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Need for Speed: Carbon

Windows - 2006

Alt names 极品飞车 生死卡本谷, NFS:C, Need For Speed: Carbono
Year 2006
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, France, Germany, United States (2006)
China, Germany, Poland (2007)
Finland, Germany (2008)
Germany (2009)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Arcade, Automobile, Licensed Title, Street Racing, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher CNEC Inc., Electronic Arts Ltda., Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Electronic Arts Black Box
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
Tested on Windows 10
4.62 / 5 - 125 votes

Description of Need for Speed: Carbon

We recommend you to install the Collector's Edition of the game. The Collector's Edition of Need for Speed: Carbon includes the following additions:

  • Four new cars: 2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept, 2007 Jaguar XK, 2006 Koenigsegg CCX, 1992 Nissan 240SX
  • Ten pre-tuned versions of existing cars
  • Extra events: six new races and three challenge series, including drift courses in the city
  • Ten new vinyl kits
  • Bonus DVD with a behind-the-scenes feature about the cars, environments, characters and actors, and the Need for Speed AV Wars Remix Project, a collection of six audiovisual remixes based on the game

Need for Speed: Carbon still has very active fan community, it has a lot of modifications, you can find many mods for the game on fansites like NFSAddons, NFSCars, NFSMods and many other fan websites and communities. Also, check GamePressure for some gameplay and graphics mods

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How to play Need for Speed: Carbon Windows

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Collector's Edition of the game with patch 1.4 and NoDVD has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10, works fine. We recommend to install US release of Collector's Edition since it has more content and most mods & fixes are based on that version. Both repacks features all content from Collector's Edition.

Check our Guide and Notes for more details

Install & play guide (for Collector's Edition):

  • Mount the disc image. You will need the utility for mounting disc image files, like WinCDEmu, UltraISO, Alcohol 52%/Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools Lite
  • Install the game (if autorun doesn't work - simply launch the installation from Setup.exe inside the disc). Ignore registration window, click "Register later"
  • Also it is recommended to install DirectX 9 from the disc (if you're using Windows 10 - enable DirectPlay, read this or this guide how to do it)
  • After that install patch v1.4 for Collector's Edition
  • Then install NoDVD (simply copy NFSC.exe from the archive and put it into game directory, replacing original NFSC.exe)
  • Optionally install Widescreen fix (instructions inside the archive)
  • Open the directory with the game and find NFSC.exe. Right click on NFSC.exe - Properties - Compatibility - Set "Run this app in compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3" and "Run as administrator"
  • Launch the game and play. If the game doesn't work in compatibility mode with Windows XP - try to launch it in compatibility mode with other version of Windows (98, 2000 or Vista)

