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Zone Raiders

DOS - 1995

Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1995)
United States (1997)
Genre Action, Racing / Driving
Theme Combat Vehicules, FPS, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Expert Software, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Image Space Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.6 / 5 - 16 votes

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Description of Zone Raiders

Zone Raiders is a decent 3D futuristic driving combat game that unfortunately doesn’t offer anything to set it above Wipeout XL or Quarantine.

In the game, you play an independent “Raider” who must enter a zone to retrieve, destroy, or activate various items and escape successfully. During your raids, you must elude capture by Zone Patrols, and battle enemy vehicles utilizing an array of weapons.

Zone Raiders is fun – but unfortunately only for the first few hours or so until you see all its 16 tracks. It’s neat to fly the hover car, but once the novelty wears off the rest of the game becomes quite repetitive, especially because enemy cars pose very little threat. In contrast to the bustling streets of Quarantine (albeit populated with cookie-cutter clones), the gameworld in Zone Raiders feels empty and ultimately boring.

If you enjoy 3D action games, this lackluster underdog may entertain you for a few minutes – until you realize how dead average it is.

Review By HOTUD

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Vesper 2021-12-03 0 point

Ping from 2021 here. Found out that DosBox-X is out there to help playing DOS/4GW games like this to fast(er) speed, Zone Raiders works with core=dynamic and machine=svga_s3, just run UVConfig (video setup) and setsound (blaster/MIDI setup) inside prior to playing first time. Works in 640x480 at a decent speed, contrary to DosBox 0.74 which can't handle VESA fast enough.
RIPs vs full game - here the major part of story is told as "videos" at game start, past lv5, lv10 and lv15, but you need to watch them once to learn the story. Also this uses a DOS-based installer, so once you do a full install you don't need the CD and can redistribute the resultant folder freely.

Skoynay 2021-08-15 0 point

Not for this game, but you may have to set the cpu Dosbox emulates to "Pentium". As these games back then required Penti'es to run at all.
This advice is for late DOS games if they refuse to run. For example : Pyl - Dust.

cputype = auto | 386 | 386_slow | 486_slow | pentium_slow | 386_prefetch

Pablo Escobar 2020-08-16 -7 points

Rips are for poors or people with ADHD

Gerhalt 2019-11-07 1 point

Just to clarify: there was no Wipeout XL/2097 in 1995. However there was an original Wipeout.

@COOPERTEAM, you're wrong man, rips rock! If you need those godawful movies/cinematics - go 4 the full CD image. Personally I never used to like those "incredible" intros & stuff, since whenever I wanna launch the bloody game that shite keeps popping up & annoy the heck outta me! I dont wanna watch em the tenth time around, I'd rather skip em. Enter the glorious rip. It helps me get back to what I came here for in the 1st place - the game proper. No movies - no bullshite.
Yeah, I know: if it's a CD game, chances are it uses some CDAudio tunes. Once again, chances are I wont share game musician's preferences, I'd rather pop in MY fave Audio CD & stick with music of my choice. I hate being forced to listen to something I dont like.
And here's some minor detail: if it's an early Win9x game, chances are it uses utterly outdated installer (like IS2/3) that will stand in your way. It'll be giving you its middle finger salute, taunting you, irritating you & generally f*cking pissing you off!
So the bottom line: rips rock dudes!

make game work 2016-01-18 1 point

game will crash when you get past the dialogue. download dos32a just search for it and put it in the game folder which is probably 'Raid'. start dosbox and do the usual but when you go to start it type: dos32a raid

Ahe 2016-01-03 1 point

Update: Got sound! But no midi...

1 - Unziped contents to d:\jogos\znraider
2 - created subfolder sound and moved all "mid" and "dig" and "AILDRVR.LST" to sound subfolder
3 - updated zr.cfg as bellow, based on path of extraction:
4 - Run setup.exe and
a) choose "soundblaster or 100% compatible" for digital audio driver. Test digital audio driver runs ok!
b) choose various to midi music. no way

Can run with sound now. But no music =) =/

Ahe 2016-01-03 1 point

I've downloaded this but cant play too.
When I tried to run the game In dosbox 0.74 the it crashes.

So I've done these steps:
- set core=normal as I see in
- created an sub folder named "sound" and copied all .MID and all .DIG files, plus the file AILDRVR.LST.

Now I can run, but with no sound =(

CooperTeam 2014-09-02 1 point DOS version

This is typical, I remember this was a CD game. This is a RIP of the game. I don't like rips for the fact that they remove what THEY think is not needed when in fact, it is needed. The FULL CD version is what you need to download.


game not working 2014-07-08 1 point DOS version

i am using the latest version of dosbox (0.74) and dos32a. when i go to run it, it says: Source directory not found. Make sure CD is inserted into drive

indstr 2014-02-12 0 point DOS version

Never heard of it, but looks cool

the_raven 2014-01-14 0 point DOS version

oh man, this game's a real classic!

help 2013-03-01 0 point DOS version

cant play the game. tried raid.exe on dosbox, wont work

i know some zone raiders 2013-02-03 0 point DOS version

in dosbox, execute the command: dos32a raid to start the game with no problems

i know some zone raiders 2013-02-03 0 point DOS version

you need the latest dosbox and dos32a in order to play this on win vista or higher.

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 0 point DOS version

bought in a multi pack, gem of a game

Sess 2012-02-20 0 point DOS version

I can get the game to start, but right after the title screen it locks up, displays code and the music keeps skipping?

4D 2011-12-19 0 point DOS version

i cant play this game :

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