever you back into a corner or against a wall, the camera zooms forward and your character becomes transparent (similar to a technique used in Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine or more recently, Rune), allowing you to maintain visibility at all times. This feature is especially helpful since, although The Fallen is not your average shooter, shooting still plays a significant role in the gameplay. The only time view obstruction becomes a slight problem is when entering interior doors, however, I never experienced an incident where this occurrence was a decisive factor in combat.

The Fallen touts over ten weapons, including the standard Starfleet hand phaser, phaser assault rifles, grenade launchers, a variety of disruptors, gravitic mines, the deadly bladed Bat'leth, and more. There is also a plethora of twenty-fourth century gadgets, including the tricorder, communicator, medical hyposprays, PADD (Personal Access Display Device), shield emitter, and the exographic imager just to name a few. Over two-dozen alien races are represented in The Fallen, including Klingons, Ferengi, Bajorans, Cardassians, Jem 'Hadar, Founders, an all-new race of bio-analogous creatures known as the Grigari, and whatever species "Morn" belongs to.

In terms of enemy AI, I found it to be on par with most games but nothing particularly spectacular. The Grigari are hulking creatures but slow and deliberate in their advance. They are impossible to stop, however, unless you know the secret to doing it (and I'm not telling). Jem 'Hadar and Cardassian attackers utilize the same old strafing and rolls we've come to know and love (or perhaps hate) from Unreal. They will surprise you at times, however, by outflanking you from the rear, especially in enclosed areas with obstacles as opposed to wide open spaces. The hideous dog-beasts in the caves didn't pursue when I rounded a corner and were easily taken out with a few well-placed phaser shots. The flying manta rays are quick and can poison you. Once in your sights, however, they are disintegrated by a single phaser-rifle shot. There is a bar-slide control in the options menu that allows you to set the sensitivity of auto-targeting, much nicer than merely being able to toggle it on or off. Even after I discovered this and set the auto-targeting to zero, I was able to dispatch five or six rushing Jem 'Hadar without taking too much damage simply by using a rock and a tree for cover. Although the combat sequences are not exceptionally challenging, they're no walk in the park. On more than one occasion I fell victim to enemy phaser fire, particularly when facing off against multiple opponents.

The Fallen possesses outstanding graphics and balanced gameplay with proportionate amounts of combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. What really puts it over the top, however, is its reliance on a strong plot to keep the momentum of the game moving ahead. The intriguing and epic story arc is well scripted and includes plenty of twists and turns. Overall, The Fallen has the look and feel of a Star Trek feature film. This cinematic quality is further supported by a superb soundtrack. It is by far one of the best I've heard in a game. The musical score, which ranges in mood from introspective to foreboding to heart pounding, shifts seamlessly between understated ambiance and pulse-quickening intensity, providing a rich tapestry of sound, enhancing gameplay, and leaving no doubt that you have entered the Star Trek universe.

The audio not only includes excellent music, but some great sound effects as well. Well-known Star Trek sounds such as the transporter, phaser, and tricorder are authentically reproduced. Other sound effects, like the splashing as you run through shallow water, are also well done and contribute nicely to the overall sensation. One other note of key concern regarding the audio... the voice-overs are well done and lip synced with exacting precision. Star Trek fans will be rather disappointed to discover, however, that Avery Brooks does NOT provide the voice for Captain Sisko. Likewise, a stand-in supplies the voice acting for Chief Miles O'Brien. Die hard fans may balk at the idea entirely but I found that, although it took a little getting used to, the somewhat unfamiliar voices did not detract enough from the overall experience. On a positive note, the rest of the character voice-overs were done by the original actors from the television series cast.

My final verdict on The Fallen is this... it may not be in the running for "Game of the Year" but it certainly holds its own and is sure to be popular among a wide variety of gamers. The legions of loyal Star Trek fans are going to have plenty to drool over in this game (particularly having the opportunity to explore the DS9 station and the U.S.S. Defiant in 3D), but you don't have to own a pair of prosthetic pointed ears and a Starfleet uniform to enjoy the excellent gameplay. The Fallen is certainly worth more than just a cursory glance. Anyone who enjoyed the Tomb Raiderseries and who would welcome a science fiction twist will find Deep Space Nine: The Fallen an enjoyable and worthwhile enterprise (pardon the pun).

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RetroMind 2024-05-19 -2 points Windows version

For people like me, who own old hardware this is a dream. Forget yer win11 bla bla you shouldn't be playing old games on new os. Just build an old pentium 4 and away ye go with winxp.

deepspacefine 2024-04-07 1 point Windows version

Could not get the iso version to launch, but could run the "rip" version. If you're getting the "general protection fault" error, you're very close. Instead of hitting "Run DS9" from the launcher, hit "Change your 3D video settings" then click the "show non-certified devices" option. Be sure you've selected the "Direct 3D 11 Support" option (or whatever other renderer you're using), then the game boots.

