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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Windows - 2003

Alt names 辛普森一家:打带跑, Xingpuseng Yijia: Da Dai Pao, Os Simpsons: Hit & Run, Les Simpsons: Hit & Run
Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in Germany
Genre Action, Racing / Driving
Theme Comedy, Licensed Title
Publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Radical Entertainment Inc.
4.43 / 5 - 736 votes

Description of The Simpsons: Hit & Run Windows

Several mods are maintained by the Donut Team: whole campaigns, maps, new vehicles, even multiplayer! You'll also want to download Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher to run the game easily on Win 7/8/10.

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Comments and reviews

tf2 song 2020-09-19 0 point

where can I find the crack file?

SOLIDG 2020-09-02 1 point

The game runs 100% fine after installing and cracking. Amazing game that still hold well to this day.

ventus 2020-08-24 -3 points

followed each and every instruction and still cant do anything. I dont have "cracked" folder is my main reason why i cant start it.

Lucy 2020-08-23 0 point

It is good i like it

Realistic521 2020-08-04 1 point

I like the gameplay, missions and characters

foXcollr 2020-07-08 2 points

If anybody is still having trouble with this:
-Download VirtualCloneDrive (or whichever program you chose)
-Mount CD 1. For VirtualCloneDrive, you can just double click the file and it will mount. If it doesn't, select "Open With..." and choose VirtualCloneDrive
-Run the "Auto Run Installer" and install the game. When the installer prompts you to insert a different disc, mount that disc (CD 1, 2, or 3). When it prompts you to install DirectX 8, select yes.
-The final disc it will ask you to mount is Disc 1. Leave this mounted.
***And here is where people get the "wrong disc" error!
-If you created a desktop shortcut, delete it.
-In the CD1 folder, open the folder "Cracked" and find "Simpsons.exe"
-Go to Program Files (x86), find folder "Vivendi Universal Games", and open folder "The Simpsons Hit and Run".
-Take the "Simpsons" .exe you found in the "Cracked" folder and COPY it into this folder. Select "yes" if it asks to replace a file that is already there.
-This .exe should now run the game. You can create a new desktop shortcut of this .exe

Hope this helps!!!!

JMAA 2020-06-30 1 point

Holy Hell I have been up for nine and a half hours desperately trying to install this game, and it seems every time I get a little closer, Bang- something always is a miss. It feels one door and download requires another download and to view that download I have to download this etc etc... And in the end my comp is filled with a lot of irrelevant stuff and my game still no closer to working! I'm aware Im digging up an old thread here, but if there's anyone competent in figuring this out please let me know.

I downloaded Daemon Tools, Downloaded the main app with three folders 1) 2) 3) , Use Daemon lite to make several drives in the 'Add Drive' option - Right click on the drive, click on mount - enter the "FLT-HAR2.CUE" link and repeat twice again using the different numbered folders, and nothing. Not a thing. And this unfortunately is not the only game I couldn't get to work here. ie Every game I've downloaded has been unplayable, from Grannys Garden to Amazing Machines, Panzer General etc.. I have no idea if its me, or the site.. but I'm leaning towards the site. Any help in advance would be greatly appreciated. Can always message me at .. This is a game that if only I could play would flood back the memories of old, and its quite dissapointing not having it work.

zaydo 2020-06-25 0 point

Its so nice thank you this is my best game i were looking at it. and finally i download it thank you so much

