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DOS - 1992

Also available on: Amiga

Alt name Dune: He Who Controls the Spice Controls the Universe
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, United States (1992)
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1993)
United Kingdom (1995)
Germany (1997)
Genre Adventure, Strategy
Theme Licensed Title, Movies, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd., Virgin Games, Inc., Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Perspectives 1st-Person, Top-Down
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.67 / 5 - 214 votes

Description of Dune

A neat adventure/strategy hybrid from Cryo, this game casts you as Paul Atreides, the protagonist in the classic Dune series by Frank Herbert.

Although the game is fairly linear, there's enough strategy elements to keep things interesting: you must allocate your followers (the native Fremen) to various jobs, maximize spice production, and ultimately fight the Harkonnen with armies. Also features stunning VGA graphics depicting passages of time. Easily one of the most graphically stunning games ever made, and one of the most unique. Recommended!

Note: The download here is full CD-ROM version, complete with video clips from David Lynch's movie based on the book, and full speech. You can also download the smaller disk version if you want :)

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Humancer 2024-06-24 0 point

I really want to play Dune 1992 but I cannot make DOSbox work with it. I can run DOSbox drag and drop the ISO onto the DOSbox icon to mount the ISO but I don't know what to do from there. There appears to be only 1 file and 2 dir's when i type dir in dosbox and nothing i type does anything productive. please help

PH1959 2024-04-04 1 point

the game takes around 60 days to reach the harkonnen

Newdals 2024-03-22 2 points

There was literally no need to do most of what yarpen26 Said. Install Dosbox. Make a folder on your C:\ call it dune.
In Dosbox Mount the ISO to D:\ Mount the C to C:\dune
Install Game from CD like normal. Run game. IDK what he was doing there

Mike 2024-03-11 0 point DOS version

Love the game.
Does anyone know how to skip the intro? Any commands to add to the .bat file?

Sergical 2024-03-03 0 point DOS version

getting a dunechar.hsq error, any ideas?

yarpen26 2024-01-15 2 points DOS version

Guys, here's how I managed to run the DOS emulator on my Windows 11.

1) I downloaded DOSBox-0.74-3 and installed it into the folder D:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74-3.
2) I unzipped the folder into that same directory, so now the folder Dune_DOS_EN_RIP-Version is stored alongside the file DOSBox.exe.
3) I ran the file DOSBox.exe, then typed the following:

mount c .

4) I clicked Enter, then, in the next line, I typed the following:


5) I clicked Enter, then, in the next line, I typed the following:


6) I clicked Enter and saw the contents of all the folders stored inside the D:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74-3 directory. I noticed that one of them, with the modification time corresponding to that of the folder Dune_DOS_EN_RIP-Version, was identified under the name DUNE_D~1. Note that it may carry a different name in your case, so make sure you get the right one!
7) I typed the path %localappdata%/DOSBox in my Windows Explorer parser, then pressed Enter.
8) I right-clicked the file dosbox-0.74-3.conf, forcing it to be opened inside the Notepad.
9) I scrolled down to the very bottom of the document, to the [autoexec] section. Right below the line "# You can put your MOUNT lines here." I started parsing the following:

mount c .
cd DUNE_D~1

The reason why I put the name DUNE_D~1 in the third line is because that is the name DOSBox recognizes the folder Dune_DOS_EN_RIP-Version under, as I explained at point 6).
There are two commands in the fourth line. DUNEPRG.EXE starts the game, whereas SDB makes sure you emulate a proper Soundblaster card to get full audio.
10) I saved all my changes (no need to close the Notepad, it will not interfere with anything) and then ran the DOSBox.exe file.
11) I listened for music right after skipping through the Virgin logo. If you can't hear anything, that means you didn't set up your Soundblaster emulator correctly, and you might as well just shut off the DOSBox window because you need to play around with the files a bit more. Remember, this is the way it worked for me, but I can't guarantee it will work for you!

Some closing remarks:
- A properly called Soundblaster emulator will produce music and sound effects (to be heard immediately upon launching the game, during the obligatory intro), but no dialogue as this was never part of the original DOS release. So if you start the game, can hear the music, talk to Leto and can still hear the music, but not the words coming out of his mouth, everything's fine!
- Click Alt+Enter to enable a full screen view of the DOSBox window.
- The lines you put in the [autoexec] section of the file dosbox-0.74-3.conf will with quite high likelihood mess up your chances of running other DOSBox applications, at least using this particular version. I couldn't verify it myself since I don't have any other DOSBox games installed at the moment. There are ways for you to run a batch file that will input the necessary lines without affecting every single instance of launching the DOSBox app, but I'm not savvy enough to help you with that, I'm afraid. Feel free to Google out answers on your own, although I personally will simply remove those lines from the file once I'm done with the game (or put a hashtag in front of every one of them so they are locked as comments, free to enable again whenever need occur).