The other important thing is to make sure that if you're using the DirectX11 renderer that you download the 1.6.2 version, WHICH IS NOT ON MODHUB ANYMORE. I was able to find it here with help from this vid.

I'm able to load into levels, and even play for a bit, but am getting frequent crashes to desktop. Any ideas how to deal with that?

The Sisko 2023-08-07 -3 points Windows version

Does this work on Windows 11? I am getting an error message when I try to run it.

Captain_Tar 2023-06-16 1 point Windows version

Great Game, bought this one on disk, and is a favorite, 3rd person, great cut scenes, great action, true to Star Trek Series, you will learn to use your phaser (modulation), and your Tri-coder as well, fun to play, and worth your time.

SASAS 2023-05-14 0 point Windows version

There seem to be two different ISO from this game on the internet.
One of them just doesn't launch even with mini code patch.
The other ones crashes after intro with a "general protection fault" error.

omg 2023-05-06 0 point

This game is incredibly similar to Dead Space, minus the necros.

Rajive 2022-06-16 -1 point Windows version

For those who want to play and Voodoo is not working you should use this DX11 renderer for the game :

1) Download the last version
2)Copy the following files from the Common folder: , Effects11.dll and d3d11drv folder to game /system folder.

2. In the archive copy d3d11drv.dll file from "ST-DS9TheFallen" file to game /system folder.
3.If you are launching the game for the fisrt time then select D3D11 Renderer in the list.

3.A If you cannot choose D3D11 in the list or in the menu ingame open "DS9.ini" in the system folder of the game and change the following line in [Engine.Engine] subsection to: GameRenderDevice=D3D11Drv.D3D11RenderDevice

4. To remove the watermark you must launch one level at least one time.
Then open the DS9.ini and in [D3D11Drv.D3D11RenderDevice] change SupportMETextEnabled to False.

The game should now run smoothly without crash in full screen in any resolution (At least for me it works in 2560x1440).

VicariousShaner 2022-02-24 1 point Windows version

Hey, I can't seem to get the retail patch to apply. It just keeps saying "can't open file" or something similar. The actual game runs and hasn't crashed (yet) for me, but I'd like to play with the patch if possible. I'm on windows 11 btw, any advice?

RatChef 2021-08-02 0 point Windows version

Managed to get the ISO installed and working with dgVoodoo2, and followed this link...[US/ENGLISH]%20No-CD/Fixed%20EXE (choose option "DS9: The Fallen v112100 [US/ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE") download a no-cd patch that fixed a bit of the crashing I was experiencing, but I'm still encountering some crashes. Was wondering if anyone had had any experience with downloading the no-cd 'update #1' patch from that link, since it gets blocked by google and somehow and a site with popup ads everywhere saying 'don't worry its fine!' doesn't fully convince me.

nucclearffiestas 2021-07-03 1 point Windows version

Odo, try dropping the files from dgVoodoo2_75\MS\x86 into your DS9 system folder. Also, drop in dgVoodoo.conf and dgVoodooCpl.exe. Running this executable will allow you to configure settings under the DirectX tab.

If you want to run in 1080p, change the values of FullscreenViewportX and FullscreenViewportY in your DS9.ini file. In my experience, forcing 1080p in dgVoodoo results in a black screen when booting the program.

Also, make sure you configure the game to run in Direct3D mode. To do this, run the game and go to OptionsVideoVideo DriverChange and select Direct3D from the menu that appears after the game closes.

ODO 2021-06-30 0 point Windows version

so I have this running, But I can't break out of windowed mode, its small 800x600. I took a look at the DGVoodoo2, but non of the files match, not sure what to do.

Can someone advise what files from the DGVoodoo2. need to be moved into the /system of DS9

nucclearffiestas 2021-06-14 2 points Windows version

BTW I'm on Win7 x64. Further steps may be required for Win10 users.
Additional notes: the menu gets wonky at higher resolutions. Perhaps there is a fix for this, but I have not found one yet.
I like 4:3 for older games, so I keep my resolution at 1280x1024 on my 1080p monitor and it looks great!

nucclearffiestas 2021-06-14 6 points Windows version

This is a cool game with great atmosphere. I got mine 100% working, and here's how I did it:

1. Download from
2. Mount .bin file with .bin using a virtual drive mounting fool such as WinCDEmu
3. Install Game
4. Add dgVoodoo files to \system folder. Tutorial here:
5. Install Patch 112100 from
6.. Play game with CD mounted, OR install no-cd patch from[US/ENGLISH]%20No-CD/Fixed%20EXE (choose option "DS9: The Fallen v112100 [US/ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE")