Here's also video guide by 77Vids


  • If the installation doesn't start - try to launch Setup.exe in compatibility mode with old version of Windows (98, 2000 or XP)
  • NoDVD is required for the launch because the game is using SafeDisc DRM protection, which doesn't work on modern systems. That NoCD "breaks" DRM protection and allows the game to work on modern systems
  • The game works on DirectX 9, so if you're using Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or 11 - you need to enable DirectPlay: Go to Control Panel, and select 'Programs'. Select 'Turn Windows features on and off', click on 'Legacy Components' and check the box 'DirectPlay'. Select OK, once the installation is done, restart your computer
  • It is recommended to install all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, and NET Framework for the correct work of the game for the correct work of the game
  • Also it is recommended to install RAD Video Tools and K-Lite Codec Pack for the correct work of in-game videos
  • Patch v1.4 includes the content of all previous patches, but if you have troubles with installation of patch v1.4 - try to install patch v1.3 first, and then install patch v1.4 over it. All patches are available here
  • By default the game works only in 4:3 screen resolution but you can run the game by using Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG. Simply copy files from the archive and put them into main game directory. Then open NFSCarbon.WidescreenFix.ini in Notepad and change ResX = and ResY = to your screen resolution. For example, if you have 1920x1080 display, make ResX = 1920 and ResY = 1080
  • If you have 16:10 display - in addition to Widescreen fix also install NFSC HUD Adapter
  • If the game is crashing after launch, try this: 1. Disable DEP for NFS: Carbon. Right click on My Computer → Prorepties → Select Advanced system settings → Open Advenced tab → Performance settings → "Data Execution Prevention" tab → Click on "Turn on DEP for all programs except those that I select" → add NFSC.exe from the directory with installed game. Run the game 2. Use latest version of Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG, it includes crash fix that prevents the game from crashing 3. If it didn't work, try also to disable intro video, sometimes the game may crash because of intro video. If you're using Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG - open it in Notepad and change SkipIntro from 0 to 1. Now the intro video will be skipped
  • If you have random FPS drops or stuttering - try to run the game in Borderless Windowed mode. To do that open NFSCarbon.WidescreenFix.ini and set WindowedMode = 1. Additionaly we recommend to enable Vsync in control panel of your video card, for smoother framerate
  • There's a rare bug when the game softlocks if the player's car breaks down in a race. If that bug happens with your game - use ZPatch Carbon
  • If you have troubles running the game on Windows 7 - disable Game Explorer, read this instruction
  • Some of graphical mods, like HD Reflections mod, are using dinput8.dll from Widescreen fix as a base. If you want to play with both HD Reflections and Widescreen - leave only the newest dinput8.dll
  • Extra Options is a mod that adds various new settings, including debug mode, and fixes some game bugs
  • If you want to play with gamepad - use Widescreen fix, the latest version includes improved gamepad support. As alternative - you can use NFS-XtendedInput plugin. If you have troubles with gamepad deadzones - check this guide
  • Check PCGamingWiki guide for modifications, there's a lot of mods that can enhance game's graphics and improve gameplay, like HD textures, vinyls, quality HD in-game videos, etc. Also, check GamePressure to find some gameplay and graphics mods
  • For users of Windows 64-bit systems: if the game doesn't work after you launched it - open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del by default) and check for processes NFSC.exe and rundll32.exe. Close NFSC.exe but don't touch rundll32.exe (it's a Windows app for running old apps from 32-bit operational systems, most old games running through rundll32.exe). Now try to launch the game again, it must work. Don't forget to close rundll32.exe process in Task Manager after finishing playing
  • Don't forget to check PCGamingWiki page if you have troubles, it is very useful!

Comments and reviews

Broccoli 2024-04-13 0 point

My NFS Carbon keeps pressing a certain key (i couldn't figure it out) and I'm looping between the main menu and start career sections. Please help.

Hunter986 2024-04-04 1 point

I installed the game and it runs and even works with wide screen however it feels like the game is running at 4x speed and is making it very hard to play, is there a way to limit the fps as I imagine this is what is causing the problem

Oli 2024-03-29 1 point

For those that dont want to run any sketchy setup.exes or download sketchy nocd patches heres a link to where you can get them pre installed in winrar:

foodzilla 2024-03-25 2 points

RIP Neville

Gergish 2024-03-22 0 point

Why urls for download dont work? just page not loaded and download not starting

jibet 2024-03-11 2 points

When i tried to install, the first thing it ask is the code from the CD....

Kontra 2024-02-08 3 points

Hello there,
i am using Windows 11. I installed the MagiPack version. I have downloaded and installed all the necessary programs. I keep getting the message 0xc000007b when starting. It worked for Mostwanted. I spent hours searching the internet for a solution but was unsuccessful. I hope someone here can help me. Thanks in advance.

labib 2024-01-15 1 point

thanks bro for the nfs world project.

SloppyOrgies 2024-01-15 1 point

@LABIB NFS World is currently being ran with private servers you can join for free. Couple examples are NIGHTRIDERZ & Soapbox Race World

TheLordGOD 2024-01-06 3 points

At first race, Pause and go into Options - Controls and change out mouse and Keyboard to Controller with mouse cursor. (I run ps4 controller with DS4 Windows so mine show up as X360 controller)
Acc RT
Brake/Reverse LT
Left Left stick left
Right Left stick right
Handbrake X
Speedbreak (slowmo) B
Reset car pos Select
Activate crew member D-pad right
Engage event RB
View World Map D-pad up
View SMS Messages D-pad left
Play next song D-pad down
Change camera Y
Look behind LB
Pause Start

TheLordGOD 2024-01-06 3 points

1. Download Collector's Edition Swedish release (install any language)
2. Enter the serial and Crack (2 files) found on the ISO
3. Download Need for Speed Carbon - NFSC Redux (Ultimate Overhaul, Cars & Graphics Mod) v.1.2 from here:
4. Copy ALL FILES of the package to your Install Directory

labib 2024-01-05 1 point

hey does the repack include all cars unlocked and story mode?

j 2023-12-30 0 point

I can't save my career mode, the autosave doesn't work?