Gords 2024-01-14 -1 point

Actually, I've just managed 29 days - not sure if I can improve on that.

Gords 2024-01-10 0 point

I love this game.

I completed it in 37 days (game time, not real time :)

Years ago I managed 30 days.

What's the record?

Loose 2023-12-26 1 point DOS version

This has to be the definite version.
I played the Amiga version to death back in the day but this CD version with addition of 3D rendered Orni' flight and speech is in a class of it's own.

J. 2023-10-11 0 point DOS version

Jaren geleden ooit gespeeld.

Iksu55 2023-08-29 2 points

This is the favorite game I have ever played. I have bought it first on floppy đź’ľ and then the CD version. The third time I have bought it it was in a bundle with 7th goast.

I just want something similar to this! Adventure with strategy. What a wonderful combination.

ukjohn 2023-07-08 1 point DOS version

How do you access the video clips?

Redman23 2023-05-25 0 point DOS version

interested in this classic game from a childhood that is not mine

Diefzilla 2022-07-19 3 points DOS version

One of my favorite games from my childhood. Great music and pixel art. Here is gameplay of the DOS version I recorded.

kostas 2022-03-14 4 points DOS version

For me worked the procedure below:
First of all I made a folder under the name of DUNECD on C: drive and put all the files there.
Then I installed dosbox.
After this, I tried the commands:

mount c c:\DUNECD

That was it! The game run!
If you want fullscreen try Alt+Enter.

EbFd007 2021-12-13 2 points DOS version

What's the difference between (RIP Version English version 2 MB) and
(ISO Version English version 214 MB) ???? Thanks in advance.

Erneleo 2021-12-07 -1 point

Parece que no está en castellano. Una pena.

HelpME! 2021-12-03 0 point

So how do you load up a saved game from DosBox?

I see it automatically creates files but not able to load them up.

larry 2021-11-14 4 points

the "real" dune game that can picture the deepness of the saga.

also innovative with its combining elements of different genres.

a must have.

ner0 2021-10-26 16 points DOS version

1. Copy the ISO inside the folder where DOSBox.exe is.
2. Inside the same folder, create a sub-folder called DUNECD
3. Here's a minimal configuration to run this in DOSBox (can be typed manually too):
mount c .
imgmount d Dune.iso -t iso -fs iso

L. Cleveland Major 2021-05-06 -41 points

Don't like giving a game a bad review, but this one, or more precisely the one I had for a Nintendo Game Platform, was sluggish and hard to control. The graphics were substandard. The gameplay left much to be desired, in that it was lagging on controller response. Getting an objective completed was a real pain. I personally cannot recommend this game.

Phil 2021-01-09 -8 points

No sound on dune :(

Ricck 2020-08-04 8 points DOS version

Great atmosphere and music in this game.
The IBM PC version is better than the Amiga with more animation and better sound/fx

fantaaaa 2020-06-30 22 points DOS version

If you don't have sound in WIN10, open the "dune.bat" file and add "SDB" in the last line.
for me, it looks like : "duneprg ENG VGA EMS 386 SDB"

lizardman 2020-06-26 3 points DOS version

I have the game up and running on a Mac using Boxer DOS emulator for Mac - but after playing for a whole day my save game has gone missing? all i see are a previous set of saves for Day 82 & Day 87 showing the endings

any advice on how i can save my game?

Joyo 2020-06-08 2 points DOS version

to play this game download DOSBOX then drag and drop the DUNE.BAT file to DOSBOX to play to go fullscreen press ALT ENTER. If you want to play this game with sound/voices you'll either have to have an old PC or laptop which has a compatible soundcard such as Soundblaster. if you don't have one or don't want to buy one I recommend downloading KEGA FUSION a SEGA CD / MEGA CD emulator which will play both music and sound/voices the only negative is that you'll have to play it with either a controller or keyboard as it doesn't have mouse control.

also most of the versions of dune online are the second version which I don't think is very good. I have recently purchased an original version of dune on cd from eBay so I will find a way of uploading that version once it arrives. Plus this version has the start of the movie where Princess Irulan explains Arrakis and spice at the start of the game which is awesome lol

chitin 2020-05-27 -1 point

how can you play it with sound/music

4ever love for retro 2020-05-24 -3 points

All download links from Dune franchise are broken,not only here - please fix them - all dune are legendary

DX-44 2020-05-15 0 point

@LAG There is a Batch file named "DUNE" and a "DUNEPRG.EXE" you can start with DOSBox.
For the Amiga Version, I guess you need an Amiga Emulator...