Noble 2020-06-11 -1 point

Awesome! Got it to run perfectly! Now to be more perfect (lol) I need to know how on earth do I get controller support and be able to actually save the game :)

orçunun çocuğu 2020-06-09 -1 point

sikem belanı yavşak göt beyinli yavşaklar orospu çocukları. yarramın başları

playerone 2020-05-18 10 points

can someone please post a video tutorial :(((

DoogieMD 2020-05-17 6 points

Hey @CNELS20
I just went through the install process and it seems to be a pretty easy fix.
If you go to file explorer and click on your mounted CD1, you should see a folder "Crack" at the top of the list of contents in your CD1 drive.
Open the "Crack" folder and it will have the Simpsons Application file.
Next go to your shortcut on your desktop and right click on the icon.
Select "Open File Location".
Now you should have 2 windows open: 1 with crack application and 1 with file location of game.
Simply drag and drop "Simpsons" Application file from the first window to the second window and when prompted "Replace file in location?" Select Yes.
As for 11) and 12) on the list.
All you need to do is right click again on the Shortcut for The Simpsons on your desktop.
Select "Properties"
Towards the bottom right Select "Advanced..."
Check box for "Run as Administrator" and Apply. This is so you will not get stopped by the "Must run as Administrator" Prompt when just double clicking to boot the game.

Sorry for long explanation but hope it helps!

Anonymous 2020-05-13 1 point

Ok, so it starts installing, but it then asks to install CD 1. I choose the path to CD1 but it doesn't recognize it and suggests choosing another path.

zachary 2020-05-08 0 point

a kid friendly grand theift auto

Angel Wolf 2020-05-06 -1 point

Not sure if anyone else would respond and such, but I did eveything, however it still won't run with an error of "You need DirectX 8.1, DirectX couldn't start." How Can I fix this? I'm in WIndows 10, yes. Should I download DirectX 8.1? I'm gonna try it out but if that doesn't work then what?

Jazz 2020-05-04 0 point

hey, can this game run without the orginal disc?

Barna 2020-04-14 3 points

Hi. I have some question.

I can't install the game.

1.) How can I explore the mounted CUE file if the game doesn't start to install automatically?
2.) When prompted mount CD2, how can I change the DRIVE letter?
3.) How can I repeat this with CD3?
4.) How can I download a NO CD exe and replace the original file in the directory?

Thank you very much for the answer.

reee 2020-04-11 2 points

nice game looks like a familiy friednly gta 5 lol

cnels20 2020-04-10 1 point

I tried all the steps that Cyril Knight posted on how install Simpsons Hit and Run. I got through steps 1 through 9 with no problems but don't understand step 10. I'm stuck, please help! steps from the post Cyril Knight had are posted below...

the game runs perfectly on Windows 10:

1) Install Daemon Tools Lite
2) Open the program
3) Extract the downloaded game file
4) Go into CD1 folder in the extracted folder and drag the CUE file into Daemon Tools
5) Click on the CUE file and select MOUNT
6) If the game doesn't start to install automatically EXPLORE the mounted CUE file in COMPUTER and do it that way
7) When prompted mount CD2 and change the DRIVE letter to the one it has mounted on.
8) Repeat for CD3
9) When installed go back to Daemon Tools and UNMOUNT all
10) Download a NO CD exe and replace the original file in the directory

Tontshi 2020-04-05 1 point

I love the simsons

p 2020-04-05 3 points

@BOGGERBOSS no your internet is just trash

BoggerBoss 2020-02-04 4 points

is your server only able to give download speeds of 200KB/s?

jamers 2020-01-18 0 point

I was pretty happy to first download and play the game. But when I saved the game midway through level 2 and came back to the game later, the game hadn't saved forcing me to replay those missions again. Is there a way to check the save files of the game? The way I ran it again because it didnt save an icon to the desktop was I ran the .exe file again from the winrar archive and it didn't show my save progress.

allo 2020-01-06 -1 point

i wish it works!!!

Joey Joe Joe 2020-01-04 0 point

I got this game from this site and it seems to work fine for the pre-installed version. It just takes really long to load for some reason.