Ezplorer 2023-12-30 0 point

Thanks for all the patches and stuff!

admin 2023-12-22 2 points

Small update - we uploaded new versions for some fixes, including new version of Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG which has improved controller support

@RUNNING IN THE 90'S Japanese version probably will work only on Japanese locale (Windows OS with Japanese language). Sorry, we didn't test that version of the game, so can't say for sure

@Everyone - if you have troubles with the game or NoCD/fixes, like "Not enough space" or Admin Privileges errors - we recommend to install the game not in default C:/Program Files/Need for Speed Carbon folder, but in some non-system folder, like C:/Games/NFS Carbon

idk 2023-12-21 0 point

Shout out to the PSPORTAL guy i love him, thx

CokeCan 2023-12-05 0 point

Is there a way to make an xbox one controller work with the game? I'm unable to see any option for it.

DeathCold 2023-11-19 3 points

Another underrated NFS game. Like, I remember how people were hating on NFS Carbon back in the days. They were saying that it is not NFS Most Wanted, and that it is boring or something. But in my opinion they are wrong. NFS Carbon is a cool game. And in comparison to NFS Most Wanted, Carbon brought that cool car tuning system back, and there is more cool cars and stuff. Sure, the open world could have been better and they could add more color to the game, but in general, it is not a bad game as people were saying.

Kontra 2023-11-02 0 point

Hello, i installed the game. But after everything i try to start the game and there is always report 0x00007b. Please help me out.

STEAMDECKER 2023-10-24 8 points

Steam Deck Users:
Install on windows, copy to deck

1) Install MagiPack (Repack by MagiPack)
2) Install HUD Adapter mod (found on NFSMods site)
3) Go to install directoryscripts edit NFSCarbon.WidescreenFix.ini
-ResX = 1280
-ResY = 800
-HUDWidescreenMode = 1
-FMVWidescreenMode = 0
-ImproveGamepadSupport = 1

4) (optional) Unlimiter Mod works great and adds/fixes things. Also found on NFSmods site. Follow their install directions (literally just a copy/paste)

5) Copy/Paste entire install folder to steam deck. (I pasted mine in HomeGames)

6) in desktop mode, right click the NFSC.exe and select add to steam. (Or open steam and add non-steam game and locate NFSC.exe)

7) Open properties for NFSC
-Change name (Need for Speed Carbon)
-Type this into Launch Options: WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8=n,b" %command%
-Go to compatibility and set a proton layer. (Proton Experimental or ProtonGE 8.14 works for me)

Launch NFSC, go to settings to change everything to Maximum / High
Have fun

hikickassgame 2023-10-09 0 point

who cares if it has active trollano its a good game

~ 2023-10-08 2 points

For those who are having problems
Download and install Magipack Repack
It has the Collector's Edition content

zoleka 2023-10-05 1 point

i love this game

endermen 2023-09-14 3 points

whenever I launch the game it shows 'launch with admin privileges and try again' and when I run it as admin the game doesnt launch. Pls help

Soulboost 2023-08-21 2 points

Why is this so complex. I am trying since a few hours and it still says no dvd.

RUNNING IN THE 90'S 2023-08-20 1 point

Hello. I installed the Japanese version and tried to start the game using the NoCD, but the screen went black for a moment and failed to start. When I tried with the English version, it started without any problem. The OS I am using is Win XP 32bit on a virtual machine.
(English may be incorrect because of the use of a translator. Sorry.)

XOF 2023-07-23 13 points

Why not just... pre-install the game into the WinRAR? Why do we still have to use these sketchy "setup.exe" and "NODVD" patches? It's 2023.

huddh1 2023-07-02 0 point

when i tried to replace the game that required CD/DVD with the one without the CD/DVD it says not enough space pls tell me how to fix it!

huddh1 2023-07-02 -2 points

where is the game directory or how to open it if you know pls answer me!

Víctor Henriquez 2023-06-29 1 point

Excelente juego, horas nocturnas retando rivales

Luigi 2023-06-26 -6 points

Do not install it, the .exe has active trollano

admin 2023-06-12 4 points

@ORIONAS I'm not sure what is the reason of game dropping on intro videos. Try to disable intro videos . Also, make sure that you have K-Lite Codec Pack, for the correct work of in-game videos. And install new version of Widescreen fix by ThirteenAG . It was updated recently, with new features.
If nothing helps - try to install repack, I guess.