Proc 2021-03-12 0 point

I also recieved the error Error installing iKernal.exe: (0x2000). However I did obtain a working copy on Also used dgVoodoo2 to use open gl in the game settings. Had to use windows xp compatibility mode on windows 10

lwraw 2020-11-15 0 point Windows version

i just tried downloading the iso but when i try to install it i get an error that says "Error installing iKernal.exe: (0x2000)"

admin 2020-10-07 3 points

ISO updated with a working one

pollywog 2020-10-06 0 point Windows version

The game can still be played at some extent by renaming the corrupt file GEn_dialogue.uax in the ..\sounds directory.
Trekked till the end through the Sisko campaign but got "missing file" error towards the end, renamed it back again, played a little, renamed it back again to smth else.
sure, some of the dialogue was missing, but i had subtitles on.

Renaming back and forth the sounds file works with the other two campaigns, but there is too much of the missing error file too often, at least in the beginning,
and when the file has its original name there is the need to avoid bumping into walls or jumping or getting shot, just not to trigger the unaccesable sounds that are embeded
into the file. Don't even care about those other two campaigns, the Sisko campaign was splendid. Loved it.

Also another hint. When writting programmable chips, insert blank chip, take a few steps back, wait for the "chip programmed" message to be displayed
then use or touch the programmer util you get the message that you got the chip, otherwise the chip may show up in your inventory but you don't have it.

pollywog 2020-09-15 0 point Windows version

downloaded the rip from, as indicated by some other user in the comments, nope, still getting the audio error message as everyone else. maybe it wasn't the same rip, whatever.

Lycantis 2020-07-21 1 point Windows version

This is missing main directory files. If this is still moderated, I have the solution:

Get the original game disc and install, then add the game files from this site and skip the identical ones. That will give you the missing files (the error is a missing directory, not a corrupt file). It should also remove any corrupt files by skipping the ones already in the game directory.

Windows 10 users will need to go get DGVoodoo2 to run it. Follow their easy installation instructions.
If the screen is stretched (it will be), set the game resolution in the Options to 800x600. For Intel, right-click the desktop and open the Intel Control Panel. In Display, change your computer's resolution to a lower setting, which alters options somehow, then set it back. Click off Maintain Aspect Ratio, then activate it again and also select Override Application Settings (I tried it without doing that and it was still stretched). Nvidea will also have a control panel option that will work similarly to this. I hope that helps!
That's the solution for if you have or can get an original CD. Once you mix the files, you will not need the disc to run it.

I will try to get the repaired files to the one who runs this page.

MCD182 2020-05-18 1 point Windows version

I was having the same problem the general protection fault and the files not wanting to install upon setup. I got another RIP from and it works perfectly, if using in Windows 10 you will need DGVoodoo2.

GLITCH 2020-05-03 1 point

Game crashes with "General protection fault!
History: UObject::ProcessEvent"
What's up with that? I was looking forward to this

Monty 2020-04-28 0 point Windows version

I played this in the early 2000ands and it was really good at the time still very involving :-)

Chill 2020-04-19 0 point

Just installed by mounting the ISO and played the tutorial (playing as Sisko). There was an issue during installation that noted that one or more of the sound files didnt match the game's config files by name and so suggested an abort. Installed anyway and played ok. The game crashed when I jumped on a particular surface, presumably trying to pull that sound file and then crashed. It will now not reopen altogether, including on safe mode without audio.

This is after applying both patches from the download.

Crash message:

General protection fault!
History: UObject::ProcessEvent

grrrr 2019-12-15 1 point Windows version

"general protection fault critical error"...


why god why?

AVS 2019-12-15 0 point Windows version

The game keeps crashing after a few minutes of perfectly smooth play, giving me a lengthy message that begins with:

History: FSoundData::Load

HellBlade64 2019-08-12 1 point

My first interaction with the Star Trek series as a whole. The Fallen was built on the Unreal 2 Engine and utilized nearly all of the engine's capabilities at the time. The game features impressive lighting and sounds. The actual crew members from the Deep Space Nine show voice their in-game characters to reinforce the feeling of this being a true Star Trek adventure.

? 2019-03-05 0 point

Anyone know where to get a PC version?

Ian 2015-05-23 0 point Mac version

If this works, fantastic, This and Elite Force were the two best Star Trek games. Great combinations of great action, problem solving and strategy with vicarious thrills of hearing the original casts and roaming familiar virtual sets.

DS9game 2014-10-15 1 point Mac version

The file says it corrupted.

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