A 2019-12-25 0 point

Got through everything just to get stuck on the title screen, and then everything basically deleted itself after I closed it. I was really excited too, what a tease :(

Jan 2019-12-09 3 points

Hi. Where do i get a no cd exe???

debil123 2019-11-25 1 point

ahoj jsem vášnivá hračka simpsonovich her ale docela mě štve že to zabira tolik místa XD

JJE 2019-10-27 0 point

to execute it you need a ISO emulator like wincdemu

niq 2019-10-04 4 points

For anyone having trouble with installing the game, there is a preinstalled version available at I use the preinstalled version with Lucas' Mod Launcher and it runs on windows 10

BRYANL 2019-09-23 0 point

When I try to open the "Crack" folder, mine says "The code execution cannot proceed because pddixd8r.dll/binkw32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

I already tried to reinstall it.

BRYANL 2019-09-23 1 point

@COOLCATVARG What am I supposed to do with the "Crack" folder?

Coolcat Varg 2019-09-22 0 point

@XEDIXEC There is a "Crack" folder inside CD1

xedixey 2019-09-22 1 point

Where can I get a NO CD.exe, @CYRIL KNIGHT?

gtds 2019-08-29 0 point

I tried EVERYTHING and still it says NO DISC

SOUL 2019-08-10 3 points

How do i even install it. the archive has CD1, CD2 and CD3 Video archives but no executables.How? what? help!

jay 2019-07-04 0 point

were do i down load the no cd exe

sim 2019-06-03 0 point

yes is very fun game so i love it!!!!!!!!!

Dave33333 2019-05-29 1 point

If you check out my instructions on The Movies, you'll know how to install Hit and Run due to its similar structure. (Where the files are split across multiple CDs)

Wes 2019-05-19 -6 points

Viruses with this download?

Dugglet McNugglet 2019-05-10 1 point

@Kyle As has been previously mentioned in the comments, it includes a no-cd crack in disc 1 itself under the "crack" folder, try that if you haven't already, of course backing up the original exe.

kyle 2019-04-16 0 point

i couldn't get this too work. i followed the instructions but i failed. how many people is this working for? could i get some help?

Pattreaa 2019-04-16 -24 points

I very like this game. Please folow me for TIK TOK program. My accounts is _Pattreaa_

rveld 2019-04-14 0 point

the game is osem

Aurora 2019-04-07 1 point

I installed the game just fine but none of the characters talk in the cutscenes. The sound effects are fine but when I interact with a character its just silence. Did this happen to anyone else? Is there a way to fix it?

zafar 2019-04-07 0 point

these stuff are cool

Cheese 2019-04-03 -1 point

There's no need to download a NOCD exe. There's one on CD1 in the "crack" folder.

The game runs like a charm.

TheOriginalRyukUK 2019-03-31 0 point

@CyrilKnight, I seem to be running into a spot of bother. I'm doing what you tell me to do and then when I try to run it, it says "Please insert The Simpsons Hit and Run CD 1" and won't let me run it. Help! My discord is Ryuk#3854.

shrek 2019-03-27 1 point

this game is really good it brings me back to my childhood

RosaParks 2019-03-25 2 points

Someone plz let me on front of the bus

valivalou145 2019-03-10 2 points

Hey cyril knight, at step 10, what is the "NO CD exe" ? I did not understand this step, can you help me?
My discord : valivalou145#9993
My mail :

Jeffress01 2019-03-08 3 points

Anyone know how to set up a xbox controller for it.

juju 2019-02-09 -1 point

i got a ps2 and a laptop i like the game i always play it on my ps2

okkkk 2019-02-09 1 point

If you're having trouble installing try using this:!sCowUKgB!TvXFPVjI6HjW6PCf3tnTgRPeTdOIG7xclXr-5taAQcY

Cyril Knight 2019-02-02 70 points

The game runs perfectly on Windows 10:

1) Install Daemon Tools Lite
2) Open the program
3) Extract the downloaded game file
4) Go into CD1 folder in the extracted folder and drag the CUE file into Daemon Tools
5) Click on the CUE file and select MOUNT
6) If the game doesn't start to install automatically EXPLORE the mounted CUE file in COMPUTER and do it that way
7) When prompted mount CD2 and change the DRIVE letter to the one it has mounted on.
8) Repeat for CD3
9) When installed go back to Daemon Tools and UNMOUNT all
10) Download a NO CD exe and replace the original file in the directory