Lag 2020-04-29 -5 points

I've downloaded the game, but it is missing the .EXE file in the zip, so I can't play it.

I am doing something wrong?

Rookie 2019-04-09 1 point

I love the game but I am sad that I can't hear anything. No voices no music. Of course if you play it in french, the music is there. Is there any updated way to get music on the english version?

MpimbwePete 2019-03-19 0 point

Loved the original game

Zojj 2019-01-28 -2 points DOS version

FYI there are no real sound effects, just music. Dune2 has some sound effects.

I wasted 30 mins trying to turn them on lol.

Rodrigo 2018-08-24 2 points DOS version

Simplemente magnífico, me encantó este juego. Lo jugué allá por 1994 o 1995, y me encantó, y después volví a jugarlo varias veces más. Es mi juego favorito junto con "Monkey Island". ¡Qué tiempos aquellos!

Mr. Crowley 2018-05-20 3 points

I am astonished that I have not seen this game before, in all of my retro gaming life. This soundtrack is blowing me away. It alone makes this a must-have for any DOS gamer, as it pushes the YM3812 chip to its absolute limits. I know that chips limits, as I'm a musician and use it quite often in chiptune works.

Stop reading this and download Dune already!

cian 2018-01-06 0 point

this game is awsome !!! Ilove it ! and the music are awsome too ! I recomend it to everybody !

TheOlderGameplay 2015-03-26 1 point DOS version

This is a very good game. Every DOS Gamer must play this.

Devvy 2015-03-26 0 point DOS version

Many spent hours on this one...

pusewicz 2015-01-29 0 point DOS version

My god, I love this game!

Larry 2014-05-11 1 point DOS version

A great game.

Amazing atmosphere & graphisms (for that time). A great musical score, that was published as a music CD, I still have it.

As far as the strategy goes, the game is not hard nor complex. On my first try I failed because I built my armies too slowly and was killed by the emperor troops (failed to deliver enough spice). On the next try, I easily slaughtered the computer.

It is interesting that you can win by using water and destroying the spice but I only managed to do that once, almost by accident. It seems that winning by fighting is much easier. But I may have missed a tactic...

boobsbr 2013-08-16 2 points DOS version

@ackool & @Licurg


Setup the game and DOSbox to use Soundblaster and run COMM.BAT.

I think this floppy version is better than the CD one.

Licurg 2013-06-30 0 point DOS version

@ackool: If you want the sound, you're gonna have to download the CD version of the game, also available on this site, just type in "Dune" in the search bar and you'll see it.

ackool 2013-05-10 3 points DOS version

Can anyone tell me if the sound should be working in the dos version and if so how you set it up,Thank You

jumbo l'enfant du cirque 2013-03-26 0 point DOS version

Salut a tous.

Merci pour cette charmante version. J'y avais joué à l`époque sur Séga CD. Il y avait des dialogues audios. Les Frémens ne sassait de dire d`une ton un peu loufoque: Notre activité est d`extraire l`épice.

Est-ce qu`il existe une version avec des dialogues audios?


admin 2012-11-26 0 point DOS version

fr means french ;)

Gavin 2012-11-24 -1 point DOS version

What does fr mean?

Juner 2012-08-29 0 point DOS version

One of the best, and one of the first DOS games I've played. Been years. I had no internet or walkthru back then, but I managed to finish the game on my own. Probably the first RPG-ish game I've played too. Well I hope the enhanced version, Dune CD, could be found here soon. I don't know or can't find any official patch to the floppy version, I'm thinking it had only one release version. And probably DuneCD is of higher version number since it is an enhanced edition afterall. Thanks, Chief.

Tim 2012-06-30 0 point DOS version

I even think that Pauls mom doesnt look too

Licurg 2012-05-10 1 point DOS version

Actually, there is a high replayability, because you can attack the Harkonnen from different regions, with different results. Also you can use ecology or skip it altogether, and certain events may or may not take place depending on the pace you play at.

And Chani looks much better than Harrah, my opinion:P

JOM 2012-03-28 0 point DOS version

It is quite a bit movie (Lynch's movie from eighties) like game. Personally, I would tell book was better, but it still great game/movie. Re-play value is not high, there is more or less nothing new. If you never play - try.

The only strange thing - Harrah looks better than Chani.

Feyd 2008-08-30 0 point DOS version

One of the finest strategy game of this time,still rocks.

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