About NoDVD - it is totally safe to use, VirusTotal showed only 1 warning

CD-keys are available in Downloads - Game Extras, filename is "Serial keys"

Orionas 2023-06-10 0 point

Hello admin i did what you tell me to do but have always the problem when i launch the games it's closed after the ea logo appear.
I install the patch and use it but it didn't work with the no dvd i on the french version maybe it's a problem on this version.
Do you think i need to install a package version like repack by posedenshow

psportal 2023-06-07 38 points

For those looking for a CD key, try this: 27GQ-5SHV-DAKB-4TPB-63KZ

adw 2023-06-05 0 point

i cant put NOCD in it because it has no bytes left

i not 2023-06-04 2 points

i am to stupid for this
can someone tell me the instalation code???

sniper65615 2023-06-04 1 point

Tbh i cant even use the NoCD patch bc Windows Defender seems like to have really bad time and if its only a False Positive then i would be apretiated to know if its only false positive.

snorleo 2023-06-03 2 points

I can not place the NoDVD .exe into the directory. I tried installing it into my /user/documents/Games folder but it wouldnt let me and kept trying to default to programfilesx86 but I can not place the .exe in that directory. any tips as to a different install directory?

NFSFAN 2023-06-02 0 point

Everytime I try to enter a car dealership, the game crashes. Is there a way to fix this, or am I just SOL?

admin 2023-05-15 0 point

Yes, it works on Windows 10, just follow installation guide (or use repack by Magipack).
And yes, both repacks include the content of Collector's Edition, I specified it in game's description

LadyMist 2023-05-15 0 point

Does this work on Windows 10? I've got a physical collectors edition that I could never get running on Windows 10, even with different compatibility settings

SSCC45 2023-04-27 1 point

Hey, just wanna ask is repack by magipack collectors edition already?

admin 2023-04-15 2 points

Yes, it is safe, here's VirusTotal report for NoDVD , it showed only 1 warning

Also, installation instructions are the same for all versions: first install the game, then patch, then use NoDVD to play without the disc. For any questions - check my guide above, perhaps it is already answered

jdroid14 2023-04-09 0 point

is it safe to download? I want to download it but in the comment that the admin put, it puts a detection although I don't trust that antivirus much

cosmo kramer 2023-03-25 3 points

loved nfs since a kid, just like anyone else here, but never got to play anything other than the underground series. finally trying the other ones!

admin 2023-03-22 -1 point

@HAPPY - add NFSC.exe in antivirus exceptions. If it didn't work - check if you installed the game in C:/Program Files directory. Sometimes antiviruses block any file replacements in "Program Files" directory. In that case reinstall the game in some other non-system folder, like C:/Games

@ORIONAS Checked French version with patch and NoDVD just right now, everything worked fine. Make sure that you installed the patch and then NoDVD. Also, install all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable versions, and K-Lite Codec Pack, it should help

crazy dude 800 90 million 2023-03-21 0 point



Orionas 2023-03-21 0 point

Hello support i have a problem with the need for speed : carbon french version. When the game is on EA logo. The game closed himself

Happy 2023-03-19 0 point

I can;t copy the noCD NFSC.exe into the game directory

LeSs 2023-03-18 0 point

Finally NFS Carbon:)

Foodzilla 2023-03-16 5 points

finally, it has arrived! ProStreet when?

Mexmox6562 2023-03-14 3 points

i have been looking for months to see if they added this AND THEY FINALLY DID!
Thanks abadonware team!

admin 2023-03-09 1 point

@LEMI The part "Ignore registration window, click "Register later" is not about CD key, it's about EA Registration app, that window appears during installation but you can skip it.
You still need to enter CD key to install the game, CD keys are available in Downloads, just scroll down to Game Extras - Serial keys

lemi 2023-03-08 1 point

hi, following the guide and on the installation there's no option to skip registering the cd key for me? i've tried the auto run and the setup, using the US version at the top.

admin 2023-03-06 1 point

@MUHAMMAD OKKY Just select the language you need and follow the installation guide in game description. We added many different language versions, you can see languages by flag icons.
Or you can install repack by Magipack, it has all-in-one installer. But that repack is English only

@SNIPER65615 Well, maybe one day ;-) This month we will add another big racing game (not Need for Speed), keep watching the news

Muhammad Okky 2023-03-06 1 point

Hello, how do I install this game? the installation is very hard. If you have questions, please answer me.

sniper65615 2023-03-06 0 point

Well now we have Carbon but now where will be the Prostreet?

admin 2023-03-05 1 point

@42069 If you get warning for NoDVD - it is safe to use, VirusTotal scan showed only 1 warning

Many antivirus apps doesn't like NoCD/NoDVD files, just add the file to antivirus exceptions

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