That is it!

ghouls 2019-01-27 -1 point

Alguien me enseña como instalarlo?

broncos_fan915 2019-01-23 0 point

To most people this won't be helpful, but to those who need help downloading and installing the game.. Once you install the game, install DAEMON tools. Then put CD 1 2 and 3 onto it. follow the instructions, and when you are done, install a no CD on google. Get that, extract it, and replace the exe file in the game file with that. When you finish, you are ready to go.

Alex 2019-01-15 2 points

I reallly like this game so I wanted to download it

frank 2019-01-07 1 point

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frozen 2019-01-07 0 point

welp, i got past that.... and now im having "wrong disk inserted." great, god i wish it could just WORK

Frozen 2019-01-07 2 points

get halfway through install... and need the "next disk" being disk 2. ive tried looking through all the folders on my pc for "CD 2" but always get "setup could not find file on the specified path or disk, please check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path." im guessing this download is either a dud, or mine didnt install correctly. if anyone knows a fix or a legit download of this game somewhere else, that would be a huge help, thanks

Galexy Wave 2019-01-03 0 point

Love this game

LATE 2018-12-30 -2 points

Is it actually safe to download this game from here?

TheDude 2018-12-30 7 points

After install (using virtual clonedrive), when I try to run, it gives the error, "Wrong disc inserted." How do I start the game? I tried mounting each of the CDs.

Malik 2018-12-28 0 point

I love this but I am try to download this game

lovesimpsons 2018-11-18 0 point

best game but it say download failed can not be done? :o do I just retry?

Jack 2018-10-23 1 point

its a good game played on ps2

xxkilo 2018-10-21 25 points

I mounted the cds, installed. But when I try to run the game, it tells me wrong disc inserted. I've tried mounting all of the cds.

Ronnie 2018-10-16 0 point

I love the game ...

BK-201 2018-10-09 9 points

For those who need help installing the game read the info on the "How to play" page regarding ISO and CUE/BIN files for Windows games.

Soul 2018-10-06 9 points

How do i even install it. the archive has CD1, CD2 and CD3 folders but no executables. how? what? help!

DAVIDBOM 2018-09-08 -2 points

Good game

felix 2018-08-28 0 point

i love it thank you

Nicolas soucy 2018-08-14 3 points

How do I open/execute the game ?

FortniteLoverXD 2018-08-09 -6 points

i played simpsons hit and run all the time!

Gh0stsh3LL 2018-07-30 4 points

This MOD is all that's needed:
It makes this game smooth as butter on Windows 10.

non 2018-05-28 0 point

Downloaded, Extracted, How tf do you open it?

Yimberg 2018-05-10 -9 points

I've been havin them same problem dude it Wil not run like totally any of the files i click is ther a serration way I have to be like launching the program dud.

By the way it's just me mat agin trying to get hel with different personailite

Matt 2018-05-10 1 point

I have been diying to play this game but I don't know what folder the game was in after I installed it

anonymous 2018-05-09 -1 point


plugiz 2018-05-05 0 point

great game, just like playing on the old xbox!

XLAAR 2018-05-04 0 point


Matt Groening 2018-03-29 3 points

i loved kicking Marge Simpson

dtc 2018-03-28 0 point

crashes sometimes!!!!

Dano Dani 2018-03-01 0 point

Game The simpsons hit an run

Som Dude 2018-02-21 0 point

I played it not to long ago without flaws. Cant remember if it was on win 7 or already on 10. Nonetheless it was on a 64bit OS. Search for the Lucas mod launcher for widescreen support and other goodies.

DOSman 2018-02-20 -5 points

It run in 64bits Windows 10 ? (win64 only after 2005) ...

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